Many of you know that there is some controversy over a memorandum written by House Republican David Nunes. According to the news reports, the Nunes Memo discredits the Russian interference investigation into Donald Trump as a conspiracy to end the Trump administration. Few people have read the actual memorandum, but the innuendo as to what it means is all over the news and on social media.

As it stands now, the House Intelligence Committee approved the release of the document last Monday. Because of how the process works, Donald Trump has until later today to object to the release of the document into the public domain. If Trump does not object, the document becomes declassified and it is released to the public, as early as tomorrow.

Because of the various controversies over what the document contains and the processes that have been followed to release it as well as the objections from the Department of Justice, much innuendo has been discussed as to what the document will show.

The rhetoric is that the Nunes Memo will prove that the investigation into Donald Trump by various Congressional committees and Robert Mueller are a conspiracy by certain factions out to destroy the Trump presidency. At this point there is innuendo into what the memo exposes, but the document has not been made public, as of yet.

The gist of the conspiracy is that a FISA court order authorizing the wiretapping of Cater Page’s conversations is illegal. According to the talking heads, the FISA warrant application was defective because the basis for the warrant was the Steele Dossier. The argument being that the FISA warrant was improperly issued and thus the Russian investigation was launched from the “fruit of the poisoned tree,” i.e. unconstitutionally. Whether this is true or not has yet to be proven.

However, if you buy into the innuendo floating about, the Nunes Memo will prove that the Russian investigation is a conspiracy. It is presumably also an attempt to discredit the Mueller investigation by arguing that the evidence that was used to begin the various investigations were unconstitutionally obtained. The courts will likely deal with those issues.

But in politics, there are the legal courts and the court of public opinion. Before we delve into that, I’d like to remind you that I am a strong proponent of releasing all public information and let us, the readers, apply our own critical thinking skills to decide what it all means.

Therefore, release the damn memo and let us decide for ourselves!

As for the legal courts and the court of public opinion, the only one that is at play is the court of public opinion. Discrediting the Mueller investigation is the goal. Voters, as evidenced by the vast amount of time spent on massaging the innuendo of what the memorandum proves and – not to mention the intrigue of secret documents – will buy into the hype instead of reading the document for themselves and making an informed opinion on what it means.

The Nunes Memo is about creating an illusion for the gullible voters.

The important thing to keep in mind is that it does not matter whether laws were followed, or protocols were broken when it comes to answering the fundamental questions, was Donald Trump complicit with the Russians, or did Donald Trump attempt to cover up a crime.

The courts will investigate the legality of the processes. But, whether laws were broken or not, to mount the investigation is immaterial to whether Donald Trump conspired with the Russians or attempted to cover up a crime. The voters just need to know. Whether the courts rule that the evidence is tainted or not, does not change the facts surrounding Trump’s actions with Russia.

Did Donald Trump conspire with the Russians? Did Trump interfere with a criminal investigation? The Nunes Memo won’t prove or disprove any of that.

So, release the damn document and let us all decide what it means!

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

3 replies on “Release the Memo Already”

  1. Martin
    Yep your typical of those on the left as long as it meets their agenda! The law does matter and this all needs to go before the courts to determine if constitution laws were broke and if the FISA courts were abused used unlawfully by the FBI,DOJ and other governemtn agencies. In addition who else that ran in the 2016 election such actions and behaviour were used against! Any thing Mueller does if there is found to be violations of constitutional rights, violation and abuse of the FISA court becomes mute and a case can be made for entrapment.
    This must now be taken out of the hands of the appointed and hired bureaucrats and taken before the courts.
    Oh Martin no one proven example has been shown of any collusion between Trump and the Russians but plenty of proven collusion between Hillary acting in the interest of Russia.
    For those claiming the FBI are above reproach you have to go not further than the near incestual relationship that goes on in El Paso between the FBI and local government and was just talked about a couple of nights ago on the news.
    Martin ask Carl Star if the FBI is above reproach!

  2. Isn’t that what Edward Snowden exposed – the illegal/unconstitutional practices of the government? He had to leave the country because whistleblowers are jailed in the land of the free.

    In January the Senate voted to continue warrantless surveillance of we-the-people ( It’s of utmost importance for my government to know my e-mail conversations especially when I exchange recipes with friends.

    Those spooks, they work in mysterious ways. When they are spying/infiltrating certain groups of we-the-people for protesting/dissenting they have, for the most part, the people’s consent, mostly from those of the right. Communists, unpatriotic, haters of Amerik³a – these are some of the names for those who challenge the government.

    So now the chickens have come home to bite their arses. I too want to read that bloody memo.

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