As you likely know, there was a mass shooting in Las Vegas yesterday. (About 10pm Sunday, Las Vegas time) At this point we know only two things for certain – the shooter, Stephen Paddock is not from México nor did he cross the U.S.-México border to commit mass murder of U.S. citizens. Paddock is a 100% U.S. citizen mass murderer.

There are rumors of a terrorist connection, but all indications seem to point to a lone wolf killer, acting on his own. If Paddock was radicalized will be determined in the due course of the investigation. Already there are calls for gun control and politicians are using the tragedy for political points. But again, the issue of border security is ignored as an inconvenient thing. The issue of border security is the catchall argument for limiting immigration and building the wall. But the facts continue to disprove that the U.S.-México border is a danger to the well being of the country.

Stephen Paddock proves that the real danger to American values lies not from México, but internally. Paddock is a U.S. citizen, that for whatever reason decided to kill many innocent U.S. citizens. Whether it was due to a mental illness, some type of animosity or even radical terrorism, building a wall would not solve any of those problems.

The real danger to the American people comes from a misguided attempt to demonize the U.S.-México border and the Mexican people under the guise of securing the country’s people. While the politicos, led by Donald Trump, continue to distract away from the internal dangers, the mass murders will continue because no one is looking to protecting U.S. citizens from the real danger of homegrown mass murderers.

As of today, there have been no documented instances of mass murderers or terrorists coming from México or through the U.S.-México border. All the recent mass murderers, to include the 9/11 terrorists, came to the country through international airports or through Canada, or were radicalized in the country, but none had a connection to México.

So, ask yourselves, as you mourn the latest tragedy, what would have a wall done to eliminate the problem? More importantly, aren’t there more important places to spend taxpayer monies on to secure the country, then a border wall?

Or, better yet, would draconian immigration policies have stopped Stephen Paddock from killing innocent people in Las Vegas?

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. There is a wall on the southern border of Mexico and it hasn’t stopped the mass killings there. The murder, rape, extortion and robbery of immigrants is being done by Mexican government workers. So all the dangers is internal ?

  2. “draconian immigration policies” Yep Compared to the U.S. Mexico has some pretty draconian immigration policies!

  3. The wall is to contain illegal immigration from, mainly, Mexico. That’s a good idea, IMHO. Legal migrants and commerce have nothing to worry about as we need both.

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