By now you should all know that Donald Trump made many promises which he has yet to keep. The problem with Trump’s promises is that many people were hurt or are getting hurt because of Trump. The Dreamers are in limbo. México’s economy is stagnant, and investment has been affected. This translates into pressure on the working Mexicans. But, hey, some of you are likely thinking, who cares, it just Mexicans, or immigrants. But what about your co-citizens?

Remember how Donald Trump stood before the nation at the Carrier factory in Indiana in December 2016, and promised the Carrier workers he would save their jobs? Remember how Trump told them not to worry because he had made a deal with Carrier to keep their jobs?

In return for keeping the jobs, Carrier was given $7 million in state incentives by the State of Indiana. Trump told you all that the deal was “so great”.

Last month 215 workers were laid off, adding to the 300 jobs that Carrier shipped off to México in July 2016. That’s 515 jobs so far.

But, but…, Carrier is keeping 1,100 jobs in Indiana, is the mantra some of you will believe.

Unfortunately, like everything else with Trump, it’s all “fake”.

Carrier is using the $7 million in state money to offset the $16 million it is investing in its Indiana furnace factory. I know what some of you are thinking, a $16 million investment in the factory only means more jobs, right?

Not so fast. According to Greg Hayes, CEO of United Technologies, Carrier’s owner, the investment will be used to implement factory automation.

Know what that means?

It’s simple, the more you automate, the less workers you need. The less. workers the factory needs the more layoffs are coming to the factory.

You know what’s worse?

The $7 million in state incentives includes taxes paid for by the same workers that were laid off or are about to be laid off from Carrier.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The same factory workers who are out of a job or are worried about their job prospects, are helping to pay for the automation that will take their jobs away.

Today, it’s Mexicans they decry and tomorrow it will be the robots.

But, Donald Trump promised them he would save their jobs. Trump even helped Carrier receive $7 million in state tax monies to keep the jobs.

How’d that work out?

Just ask the Carrier Donald Trump voters who are now out of a job.

Ask Renee Elliott who no longer has a job at Carrier. Elliott told KCRG in Indiana that she feels “anger, shock, confusion” and that she felt “duped” by Trump. (KCRG, February 6, 2018)

Ask Duane Oreskovic, another laid off Carrier worker, who told the news station that Trump “gave us fake hope and a fake promise.” (KCRG, February 6, 2018)

Ask Quinton Franklin, also a former Carrier employee, who penned a first-person account about how he feels about Trump’s broken promise to keep his job at Carrier. Franklin wrote that “today, I feel betrayed and deceived” by Trump. Franklin added that Trump “used my pain, and the pain of working class America, simply to win political points.” (“I lost my job at Carrier after President Trump promised to save it”; Vox, February 6, 2018)

So, you Donald Trump voters, it’s not just us Mexicans, or us immigrants, but your fellow voters who are being hurt by the Donald Trump lies. Elliott, Franklin and Oreskovic bought into the lie that is Donald Trump and today they regret it. Not only is Carrier systematically doing away with American jobs, but they are using the workers’ own tax dollars to build robots to take their jobs away.

That’s like adding salt to the wound.

But, many of the Donald Trump voters are still unwilling to see the truth about the lies Donald Trump promised.

When they came for me, no one said a thing, then they came for the immigrants, again, no one said anything, then they went after a few workers in Indiana, and no one said a thing. What are you going to do, once they come for you? (borrowed heavily from Martin Niemöller)

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Martin
    Would you like to go down a list of what Obama promised that did not happen? One of the big ones for you that never happened immigration reform! Hey, Obama sold that one to the Hispanic community twice to get elected. Martin most who become President do not keep the majority of the promises they make during an election or while in office!

  2. Martin, write about the local stuff you’re so good at doing. We can hear this drivel on CNN. How many jobs did Mexico ever create for us other than ICE and the DEA?

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