Late on Wednesday afternoon, John Carrillo, Norma Chavez and Enrique Garcia filed a lawsuit against Veronica Escobar, the presumptive congresswoman for Congressional District 16 and Lisa Wise, the county’s Election Department administrator. The lawsuit alleges election irregularities in favor of Escobar. The Texas Secretary of State was also provided a copy of the lawsuit.

Carrillo, Chavez and Garcia allege that the final vote tally, giving Escobar the win, is invalid.

According to the lawsuit filing, the three Escobar opponents allege that “an election officer or other person(s) officially involved in the administration of the election, including Lisa Wise, engage in fraud or illegal conduct” by “tampering with the initial programming” [emphasis mine] of the voting machines. The allegedly tampered voting machines were distributed to the “high producing voting locations” for the benefit of Veronica Escobar.

According to the lawsuit, Enrique Garcia had requested an audit of the machine prior to the election, and his request was denied.

The plaintiffs want to conduct a “forensic” investigation of the computer systems.

Since this is breaking news, I’m leaving the commentary to each reader, and instead, I’m attaching the lawsuit documents for your review and comment.

I’ll have commentary on this at a later date.

Click here to read the lawsuit documents.

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