Also lost in the noise and the distractions about the Russian scandal and healthcare reform is another little piece of information that Donald Trump and his supporters do not want you to notice. In the first six months of this year, U.S. consumers are still buying Made in Mexico cars over the U.S. versions. This, despite Donald Trump’s launch of Made in America week.

According to the latest data made available by WardsAuto posted this week, U.S. consumers are gravitating towards sport-utility vehicles instead of sedans. The most popular automobile purchased this year have been vehicles produced in Mexican factories. So far this year, there has been a 16% production increase in Mexican factories over that from last year. According to the WardsAuto data, one in five cars produced in North America are made in México.

Complicating the Trump Made in America agenda is the fact that the popular Dodge Ram and Chevrolet Silverado are made in México. Production of the Chevrolet Equinox was moved out of Canada and the United States over to México.

The Jeep Compass has seen a 177% increase in sales this year over last. The Compass is also built in México. Meanwhile, output in the United States is down. The Chrysler factory in Belvidere is down by 93% this year.

U.S. consumers are more concerned about price, reliability and type of vehicle over where they are built. This runs counter to the Donald Trump administration that U.S. consumers would favor domestic cars over those made in México.

Canada, México and the United States are starting NAFTA renegotiation talks next month.

Although Donald Trump ran on the platform of Making America First and bringing jobs back to the country by ending trade agreements, Trump’s back peddling on aggressive NAFTA talks indicates that the U.S. business community and state governments heavily dependent on NAFTA have prevailed on him to keep NAFTA largely intact.

The automobile sector is the largest economic sector in NAFTA. This latest car sales data demonstrates that NAFTA will not be so easily cancelled by the Trump administration.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

22 replies on “Car Shoppers Still Buying Mexican Made Cars”

  1. Here some things Martin and those like Pati do not want you to know about campaign promises made by Obama!
    Remove Combat Troops from Iraq. Nope!
    Cut the cost of a typical family’s health insurance premium by up to $2,500 a year. Nope!
    Cut taxes for 95 percent of American families. Nope!
    Repeal the Bush tax cuts for higher incomes. Nope!
    Restrict warrantless wiretaps. Nope not even close we now know!
    Secure the borders. Nope!
    Secure nuclear weapons materials in four years. Nope!
    Create 5 million “green” jobs. Nope!
    Create a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners. Nope!
    Close the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center. Nope!
    Tougher rules against revolving door for lobbyists and former government officials. Nope!
    Provide a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Nope!
    Reduce oil consumption by 35 percent by 2030. Nope!
    Create cap and trade system with interim goals to reduce global warming. Nope!
    Cut the cost of a typical family’s health insurance premium by up to $2,500 a year. Nope!
    Bring Democrats and Republicans together to pass an agenda. Nope!
    This is just a very short list of Obama broken promises !
    Trump is no different than Obama he will not keep most promises made on the campaign trail.
    Time to grow up boys and girls and get real about promises made during elections!

  2. Thomas, obama was precluded by congress from shutting down guantanamo. But what he did do is he quietly and steadily emptied it out. As to the point of martins article: there is no such thing as a free lunch, but americans haven’t figured that out yet and apparently they never will. Every time they buy inexpensive food, shoes, clothing, tires, cars whatever, they think themselves dmart for the bargain. What they are doing is supporting companies that pay dismal wages to workers abroad to provide a cheaper product resulting in shut downs here at home. And then they’re confused as to why they’re out of work! Here is an example. The us uded to be the biggest producer of tuna products. We are now down to one company called american tuna. Chicken of the sea, bumblebee, etc. Is all harvested now in vietnam, china. And its cheap. If you buy american tuna you pay almost $5 a can. If you buy spanish tuna you pay close to $7 a can. The american and spanish tuna is line caught (not net caught which scoops up everything thereby depleting the sea) and the fisherman get paid first world wages and it tastes better and does not have a fishy odor. In order to buy the better tuna you have to order it. Grocery stores here only carry the cheaper foreign stuff. Thats what americans want and that’s what they will get until they have no jobs to earn money to buy anything with anymore.

  3. theresa
    Yep we understand power resides in Congress not the Presidency but Martin and Pati do not understand or get this fact. Jesus Christ could be president but If Congress does not act then nothing gets done.
    As to manufacturing going overseas thank both parties for that one. NAFTA helped speed this departure by American Companies and people like Martin thinks it’s great but then again Martin’s interest isn’t the U.S he only makes a living here which he can’t seem to do in his own country.

  4. Thomas, i appreciate your knowledge and your opinion but please do not get personal with martin or anyone else. I think of that emanating by our commander and chief and it chafes me. I voted for bernie and do not like trump at all. He offends me. However, two of my best friends are die trump supporters and i love them very mych and we iften discuss politics. But respect each other and never get personal. I look forward to bantering with you.

  5. theresa
    Guess we will not be bantering, we are anything but PC. It’s a fact Martin can’t live and make a living in his own country. Martin does not mind taking shots at nation that gives him shelter and allows him the freedom he can’t find in his own county. Yep some of us take it personal when some one like Martin runs our country down every chance they get but benefits from our freedom,liberties as they tells us how terrible we are and how great Mexico is as he refuses to live there him self.

  6. Ok thomas. Ill leave you in the gutter by yourself and continue to read the blogs of a trained fighter pilot engineer who has put his personal wealth and freedom on the line for American democracy for years now. You can continue to read same blogger and gutter snipe and represent your side accordingly. Im done with ypu Thomas.

  7. theresa
    People like Pati and you on the tit tard left have taken our nation in the gutter long ago! You can’t deal with true but prefer innuendo and pablum.

  8. Youre a very angry man thomas. You need to take a trip to a beautiful mexican beach. Eat some fresh papaya, drink fresh sqeezed orange juice (have you ever had any?), some mariscos, listen to the waves crash, watch the moon rise over the ocean. You probably dont speak spanish, but dont worry, you will be easily accomodated. You will find the mexican people gracious and helpful and welcoming. And maybe while you’re down there you can buy a mexican made” american ” car, the kind that is so popular up here and for which the sales are going through the roof in the us! Maybe you already have one!

  9. theresa
    Maybe give the same advice to Martin who can’t live or make a living in his own country! No bantering with us your done right!
    Martin is like the neighbor who constantly complains about others not keeping their grass cut to a level he likes as his own front yard ( Mexico) is a junk yard.

    1. Thomas, I have been negligent in enforcing the rules of conduct on my blog because, unfortunately, Trump brings out the worst in all of us. I’ve also allowed you to use the comments section to vent. However, I need you to focus your commentary on the issue at hand and leave the personal stuff out of it. It is ok to disagree but everyone should be able to participate without fear of you calling them names. So, please leave the personal comments out.

      In regards to me not being able “to make a living” in my own country, it is important that I point out that there are U.S. citizens who gladly accept their paychecks from me and many other Mexicans who create businesses in the U.S. to benefit U.S. citizens. Silicon Valley is basically immigrant driven, especially Apple devices. So, as you attack immigrants, like myself, for creating jobs, I hope you are not doing it on an Apple device. Furthermore, about 18% of U.S. businesses are owned and operated by immigrants. So, yes, I’ve created a business, actually three, in the U.S. and they benefit U.S. citizens, like yourself.

      Now, please focus on the facts and leave the personal attacks out of your arguments.

      Thank you,

  10. Martin
    Tell us why you do not operate out of Mexico!? Martin I know the reason but will you tell the truth on the issue. Yes Martin many of us do take it personal when you attack the country that feeds you by giving you opportunities and gives you the freedom you enjoy here that you can’t find in your own country or will not go to your own country to fight to give the same level of freedom and opportunities!. So Martin kick us out but if you are going to use such rules and standards apply them across the board which you won’t with those who blow sugar up your back side!

  11. In fact Martin tell the truth about what will happen to you if you did go back to Mexico and try to live there! Yep Martin we know why you live in the U.S..

    1. Thomas, you keep insinuating that you know me and know my reasons for being here. I can assure you that you have no idea. But feel free to post them. Just remember that lies will get you nowhere.

      If you bother to read my blog posts you will note that I have many times explained why I live in the U.S. and the reasons for not becoming a U.S. citizen. I am clear about both.

      As for attacking your country, I have not. I have clearly stated my strong dislike for Donald Trump and the reasons for it. (labeling me and my compatriots as ‘rapists’)

      I choose to comment about politics, especially corruption. If you consider that an attack upon your nation then so be it, but until it is illegal for me to do so, I will continue to abide by the rights enshrined upon me by your constitution and avail myself of the opportunity to comment about whatever I feel like commenting on.

      Just like I have that freedom to do, you have the freedom to read, comment, or ignore my posts. But, because it is private property, you do not have the right to call my other users names just to shut down the commentary.

      Abide by the simple request for decorum and you can continue to comment, if not then please find somewhere else to vent.

      Thank you,

    2. Thomas enough of your insinuations. As a matter of fact I just returned from a very nice visit to Guadalajara a few weeks ago. It was nice to visit family. I’m leaving tonight for Mexico City for a quick trip to launch a new APP. The U.S.-based client wants to launch it in México first. You are welcome to join me. I’ll be staying that Fiesta Americana on Reforma. My APP was built by Mexicans and will serve a worldwide audience. It was paid for by U.S. citizens and the underlining technology is on U.S.-based companies. That is what NAFTA is all about.

      Either post a fact or stop making insinuations intending to shut down discussions that are uncomfortable for you to see.


  12. Oh thomas! The beach is easier than all this nonsense you seem to be enraged over. I love the fact that martin lives in the us and earns us dollars and criticizes the us goverment. Its just basic common sense to move to the country where you can earn the most on your talents and education. And since the us cant produce enough engineers and tech guys, guys like martin have it made here while americans are waiting for the rust belt to gleam again. No hopefully martin will earn many us dollars and then retire to some sunny beach in mexico or some paradise like san Miguel de allende etc and spend all those American dollars he earned here over there. Ill get to go visit! And martin your yard is so clean !

  13. Martin
    Seems you are the one uncomfortable right now. Martin we know more about you than you can ever imagine. Lot different hooping in and out of Mexico as to really living their.
    Martin you are the last to be acting as a victim of insinuation and innuendo since that is majority of what your blog is based on.
    So you do not like Trump good hope you end up with Pence but most of what your right about Trump is unsupported non-sense.
    Martin lastly we ask you to write a post some months back stating what you thought was good and great about the U.S. but we know you hate this country. So please act the victim and offended and play a Jaime!
    Theresa Mexico is so great part of it economy is based on the rape,looting and pillaging of helpless illegal just passing through. Guess you must of missed the big slaughter that just went down in Mexico’s compassionate prison system that even raised the eyebrows of many in the Mexican government Then again give Martin a week or two and he will find a way to blame that one on the U.S..

    1. Thomas, I do not understand why you spend so much time on my blog telling me you know me more “than you can imagine” about me and that the “majority of my blog” is innuendo and lies. Especially because you feel my blogs are “unsupported non-sense (sic)”. If that were the case, then why waste your time here? If you feel that you must respond to my blog posts, then I am hitting a nerve, in your case apparently a very painful nerve. Hmm, let me see, oh wait, that’s what a blog is supposed to do! Imagine that!

      I also find it humorous that you post incomplete sentences using obviously the wrong words to try to make your point. I shouldn’t be surprised because your grammar and misuse of words is reminiscent of Donald Trump and therefore you are too invested in his presidency to allow opposing view points. As such, I know for a fact that nothing I write will make you happy. I know for a fact that there is nothing I can write about Donald Trump that we would agree on. To be perfectly clear, there is nothing you can do, say or write that would make me stop writing about how wrong Donald Trump is for the country. If your goal is to shut me up, better and more affluent people have tried it before and they failed. I’ve been there and done that. I’m not going away so don’t bother trying to force me to change because it is my mission to demonstrate that Donald Trump is a clear and present danger for the country and for the world. -martin

  14. I love mexico Thomas. Indeed i do. Just like i love the us and italy and s. Korea and thailand and france and the uae and oman, to name a few. Oh i almost forgot canada and guatemala. And bad tgings happen everywhere

  15. Martin our misspelling and failed grammar has nothing to do with intent it has to do with a very sever encoding /decoding deficit disability but thank you for your total lack of understand such condition in that some way it might make you feel superior. Then again you clearly understand what is being said! Yep do not mind playing the village idiot to super geniuses such as your self.

  16. Fascinating that thomas spends so much time on your blog but “claims” to know allllllll about you. I wonder how much he has actually gotten out. A little bit of some df (districto federal ) might soften his edges. But hes probably too afraid to go

  17. Beach thomas. Think mexican beach, warm sand, fresh juicy vine picked fruit, waves, lots of friendly mexicans and their families, the purr of spanish. Now you could sit on your beach towel and call people morons and lip tards, whatever that means, and whatever else you grew up hearing, as they walk by, but how silly, right?

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