In the last few days we have witnessed Donald Trump’s failure to replace ObamaCare. We have also seen how some Donald Trump voters are regretting their Trump votes. It has been over fifty-days since Trump took office. Since that time, Donald Trump has been unable to accomplish anything other than to create more controversy.

Let’s go down the Donald Trump memory lane:

Trump has tried to implement a travel ban twice. Some have labeled the Trump travel ban a Muslim Ban. Regardless of what you believe, the fact remains that Donald Trump has twice been denied his travel ban by the courts.

The Russian debacle:

Michael Flynn resigned as Nation Security Advisor for misleading the vice president about his contacts with Russian officials. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from any investigation into Russian interference of the elections. Sessions had neglected to inform Congress about his Russian contacts during his confirmation hearings. Former Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort is revealed to have been paid for work on Russian national interests. Several other campaign associates have been tied to the Russian intrigue.

Unable to Keep Campaign Promises

Donald Trump campaigned on building a wall on the U.S.-México border and having México pay for it. As of today, the wall is in the design phase. The U.S. Customs and Protection bid process has been updated to allow the possibilities of other designs, other than the 30-foot concrete wall promised by Trump. Additionally, only a small amount of money has been allocated to allow for the bid process to begin and small selected pieces of the wall built to allow for the evaluation of the bids selected for moving on to the next phase. México has clearly indicated that it will not pay for the wall and the Trump administration has yet to reveal how it will force México to comply.

Trump also promised to impose a ban against Muslim immigrants and refugees until the country could impose in depth vetting of would be immigrants, especially from Muslim counties. The Trump administration has twice attempted to impose a travel ban and both times it has been stopped by the U.S. court system. As of today, there is no promised travel ban in place.

Donald Trump’s signature promise to do away with ObamaCare was defeated by a Republican-controlled Congress. As of today, ObamaCare remains the law of the land. Although Trump has blamed the Democrats, the facts remains that Congress is controlled by the Republicans in both houses. Donald Trump ran, and was elected, on the Republican ticket.

It is now well into his presidency and although Donald Trump promised to be a different president, he has yet to accomplish anything concrete. Some may argue that the increase in deportations is a Trump promise that he has kept but the fact remains that Barack Obama deported more immigrants than any other president. We have also seen how Trump’s deportation program is leading some Trump supporters to regret their votes.

The question that any Donald Trump supporter would be hard press to honesty answer is – what has Donald Trump accomplished that merits your vote and your support?

I believe many more will be regretting their votes in the coming months.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

5 replies on “What Has Donald Trump Accomplished”

  1. Martin
    Nope! All the tit tards left whose 401k’s values are soaring give the damn money back. If you have stocks sell them and give the damn money back! Our national deficit is falling just in the short time Trump has been in office. Oh hell and jobs too! Oil price are falling. Damn! Trump could be shoving gold bars up the tit tard left’s behinds and they would find something to whine,and wring their hand over.

  2. Oh Martin here is some more Trump signs NASA authorization bill of 19 billions dollar the first in seven years to restart the America space program.. Oh it must have made the Russians nervous they announced this week the picking of cosmonauts to go to the moon in the great race to the Moon 2.0 which will also be lead by the U.S. private sector companies and the bill pushes our great nation on to the red planet Mars… Pretty productive for a so called do nothing president Martin!
    Oh more good news keeps coming Martin a Hispanic construction company in California wants in on the bidding to build the wall. We know, we know amazing!

  3. His accomplishments have been that he conned the people and he stocked the cabinet positions with millionaires and billionaires so they can privatize and dismantle the government, steal all the commons. And they will soon be coming for our social security and pensions. Greedy bastards.

    I doubt that his 30-foot high and 10-foot thick wall will ever be built. But it is kind of an interesting thought if it were to be erected. Mexicans can use it to paint murals, imagine that – miles and miles of free canvas. They can develop parks and beaches; after all, the river will be accessible to Mexicans. They can build hotels facing el gran muro trompas and develop tourist attractions – miles and miles, such as what Banksy did in Palestine (

    Wall yourselves in Amerik³a, and let the world live in peace.

  4. Pati
    That’s a laugh tit tard every time the world get it’s ass off in a wreck they scream for America to come bail them out and if we do not show up right away they get mad.
    Pati explain why you are not down living in the paradise that is Mexico. Sure you will have some lame ass excuse!
    Oh Pati they have already raped, looted and pillaged the SS trust long ago and all that is left is IOU’s and pensions well go look how many are under funded in the private sector and have been for years and go look how many in government are critically under funded. This started long before Trump showed up! Pati the state of Texas only funds theirs around 75% and they are one of the best.
    Super Genius Pati strikes out again!

  5. Martin, skip the Trump stuff and blog on El Paso or lose me as a faithful reader. If I want to read Trump trash, I go to the Huffington Post where the quality vagina screeches hang out.

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