When Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, my largest fear was what he would do to immigrants and how much damage Trump would do to México’s economy. From the beginning there was commentary about Trump’s fitness to be president. The commentary ranged from his lack of knowledge about policy all the way up to his mental state. I though Trump’s mental state landed somewhere in between. But now I fear that Donald Trump is mentally unstable. That, and the Kim Jong-un’s craziness in letting his people starve to death to build nuclear bombs has me worried, not about México, or immigrants but about the world.

I’ve been reading Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury since Friday when it went on sale ahead of schedule do to Trump’s legal threats. If you haven’t read it already, you should, it’s very eye opening. You can buy it online by clicking the Amazon link on the right, and yes, I get a few pennies for you buying from my link. But whether you buy it from my link or from another source, you should.

Some of you may be inclined to believe that the book is nothing but “fake news” but there are some irrefutable truths that cannot be denied. Number one is that Steve Bannon is quoted extensively in the book. Bannon has somewhat denied the characterizations of Donald Trump, Jr. attributed to him but has not unequivocally denied making the statements in the book attributed to him. At best, Bannon has issued a mea culpa in response to the book. What’s more, Bannon’s financial backing, the Mercers, have cut him off. If the book was “fake news” and Bannon didn’t make those statements, why punish him by cutting him off financially? On Tuesday, Steve Bannon announced he was stepping down from Breitbart.

Why step down from Breitbart if the book is “fake news?” Obviously, the people at Breitbart believe that Bannon made some, or all the comments quoted in the book.

The second issue to consider is the fact that no one at the Whitehouse has denied that the author, Michael Wolff, had extensive access to the Whitehouse and the people working there. Think about that for a moment, an author has extensive access to the Whitehouse and no one knows he’s writing a tell-all book? How is that possible? Better yet, what does that say about sophisticated spies, such as the Russians or North Korea gaining access to the Whitehouse? If that doesn’t spell out crazy, what does?

The third issue Donald Trump’s attempt to keep the book away from you by threatening to sue the publisher. If it’s such a lie, why bother?

Is the book the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Not likely, but its narrative, albeit all likely created by Steve Bannon, makes a case for mental stability of Donald Trump.

Much of the narrative about the mental incapacity of Donald Trump correlates with the whisper campaigns and public discourse about Trump across the nation. It’s an ongoing narrative. But more important is that it is a Steve Bannon book. It’s Bannon’s narrative that comes across the book that should worry everyone.


It’s simple, Steve Bannon was a close confident of Donald Trump as the presidential campaign went into the final stretch and Bannon was there at the beginning of the Trump presidency. There is no discounting that unpleasant fact.

Then, how is it, that the Trump champion, Steve Bannon feel the need to disparage his champion Donald Trump in such a way as to encourage the notion that Donald Trump is crazy? Is Bannon an ungrateful idiot telling lies? Possibly, but what does that say about the intelligence of Donald Trump to allow Steve Bannon to get close to him during the latter part of the campaign and his first year of the presidency? We can discount Bannon as nothing more than an ungrateful opportunist but what does that say about Donald Trump’s mental faculties in allowing him in?

The book can be twisted all sorts of ways, from outright lies to the factual reality of the Whitehouse but the common denominator is that almost everyone is questioning the mental state of Donald Trump, even Trump himself.

The mental state of the President of the United States is being questioned.

That’s the bottom line that everyone should keep in mind as the book makes its round across the world. It has sold out and the publisher has rushed to print more copies. Wikileaks linked to a free copy on the Internet until Google shut down the link. The book is reaching millions of people and the question of Donald Trump’s mental state is reaching many millions more.

Up until now, the world leader whose mental state was questioned was Kim Jong-un. Donald Trump’s mental capacity is now being questioned as well. Is this what “Make America Great Again” meant, a crazy president?

But more important, we now have to crazy people with the power to blow up the world! How’s that make you feel?

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

4 replies on “Dos Locos and The Button”

  1. Martin, all of that is old fake news that we can read anywhere. How’s about talking El Paso and the wackos in charge here? Like the Children’s Hospital that is fast becoming the Shaplites’ Harvey Weinstein – they knew it wouldn’t work but let it fuck all of us anyway 🙂

  2. JerryK
    Martin is still triggered that his side didn’t win the last presidential election and will be triggered for at least almost three more years to come!

  3. It’s too ‘Kitty Kelley’ for me from what the MSM have been reporting, more chisme than substance. That’s what our fourth estate has come to, chismes for ratings, diverting from important issues.

    When it comes to war, nuclear or ‘conventional’, we the people have no voice. The warmongers and the MSM proceed to scare us about this enemy or that enemy so we won’t complain about spending our wealth on more and better weapons to murder innocent folks around the world. We are in a perpetual state of war except that we do our warring on other peoples’ landscapes, our MSN never, ever report incessantly on our wars and the devastations. So no, el trompas with his finger on the button is not what scares me.

    Loco, loco pero el trompas has the Demos between a rock and a hard place, el pinchi muro or the Dreamers. His usual MO, reel them in nicely and then repulse. Too bad the Demos used the Dreamers for their political strategy, seems to have backfired.

  4. Pati
    Off your meds again we see! Guess you would rather have a nuke in your front yard than to stand up to your extremist socialist fascist brotherine Little Kimie! Or maybe you want to be living under your Russian or Chinese extremist socialist brotherine who could show you a thing or two about real oppression and repression!
    Then seems you wouldn’t mind at all, with your comments, living under a misogynist Muslim regime where little snowflakes like you wouldn’t have no more rights then cattle and be living in a real rape culture!
    We get your view America is evil!
    Where in the hell did you ever get the remote notion that the leadership of the Democratic party in Congress, working from their plantation politics handbook, ever gave a rat’s behind about Dreamers? That is only for sound bites and to make the left, like you, to feel good about themselves in in illusion inclusion and diversity!

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