From the moment that Donald Trump announced his intention to run for the presidency, he was clear about one thing, the United States would be better off if it was white. There are those that are trying to pretend it’s not true, but the fact remains that Donald Trump is a racist. The clues are all there for those that have an open mind about what the Trump presidency really means.

Donald Trump started out the campaign by disparaging Mexicans. He minced no words as he clearly stated that Mexicans were rapists, although he did allow that “some might be good people.” I guess he likes the Mexicans manicuring his gold courses. For all others, he has no use for us.

Trump has been calling for a wall. Trump has been demanding the end to “chain migration,” never mind that chain migration means that Mexicans still wait to ten to twelve years before benefiting from familial migration. But for Trump and his ilk, its not about Mexicans nor chain migration, it is about brown people nominating the United States’ landscape.

The bottom line is that for Donald Trump and his supporters, the United States must remain white to succeed.

Does that remind you of another leader? You know that one that believed in the idea of white supremacy?

The problem with Trump supporters, even those of Mexican descent, is that they refuse to see who Trump truly is. For them, its either fake news, or it is mischaracterized statements.

But there is no mincing of the words, “people from shit hole countries.”

When Trump suggested that the United States should bring more people from Norway-like countries he was clearly stating that white people are the only kind of people he wants.

That is clear as day light.

People, like me, have no place in Donald Trump’s utopia of a white America.

Of this I have no doubt. But, let me make it even more clear for you, if you defend Trump’s comments or if you pretend his comments are “fake news” or “mischaracterized,” then you are telling me that I have no place in your ideal of a country.

Lucky for me, and my dark brethren, we aren’t going away because the country, as a whole, is demonstrating to me that those who believe dark people have no place in the United States is getting smaller every day.

There are many Americans, of all colors, that welcome me and my brethren and appreciate my presence here. Of this, I also have no doubt.

I am a proud citizen of México. I am a proud immigrant. I pay taxes to the U.S. treasury each year. Judge me by my contributions to society, not by the color of my skin nor the county from which I came.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Martin
    Nope you’re not an immigrant your foreign national who is on this so of the border because the grass is greener here. Sorry Martin you are not much more than a carpetbagger form the south.If you were really a immigrant you would be working to become a part of this nation ,getting in the boat with the rest of Americans. If it should get where you can’t make money you will take your hat and take the next boat, plane or train out of here!
    Immigrant:a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence.
    As to your junk piece you have proven the depths of your own racism and your willingness to carry a false narrative. Basically you are against the white majority having a say in their own nation and having any say to the direction their nation takes.
    If someone wrote a piece like this and just exchanged Whites for Hispanics, Blacks, Asians Etc. others and you on the left would be screaming racist and racism!

  2. Ever since el trompas came into the political scene it emboldened the white supremacists to come out of the woodwork. It’s the Republican Southern Strategy at-large, using racism to get the votes especially now that ‘their Amerik³a’ is getting more ‘other’.

    What I haven’t heard on the MSM as they go on about el trompas and how awful he is for his ‘shit hole’ question is a serious discussion of how the greed, the proxy wars, and the installing/supporting dictatorships by the white, developed countries have impacted the ‘shit holes’. I haven’t heard any talks about how the USA after WWII became a leader in overthrowing other peoples’ governments and covertly supporting coups.

    1. That’s because it’s inconvenient for liberals to include Obama/Clinton for their forays into Libya, Egypt, and Syria.

  3. If most of the 3rd world isn’t a shit hole, then why do they (Mexico included) want to come here or to Europe? In fact, demand their right to do so?

    You can always tell when someone says something fundamentally true – the believers in the official narrative pee in their pants.

  4. If the 3rd world isn’t a shithole, why do millions of them want to come here? Why wouldn’t they just stay in Mexico? Somali?

  5. Is it odd that Martin focuses on alleged racism by Trump? Is Martin aware that Trump had a Black girlfriend in his younger days, is Martin aware that Trump personally financed a Drs Across Borders trip in Central America, is Martin aware that Trump gave $10,000 to a Black man to help him thru a crisis and had only spoken with him briefly prior to the gift.

    Is Martin aware of Gov Clinton’s Hispanic profiling policy, is Martin aware of Hillarys comments about Hispanics being needy and only good for votes, Is Martin aware of the colorful descriptions of minorities by the Clintons.

    Martin, perhaps your effort would be better utilized by pressuring Mexico and others to improve the horrific conditions that cause people to flee to the US. Why is it incumbent for the US to help the refugees while their governments enrich themselves from financially? Notice Fox of Mexico shrieks the loudest, what did he do for Mexico besides expanding his ranch and bank account?

  6. When people cross illegally into Mexico from Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras, what does Mexico do? They send them north to the USA and then get insulted when we want to build a wall. Talk about hypocrites!

  7. I read this article on Saturday over at The Root by Angela Helm titled “Eric Clapton Whitesplains His Racism. He Even Had a Black Girlfriend”. Below is part of his quote:

    “Half of my friends were black, I dated a black woman and I championed black music”.

    Those are the usual words/phrases or some such variant to explain why white people are just not racist.

    It broke my heart to read the ugly words Clapton said when he joined up with the Tory MP Enoch Powell.

    The article has a link to an article (in the first paragraph) by Michael Harriot that’s a must-read, interesting and very telling of those who keep silent.

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