Americans argue that they have the best democracy in the world. Americans argue that the government represents the people, instead of the other way around. The Brett Kavanaugh debacle is one example that disproves American democracy prowess. But the most obvious example of failure of democracy in America lies in how Americans vote.

It is the American democracy lie.

Unlike México, where the electorate goes out to vote on the designated date, Americans are offered several opportunities to vote. Americans can vote by mail, through two weeks of early voting and on the official election day. Multiple days and ways to vote seems laudable, up until the reality is exposed. Americans just don’t understand the civic responsibility to vote.

Bernie Sanders wants to make Election Day a national holiday. Sanders argues that making it a national holiday would “make it easier for people to participate in the political process.”

Huh, do Americans need to be given a holiday to vote?

What happened to the idea that American democracy is the best?

Tuesday was made the day to vote in the 1800s to allow for farmers to vote and to address other necessities of the time. Weekends were set aside for worship and thus weekends were a no go.

But things change. Many argue that busy lives today make Tuesdays an inconvenient day to cast a vote.

They are right.

But a national holiday wouldn’t change that because service industries, like bars, restaurants and stores stay open to take advantage of the shoppers shopping on holidays. Thus, those that work in service industries would be disfranchised due to their work schedules.

México schedules elections on Sundays. There is no early voting and mail in ballots are limited to unique cases, such as those voting from other countries. Liquor sales are also prohibited on election day.

America could do away with early voting, mail in ballots and simply make one day, the day to vote. Sunday would be the best day.

Worshipers tend to worship near their homes. Thus, an election would be a slight inconvenience.

But because American elections are scams, early voting and mail in ballot schemes keep voters disfranchised.

Don’t think that early voting is a scam to influence elections?

Consider the following:

This week alone, our household received three letters and one large postcard.

The three letters are addressed to the household registered voter. All three letters include a pre-filled vote-by-mail application. It includes the voter’s name and address and a postage paid, pre-addressed envelope to mail in the vote by mail application.

One would think that the letters are official documents sent by the election’s department to the voter.

They are not.

One letter was sent by Voter Participation Center. The VPC was founded by Democratic consultant Page Gardner. The second letter was sent by America Works. America Works is a Democrat-funding PAC. The third letter was sent by the Florida Democratic Party.

Each of the three-letters has the pre-filled vote-by-mail application.

Except for the Florida Democratic Party, the other two organizations argue they provide the service of getting voters to the ballot boxes. But, like the Florida Democratic Party, their get the vote out scheme is self-serving.

Interestingly, several Democratic organizations are accusing the Republicans of voter suppression schemes in several places.

This may be so, but the Democrat’s own schemes is just the pot calling the kettle black.

The large post card was sent by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It was at least a reminder to the recipient to vote.

But the question remains, why do the non-profits spend so much money to get the vote out? Why is there a need to get voters to the polls?

Why has neither party pushed forth the simple solution to make Sunday the day to cast votes and do away with early voting and mail-in-ballots?

Because it is all a scam, and the voters are the pawns in the various schemes.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

3 replies on “American Elections Are A Scam”

  1. Agreed. When I lived in Chicago 1969-1972, the Boss Daley Democrat machine turned out a big vote from the cemetaries. If you don’t believe the dead rise again, just go to Chicago on election day.

    Makes me wonder about Concordia here except Mexicans dont vote when they’re alive, so why should they when theyre dead.

    1. Actually from what I’ve read Mexicans vote in higher numbers than US voters.

      Mexicans voting in our elections! Hell, that would be the scandal of the century; the Russians would be forgotten. El trompas would be personally marshalling la frontera.

  2. If Election Day were made into a holiday the propagandists would make it a day of sales and football thus defeating the purpose. More than likely less people would vote.

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