You would think that by now, 48 days into the Donald Trump administration, that the scandals and the ongoing resistance to his administration would have died down. Instead, the scandals continue to intensify and the protests have been sustained since he took office. This is, simply, unprecedented in U.S. politics. Yes, there are always small pockets of resistance to any administration, but the continued level of protests against Trump’s administration is completely new, at least for the United States. These types of protests are expected in other countries with weaker democracies. For the United States, the self-proclaimed bastion of democracy, the protests against Trump continue to weaken his administration.

Donald Trump clearly understands that his administration is being weakened each day, as evidenced by his continued attempts to create the illusion that the country is behind him.

Clearly, it is not.

On Tuesday, as I was walking for lunch I came across another protest. This protest was in front of the offices of Marco Rubio, a Republican supporter of the Trump agenda. The protestors were protesting both Marco Rubio and Donald Trump. This protest was on the day before the Day Without Woman scheduled for yesterday

In January, the day after Trump took office, hundreds of women descended upon Washington to protest Donald Trump. It has been estimated that about 5 million people participated in the protest worldwide, while about half-a-million descended on Washington. They agreed to participate in A Day Without Woman to demonstrate the vital part that women play in the economy.

Yesterday’s protest had rallies in many major cities. Many of the protests included signage such as No Wall and No Ban. Obviously, the Trump agenda is still being resisted.

Tuesday’s protest and the women’s one yesterday are a continuation of protests against Trump that included the nationwide airport protests against the Muslim Ban and the Day Without an Immigrant last month. Immigrant supporters protested in at least ten major cities across the United States. There have been smaller protests against Trump as well.

All within his first 48 days in office.

On Saturday, Donald Trump tweeted an allegation that Barack Obama tapped his telephone lines. Forget that the tweet is unprecedented from a sitting U.S. president and that it lacks basic decorum and decency. What is important to note is that it is an act of desperation from Trump.

Donald Trump clearly understand that his image has suffered and thus his presidency is in trouble. Trump understands marketing and he knows that his dismal popularity ratings spell doom for his political agenda.

His followers also understand this. They have resorted to trying to control the narrative through distraction and misdirection. It is clear on the news media outlets and on social media. The narrative they are desperately trying to spin is that protests are Democrats and leftists unable to come to term with losing to Trump.

This may be true to a small extent but there have been other Republican controversial wins before and the protests’ momentum ended within the first few weeks. For example, the loss by Al Gore to George Bush. This is not true for Trump.

The continuing protesting momentum signifies, much to the chagrin of Trump, that his administration is in serious trouble.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

7 replies on “The Momentum of Resisting the Trump Agenda”

  1. The cause is the Dem. agenda to nitpick everything he does in an effort to wear him down. Problem is it’s starting to backfire as influential Democrats have grown weary of the nonsense and the pettiness. They’ve gone as far as stating that this method destroyed the elections and they need to reestablish coherent polices and connect with blue collar families. Not the extremists.

    Guess, some people just don’t learn.

  2. The reason Trump is President is because a lot of those of us who work hard and want to live a better life as the result of our labors vs. a government handout protested at the ballot box last Nov. The folks who are taking to the streets have too much time on their hands. Perhaps if they actually worked for a living they wouldn’t have anything to complain about.

  3. Give me a break
    It’s the fascist progress Democrats that are the problem and other non progressive Democrats have grown tired of the non-sense. Really this no a ground swell in the party but driven by the extremist progressives in party and the swell media. Not all Democrats are part of the progressive wing of the party and believe we need to understand this fact. Yep non progressive Democrats can see this crap is destroying their party and turning working class Americans against them. Some in the party understand the need now to come back more to center.
    If you take all the tit tards out there protesting they only make up a very small part of the population but with the media they want to try and make out it’s a big movement which it’ isn’t.
    Oh Martin actually protesters turn out numbers are getting smaller and there is no momentum on your side but what is left is in the flame and distortion of the propaganda media. Martin even polls show a majority are just burned out on the B.S. from the lunatic fringe progressive left. What the Democrats should be doing is getting their act together for the next election cycle in less than two years if they do not and keep promoting this non-sense they will lose more seat in Congress where the real power of government resides. So Martin keep up the great work helping to destroy the Democratic party and turn more away form the party of the whiners and the coo coo crazies that have lost their little birdies.

  4. The poll numbers for the media are down. Gallup has pretty high numbers for Trump despite the media narrative. There is a correlation.

  5. Again your article is way to long (too many words)…
    so why don’t you just say you do not like President Trump and “Move on” ?

  6. I can see from your writings, you want trump supporters to write so you can laugh. However, what you may not know is we are laughing at you. Awhile ago, you wrote a piece about the trump dossier. Yeah, how did that work out. None of it is true and made up by a spy. But I bet you are still running around saying he is in bed with the russians. How many times does it have to be said that there is not one dread of proof. I just read another article where you say trump supporters are blind to the facts. So, what is this coming from you? Do as I say and not as I do? Recently, policies were taken to democrats and asked if they liked them. They all loved the policies…until they were told they were Betsy Devos’s policies. Then they were garbage. Oh please, every time you write an article and accuse Trump supporters of something, you should look in a mirror first.

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