To understand how ineffective the Donald Trump administration is, look no further than the Republican Party. Remember that Donald Trump ran on the Republican ticket. The congress is Republican controlled. Up until the Trump administration, both the Democrats and the Republicans kowtowed to their president, sometimes screaming and kicking. But the two-party system assured that the president’s party would play nice with the president, if for nothing else, to stay relevant in the politics of the country. That is until the Republicans decided that Donald Trump is too toxic for their brand. Like all politicians, they are playing coy about their fear of Trump. However, the evidence is clear as day light.

Sure, the Trumpistas are screaming bloody murder at their computer screens as they are reading these words. The problem for the Donald Trump supporters is that they are too invested in their vote that they are unwilling to accept the reality around them. The proof that Donald Trump hoodwinked his supporter is readily evident, but the voters are unwilling to accept that maybe they were wrong. In their minds, they hoped that chaos would cleanse the country of its ills.

Yesterday I pointed out the failure of the repeal of ObamaCare as the poignant truth that Donald Trump will go down in history as the “do nothing” president. It is clear that the failure to repeal ObamaCare lies directly at the feet of Donald Trump, the was supposed to be a great negotiator and the master of the Art of the Deal.

Except that Donald Trump has not been able to get his Republican Party, you the know the members of the party banner he ran under, to fulfill the one signature project they have harped on for the last seven years. That is clear proof that the Trump administration will not be able to deliver on its key promises. It will be a failure.

However, the diehard Trumpistas cannot bring themselves to accept this reality. So today, I am going to provide even more proof of the failure of the Trump administration delivered by his own political party.

Last week, the Republican-led congress checked-mated Donald Trump on Russia. Last week the Republicans delivered to Trump legislation that increases the pressure on Russia for its behavior that is detrimental to the United States.

Because the Trumpistas will ham and haw about the Democrat obstructionists or the Washington swamp, I will lay it out for you so even the dimmest Trumpista can understand it.

The U.S. Congress has generally deferred to the president to make foreign policy. Members of the president’s party, especially when they are the majority, leave enough wiggle room in foreign legislation to allow the president the flexibility to negotiate with foreign leaders. This is, unless, the Congress feels that the president can damage the nation.

The Republicans apparently feel that way about their party’s leader, Donald Trump. Except for Donald Trump and die-hard surrogates, everyone generally agrees that the Russians interfered in the 2016 elections. Whether you believe that or not is immaterial because Congress ensured that Donald Trump had no wiggle room in the new sanctions against Russia.

The Republicans cornered Donald Trump into a corner from which he has only two options with Russia, sign the legislation that increases sanctions against Russia or decline to sign which would force the Congress to override the Trump veto.

Either way, Donald Trump is in a no-win situation with his Republican-dominated Congress.

But that is the not the worst of it.

What Congress, in effect, has done is hem in Donald Trump’s ability to further damage the country by allowing the Russians unfettered access to the nation’s geopolitical policies.

But I’m not done yet because it gets even worse for the Trumpistas.

Congress is not known for bipartisan collaboration, especially under Trump, and Congress has been unable to repeal ObamaCare even with a Republican congress. In many ways, Congress is as dysfunctional as the Trump administration is.

Even with all that, the political animosity and chaos was set aside by Congress to enact legislation that severely hampers Donald Trump’s ability to deal with Russia.

They made it veto proof.

In other words, as dysfunctional as the Democrat and Republican congress is, they came together on one thing, and that is to checkmate Donald Trump to keep the country safe from him.

Let that sink in for a while…

Ok, did that sink in? Good because it gets even worse. Late yesterday Anthony Scaramucci, the White House communications director that force Sean Spicer out was also fired by Donald Trump. Scaramucci only last week promised to fire everyone at the White House communications department. Poignantly, it was Scaramucci who was fired less then a week into his new job.

Now, I’ll just sit back and let the Trumpistas defend that one. Time for some entertainment from the Trump surrogates chomping at the bit…

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

12 replies on “The GOP Checkmates Trump on Russia”

  1. Martin
    Yes the boggy man Russian is always a great fall back when you have not argument. Martin hope the left and you get a dose of reality, Trump does go and you get Pence. We think your whining is bad now you well be squalling like little babies with Pence! Yep the left and you deserve Pence!
    The again Martin it’s hysterics like you who helped put Trump in office so go look in the mirror. Yep Trump has done so bad it’s looking like the Dow could break 22,000 today if not today by the end of the week. Yep just down right terrible!

  2. Thomas, i pay my employees health and never went with Obama care in the first place. Fuck the Tax credit and the feds telling me what i can and cant do. Aetna went by ACA guidelines during Obama Care’s start and my premiums went up, but not near as much as those who went into the shop. so if your premiums double and you get a 50 percent tax credit and that can only be taken if you owe tax and with no carry overs the rates with Obama Care were still higher. After Trump was elected Aetna quit going by ACA guidelines and back to where they were before and my premiums now are 60 percent of what they were under Obama. that’s premiums of 10k a month down to 6k with less out of pay and deductible. Actually a better policy. That’s what happened the day Trump took office so for Martin to say Trump has done nothing is bullshit.

  3. An Employer
    Martin and others here just can get over Trump winning. Here we are nearly nine months since the election and people like Martin still writing the Russians did it but the head of every agency in regards to national security has testified that there is zero proof of collision between Russia and Trump but Martin and others like him still try to claim otherwise.
    Martin and his his buddies here still did not get this is a fight between outsider Trump and the Washington belt way elite of both parties. Then again they would rather be screwed over by the Washington belt way elite of both parties, as has been done for years, than any one even attempt any change Washington.
    Is Trump perfect nope and most who voted for him understood this fact but the real issue was Hillary was far ,far worse. And the left’s hysterics in regards to Trump and their blind eye to Hillary’s screw ups help get Trump elected. The left was the biggest player in helping get Trump elected!
    All this non-sense over Russia is blow hard bull shit to keep the American people from focusing on the real issues facing America.
    Martin claim he wants to deal in facts but he is attempting to pass off his opinion and views as facts which isn’t even close.
    ACA is a piece of junk and Congress will let it die and blame each other when their only interest is figuring out how the keep average Americans on the hook ,by law, to the health insurance industry. The left like Martin have never got this fact it was never about affordable health insurance for the American people

  4. Bingo Thomas, and every executive order and every sneaky thing Obama got passed Trump is repealing with the executive order with what he can do himself. No one says a thing about about Obama taking away adoptions from Russia. Why ? Because he wants barren Americans to have to adopt from Muslim and other non-white countries without a choice. He was very sneaky on shit like that and Trump is reversing that crap as fast as he can.

    1. It was Russia who banned the adoption by US citizens in retaliation of the Magnitsky Act, bipartisan legislation.

  5. I agree that there is no proof that russia “meddled”. It is a distraction created by the dems to deflect the fraud they perpetrated on bernie and the country and our so called two party system. It was notging short of criminal what they didto the elections which they rigged and the russians exposed. So yes, trump can thank the bernie supprtera for their defection which culminated in his victory.

  6. Btw martin, once again you have created a great forum for all kinds of people to argue and agree and some to vomit but nimodo. You have been doing this now for 15 years. On top of it you fly planes design jewelry and are a silver smith ( i have some of your pieces). You had some great teachers in those mexican schools you went to!

  7. theresa
    Yep Hillary and the DNC cheated Bernie but in the end Bernie went along with the cheating thinking he would get a position with Hillary administration instead of filing suit against the Hillary and the DNC. In addition to filing a criminal complaint of election and voter fraud in the DNC primaries which was more than apparent.

  8. The Rs tolerate el trompas and his circus because he distracts and gives them cover to do whatever they want without public scrutiny.

    As for firing the Mooch, the vulgarian in the White House could not have some vulgarian underling upstaging him.

  9. Bernie did sue the dnc for fraud. As of april the suit was pending a decision from the court. I have not looked up the status.

  10. Oh and the legal arguments if the dnc are that even tho their charter dictates fairness and impartiality, those are just goals and if they’re not fair and impartial they’re not in violation of the charter since its just a “goal.”

  11. Those are the dnc’s legal arguments in the law suit filed against it by bernie in federal court.

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