Let’s make something crystal clear about Donald Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio, it is now open season against Hispanics, especially Mexicans, across the country. Many Trump supporters, especially frequent reader and commenter “Thomas” are going to argue that Donald Trump had every right to pardon Joe Arpaio. He did. But the pardon sends a clear message to the country’s Hispanic community, there are two systems of laws in the country, one for the “white” people and another for those deemed to be too dark for the whites. Put away your pitch forks and let me explain.

Joe Arpaio was not convicted of doing the job of rounding up undocumented immigrants and deporting them as fast as possible. Arpaio is no patriot. What Joe Arpaio was convicted of was openly defying a court order ordering him to stop profiling people for immigration enforcement according to their skin color. Joe Arpaio was ordered in 2011 by a judge to stop racially profiling people, including U.S. citizens, to determine whether they were in the country legally. Many U.S. citizens were targeted by Joe Arpaio’s enforcement simply for being too dark.

That is the fact that Arpaio and Trump supporters are conveniently ignoring.

Forget the political rhetoric that Arpaio is a “patriot” for enforcing immigration laws in Arizona because he broke the law to do so. What Arpaio did is akin to a police officer stopping a skinhead on the street simply for being a skinhead. Or, a federal officer stopping a white woman on the streets of a black community because a white woman in a black community is likely scoring drugs because she doesn’t fit the profile of people who live in that community.

How many of the Trump supporters would allow an overzealous police officer arrest a protestor for simply waving a Confederate flag in public. Nope, you wouldn’t put up with it – but many of you find it ok for Joe Arpaio to flaunt the rule of law by racist profiling of U.S. citizens.

Joe Arpaio is a convicted criminal notwithstanding the pardon, and he will die a convicted criminal. He was convicted of defying a court order, of ignoring his oath to the United States Constitution and for criminally profiling people simply based on the color of their skin.

Donald Trump’s pardoning of Joe Arpaio sends a clear message to the Hispanic community, especially the Mexicans, in Trump’s country there is no place for us. In Trump’s country, there are two sets of laws, one for the “white” people and the other for those with dark skin.

Now, Charlottesville makes perfect sense in Trump’s “great” America.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

5 replies on “Trump Opens Season Against Hispanics”

  1. Every example except waving a Confederate flag would be a reasonable reason to profile. If the person waving the Confederate flag was in a area where a high number of hate crimes were being committed by guys waving Confederate flags that would be a reason too. Look at some of the Arpaio traffic stops where 7 or 8 people start running from the backseat and trunk of the vehicle. His profiling was pretty spot on and he was being punished by Obama holdovers. This isn’t war on Hispanics. It is the end of an Obama witch hunt.

  2. Basically, the Left wants to make everything they don’t like a hate crime and call it “racist.” They hate America, so they want to criminalize everything American: statues; history; normal sex pronouns; traditional morality; free speech… Of course, let 10 million people walk in illegally and that’s OK, as long as you don’t point it out, which would be racist.

    At least one lawman saw his job and did it.

  3. I expected Trompas to pardon the criminal Arpaio because el Trompas revels in bigotry/racism/hate. Old man Trump taught him well.

    Amerik³ans whine and complain about the ‘open’ borders when immigrants come into their so-called land and yet when Amerik³a exits these same ‘open’ borders to go destroy other’s land Amerik³ans treat it as their God-given right. God bless Amerik³a and no one else.

    Maybe there would not be immigrants if traditional morality meant respecting sovereignty. Maybe there would not be migration to their so-called land if traditional morality meant no thieving of foreign resources. Maybe the Left would not be the Left if traditional morality did not stand for white supremacy.

    For those Amerik³ans with a hint of Mexican ancestry, remember you can pass some of the time but you cannot pass in all circles. So mind how you walk. I hear tell that the Grand Dragon of Amerik³an Injustice is spouting his fire in your direction.

  4. Pati
    Did you approve of every pardon Obama made? Arpaio pardon, as a Trump supporter, believe it was wrong. Then again little equal out rage when those on the left do the same from you Pati or Martin for that matter.
    The so- called land hypocrisy is bull shit. If you want to stand on that then at least half of Mexico need to go back to Europe. In America good odds that includes you Pati.
    So now degrees of Brown only count. Yep Pati that is about as racist as it gets! Pati the La Raza Grand Dragon of El Paso!

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