Donald Trump has no need for immigrants. He has referred to Mexicans as “rapists” and immigrants as “animals”. Trump wants to build a wall from shining sea to shining sea. With his animosity towards immigrant’s, you would expect that Donald Trump has no need for immigrants, especially the criminal kind.

The question then becomes, what about George Nader?

George Nader is an advisor to United Arab Emirates Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Several news outlets have reported for months that George Nader was testifying in the Mueller investigation. The Associated Press reported in March that Nader was intercepted at the airport in January by Mueller’s investigative team and after meeting with his attorney, Nader agreed to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation. Nader was on his way to Mar-a-Lago when he was intercepted by the feds in Washington.

Nader has been working with the Trump administration through Stave Bannon and Jared Kushner.

According to The Associated Press [1], Nader is a convicted pedophile in the Czech Republic. Nader spent time in prison in Prague after being convicted. He was convicted of 10 cases of the sexual abuse of children and sentenced to one-year in prison in 2003. The news report states that the crimes were committed in 1999 through 2002. Nader was deported from the Czech Republic after serving his time.

Yup, deported.

But Nader’s child abuse history is older than that. In 1991, Nader pleaded guilty to a “federal child pornography charge.” Nader was sentenced to six months in prison. [3] In addition, in 1985, George Nader was charged with importing magazines “depicting nude boys”. The charges were later dismissed. These were charges made in the United States for crimes committed in the country.

Crimes that hurt children.

But, it gets worse, George Nader is an immigrant.

According to Axios, George Nader is Lebanese who became a U.S. citizen. [2] In other words, Nader is an immigrant. Not only that, Nader is an immigrant convicted of pedophile in at least two countries, including the United States.

Although the record is unclear as to when Nader became a U.S. citizen, the fact remains that he was born in Lebanon and immigrated to the United States. As a convicted pedophile, under existing immigration laws, Nader would be prohibited from immigrating to the country.

Regardless, not only is George Nader an “animal” – because he abuses children – but he is also important enough for Donald Trump to take a photograph with. But, it is not only the photograph, but Nader’s association with the Trump campaign and his numerous visits to the White House.

As much as Donald Trump demonizes immigrants and criminal “animals,” where is Trump’s public disgust of George Nader and his need to hurt children?

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Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. If the money keeps rolling in, what’s a president to do? The article(s) I read about this claimed that there was money involved. As many of us know when it comes to the politicians money is a great motivator.

    El trompas came to drain the swamp. He dredged and dug deeper; now he has the privilege of filling it with his own brand of crooks. Alas, the height of hypocrisy!

    Maybe if the MS-13 give him money he’ll take a pic with them, “They’re not all animals, some are savvy investors” – el trompas.

  2. We could just stop all immigration since there is no practical way to filter out all the animals, like MS-13, Barrio Azteca and this dude.

  3. Martin, get off this Trump obsession. Hell, the Mexican Independent candidate wants to start cutting of hands if you steal and and the PRI candidate said Obama sent more people back than Trump. We just elected a new County Judge who is not a Shapite and not one word from you. Get over Trump. Mexico is a shit-hole country. That’s why you live here and not there. A Juarez Journalist was murdered the other day by the Cartel for writing something they didn’t like. If the Independent Candidate wins you wont have any workers in Mexico because half of the work force will lose their hands for stealing. If you hate Trump and America so bad then go back. I’m sure Jerryk and I would pay for your flight.

    1. WTF, so is the Independent guy a Muslim? You know, Sharia law so compatible with liberal democracy 🙂

  4. Jerry, El Bronco, i think that’s what he goes by is not Muslim, he is just far to the right on crime and punishment. The Socialist Lopez only say’s that he is not PRI or PAN that has stole from you forever and that’s basically his platform. Sort of like Hating Hillary and Bernie.

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