A coup d’état is defined as the sudden decisive exercise of power in politics by a small group. It is the usurping of the government structure by the unelected and, usually small group of people who overthrow the established government. The United States is in a defacto coup. Many will argue against this inconvenient truth, but the evidence is clear.

Whether you tend to lean towards the notion that there is a “Deep State” trying to destroy the Donald Trump presidency, or if you believe the anonymous opinion writer that was published in the New York Times who said they belonged to the “Steady State,” the undeniable truth is that Donald Trump is no longer in control of the White House.

There are those that will argue that there is no proof that the anonymous author has access to the White House or that the “Steady State” exists. But Donald Trump has given the anonymous writer credibility by demanding that their identity be revealed, rather than questioning their existence.

A president in control of the nation would question the existence of anyone having the ability to thwart the national agenda.

Yet, Trump did not do this, instead demanding the identity of the author.

Thus, the uncomfortable reality for many Americans – both Trump supporters and Trump opposers – is that there is a shadow government in place in America.

Let that sink in for a moment.

A shadow government is running the country.

Whether the resistance is protecting the American public or “thwarting” Donald Trump does not matter because under any definition of governance any entity controlling the government outside of the law is a defacto coup d’état.

This is the uncomfortable and undeniable reality that America finds itself today.

Martin Paredes

Reporting on public corruption, border politics, immigration and public policy in El Paso since 2000.

2 replies on “The United States is in a Defacto Coup”

  1. A coup that started with the “Russians are coming” and got Amerik³a shaking in its boots.

    It’s disturbing that the NYT would publish an anonymous op-ed essay, lowering standards to accommodate scandal. Those strange bedfellows are rallying around both the NYT and the so-called ‘resistance’.

    The ‘resistance’ writes: “There are bright spots that the near-ceaseless negative coverage of the administration fails to capture: effective deregulation, historic tax reform, a more robust military and more”.

    It used to be that Liberals fought against such Republican “bright spots”.

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