Please note before you read: Although I tried to keep the language as clinical as I could, some of the subject matter covered in today’s post may be offensive to some readers.

Yes, it’s true, Stormy Daniels spanked Donald Trump. Why do I know it to be true? Because Donald Trump didn’t come out with his usual bravado of it’s all “fake news” and he has yet to comment about Stormy Daniels over Twitter. Remember the women who alleged Donald Trump groped them, or sexually assaulted them? Remember how Donald Trump responded? Remember that he was going to sue them for lying about him?

Surprise, surprise, there are no lawsuits because, unfortunately for Donald Trump, the truth is an absolute defense. Donald Trump can’t have the truth come out at trial and thus, the infamous litigator, is not suing. In the case of Stormy Daniels, Trump is avoiding commenting publicly against her because that would open him up for a defamation lawsuit. Again, the truth is an absolute defense and thus there is no doubt in my mind that what Stormy Daniels is telling the American people is true.

As salacious as the sexual nature of the whole thing is, consider what it says about the Steele Dossier, also known as the Russia Dossier.

Remember that the dossier spoke about a sexual situation with Donald Trump that involved strippers on a hotel bed with bodily fluids that aren’t commonly exchanged between people? (trying to keep it as clean as possible) Remember that Donald Trump argued that this was impossible because he is a “germaphobe”?

Do you still believe that? Let’s look at the evidence we have on hand.

Let’s start with Stormy Daniels. Daniels has publicly stated that she had unprotected sex with Donald Trump. “Unprotected” being the operative word. Do we know that what Stormy Daniels is saying is the truth? It is a “he said, she said” situation but look at the fact that Trump has not riled against Stormy Daniels in public and on Twitter, like he does against every other woman that has publicly spoken out about Trump’s sexual perversions. As a matter of fact, the only push back from Sunday’s 60 Minutes news piece was not from, or about Donald Trump, but rather from Trump’s attorney demanding that Stormy Daniels and her attorney retract the connection between Michael Cohen and the “thug” that threatened her, that Daniels insinuated was connected to the attorney.

Note that Donald Trump has not pushed back on Stormy Daniel’s story and it likely has to do with truth being the absolute defense.

Last week, former Playboy model, Karen McDougal also said she had a sexual relationship with Donald Trump. McDougal also stated that it was “unprotected” sex. Again, “unprotected” being the operative word here.

We have two collaborating statements that Donald Trump had unprotected extramarital sexual relations with two women. One of the women, Stormy Daniels makes a living by having many sexual relations in the porn industry. Clearly, the porn industry does not have a clean record when it comes to unprotected sex.

Yet, Trump argues that the salacious activities in the Steele Dossier were not possible because he is a germaphobe? This from a man who had unprotected sex with a porn star?

So, we know that Trump’s lackluster defense against the allegation is that he is a germaphobe, which we have now disproved. Do you see how the Steele Dossier makes more sense now?

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

3 replies on “Stormy Daniels Spanks Donald Trump And What Says About Steele Dossier”

  1. But, no cigar.

    The dossier has been shown to be a fabrication. Just because the Internet states it isn’t, doesn’t make it so.

  2. Trump is a sexual nothing burger compared to Bill Clinton’s escapades that, if you recall, 60 Minutes did its best to downplay. C’mon, Martin, where’s the cigar?

  3. He may enjoy getting spanked but it’s the cover-up that’ll bite his over-sized ass.

    Almost two years on the campaign trail and media darling, el trompas told us who he was, his character in full display – always the clown, always the hater. US Amerik³a opted for him because he would make Amerik³a great again.

    So now the porn star is the role model and the president is the antimodel – now that is MAGA.

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