Try as they may, Donald Trump surrogates cannot keep the fact that Donald Trump is serial liar who does not have any credibility. That bodes bad for the nation as no world leader will take anything Donald Trump says seriously. But what is worse is that Donald Trump voters voted for the notion that Trump would usher in a renaissance in America politics. Trump was going to solve the nations problems and put “America First” back into politics. Trump was going to “Make America Great Again.”

Instead, what Trump has brought to the White House is utter disgrace and has made America the joke of the world. As many of you likely know, “A Higher Loyalty, Truth, Lies, and Leadership” by James Comey goes on sale today. I pre-ordered my copy, so I expect I’ll get to start reading it later in the day. But, because of the media blitz to sell more books, many quotes attributed to the book, have been released.

It is these quotes that are damning to the notion that Donald Trump will “Make America Great Again.” It is just not possible. Not only has Donald Trump alienated his own party, the Republicans, who did not enact the one-singular legislation they had embraced – ObamaCare – but party loyalists who should be celebrating control of the two houses of Congress, are instead leaving Congress because they know that Trump has destroyed the Republican Party. Paul Ryan’s decision not to seek reelection clearly makes this poignant, notwithstanding his public excuses.

Of the many quotes attributed to Comey’s book, this one stands out the most for me:

“This President is unethical, and untethered to truth and institutional values.”

This is not the first time that Donald Trump’s proclivity to lie has been brought up. Major news media outlets have created whole sections just to document the lies Trump utters. Even Fox News, Trump’s loyalist news outlet agrees that Donald Trump tends to exaggerate, just another word for lying.

Lying has become synonymous to Donald Trump.

Parents, faced with teaching children that lying is bad, are competing against the leader of the country that argues lying is a good thing. Violent video games have a created a generation of child killers, so will the Trump administration create a generation where lying is a way of life.

For the notion that America is great, however, Donald Trump has killed it to the point that when America is looked upon by the rest of the world, the first thought isn’t America will solve the problem, but rather the first thought is who in the Donald Trump administration can I con into molding Trump’s response to a world issue that favor’s my country’s needs.

That is the reality that Donald Trump has made America into, another country whose leadership, the president, can be manipulated into doing the bidding of the others. Think China, think Russia, even México got in on the game, just look at where NAFTA is headed, and, oh The Wall isn’t being built.

As I read James Comey‘s book, I’ll enjoy the anecdotes of a failed presidency and shudder at the diminished state America finds itself in today, all because misguided fools were conned by Trump into voting for him.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

2 replies on “Truth, Lies and Donald Trump”

  1. Want Comey on a stand in a court of law under oath because believe it will be proven he lied to Congress and the American people! Big difference trial by the mob, trail by media to a real trial in a court room! Martin believe if it happens other on the left and you may end up being very disappointed. Then the last thing the left, the Washington beltway Elite and the unconstitutional fourth branch of governemtn want is a public trail.

  2. It’s just two old, white men being petty, doing their almae matres proud.

    When Edward Snowden informed us about the illegal collection of data by government, Comey (like others) wanted his head. Comey is no friend of the people.

    So let these two grown men of privilege go at each other’s throat. El trompas and the fools that join him in his swamp have turned our country into the world’s realty show.

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