Today we just need to set aside political strife and look inward towards what makes all great. No matter what we believe in, we need to take a break from arguing, debating and fighting. I am a Christian and as such, today is a day that I believe should be spent on celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and what it means to me and my family.

For some of you, today is a day to celebrate something else. And, to some of you, today is just like any other day.

For those who don’t believe in Christianity, I wish you a wonderful restful day doing everything that makes you happy.

For those who are Christian, I want to extend a heartfelt:

Merry Christmas! ¡Feliz Navidad!

I wish each of you a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing you around the blog tomorrow.

For now, enjoy and be with loved ones and family.

Martin Paredes

Reporting on public corruption, border politics, immigration and public policy in El Paso since 2000.

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