Those that do not care about politics are completely oblivious to what happened late on Tuesday that impacted the Donald Trump administration. There were three major stories that could force Trump to vacate the Office of the President before his term is over.

Those that care about America know what I’m writing about today. The first is Republican Duncan Hunter who was indicted, along with his wife for misusing campaign funds.

The other two others are obviously Michael Cohen’s guilty pleas, two of which implicate Trump directly and Paul Manafort’s convictions on tax evasion and financial fraud.

Lost in the rhetoric about whether a sitting president can be indicted or whether there is Russian collusion is the uncomfortable realization that Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr. is the one that is in legal jeopardy.

Junior has neither the cover of a “sitting president” nor the argument that he had no contact with Russians. Junior will likely be indicted.

Therein lies the problem for Donald Trump because he cannot and will not sit idly by while his son is in jail.

Yesterday, Trump was on a Twitter tirade (what a surprise – not) about midnight and was promptly on at six in the morning on Fox & Friends.

Yes, Donald Trump is worried about impeachment, but his real worry lies in that his children would be implicated and indicted. Of course, he will react by issuing blanket pardons across the board, but that will end his presidency.

At this point, the question is not whether Donald Trump will complete his first term, but how soon he’ll vacate the White House.

Here are two cartoons for your enjoyment, courtesy of Cagle Cartoons:

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