Donald Trump supporters can generally be characterized as patriots. As a matter of fact, they seem to gravitate towards Trump’s America First doctrine. Because of this I am somewhat amazed that Trump supporters seem to be blind to the dangers the U.S. is facing under a sustained ideological attack that could change the fundamental values of the country. Russia has historically represented the contrast to U.S. values. The dangers of Islamic terrorism may have put Russia on the backburner, but it remains the symbol of the dangers the country faces, especially for the patriots of the country. Cuba is the prime example of this. Cuba is not a potential military or economic danger to the U.S., but nonetheless, the patriots, the Cuban-Americans and the Republicans are against any attempts to normalize any relationship with them.

Yet, when it comes to Russia, the Donald Trump patriots, especially those that embrace the America First doctrine, seem to be oblivious to the dangers Russia poses. It’s as if the Russian factor does not exist.


I believe that Trump supporters are so enamored with the thought that Donald Trump can do no wrong that they have put aside any critical thinking and just blindly soak up the Trump agenda.

At first I thought it was just party politics, blindly following the notion that the Republican party must be supported at all costs. I even entertained the possibility that Barack Obama was such an abomination to their way of life that anything and everything was better than Obama. Accepting these factors could explain why most Donald Trump supporters seem not bothered by certain Trump scandals.

But the Russian danger is not a nuisance nor an inconvenience but historically the Russians have been the United States greatest nemesis for at least a hundred years. A dangerous one at that. The Cold War centered on the dangers of Russia upon the U.S. value system, from governance to freedoms. Cuba is a danger to the country because of its ideology but for the Trump patriots Russia is not? It makes no sense.

To be sure, the Islamic terrorism threat is real but its ability to damage the United States substantially is limited on a global scale. I understand the psyche that many U.S. citizens have about Islamic terrorism, after all, they are the only ones that have demonstrated the ability to strike deep in the country. But their ability to destroy the United States is extremely limited because their ability to project a military force is none existent. I believe that it is this inward psyche that has imposed a myopic view on the dangers posed to the country by outside forces, at least for the Trump patriots.

However, it is my position that the real dangers to American values comes from Russia. The Russian leadership has many years of experience in imposing its ideology through subterfuge and political intrigue. Russia understands that an adversary such as the United States, arguably the strongest military and economic country in the world, cannot be conquered through a traditional war, but rather through a combination of asymmetrical and traditional warfare.

For Russia, it is not about conquering in the traditional sense but in creating like-minded vassal states that march along to Russia’s worldview.

Russia is the real danger but the Trump patriots seem intent on ignoring the danger warnings.

Tax Returns
Take for example the fact that Donald Trump has yet to release his tax returns. Almost every president since 1970 has released their tax returns. Gerald Ford only released summary reports and Franklin Roosevelt did not release his returns during his presidency but they subsequently became public via his presidential library. The law is clear in that tax returns are a private matter, even for the presidents. On its own, Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns may be a nuisance but together with the allegations of Russian economic ties and other Russia-related controversies, the tax return controversy is another layer of concern.

The Russian Dossier
A narrative has been carefully created around the leak of an opposition research report on Donald Trump that was released publicly on January 11, 2017. The narrative is that the Trump Russia Dossier is not real because of numerous errors in it. Although the Trump administration has attempted to dismiss it as a fake; in recent days, U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies have confirmed some of the contents through independent sources. The credibility of the Donald Trump Russia Dossier has risen in recently. It is far from a smoking gun report but the report continues to hamper Trump’s ability to govern effectively.

Michael Flynn
Within 25 days of Donald Trump taking office, his presidency has been dogged by numerous controversies and protests. However, the most telling example of the dysfunction within the Trump Administration is the resignation of his national security advisor, Michael T. Flynn on February 13, 2017. Flynn’s resignation was prompted by persistent questions about his interactions with the Russians and promises that may have been made by him to the Russian government.

In his letter, Flynn admits to lying to Mike Pence about his Russian conversation. But, like all presidential controversies, the underlings are expected to fall on their swords to protect the administration.

Although proof of Russian involvement in the election of Donald Trump and their continued presence in the Trump administration is far from conclusive, the numerous questions of Russian interference should merit at least a pause and some questions.

Especially from the nativists that embrace the America First doctrine.

But it doesn’t and it continues to make me wonder why.

Unbridled support for the Donald Trump worldview, or the myopic view of the dangers of Islamic terrorists because they successfully struck the U.S. heartland may explain some of the oblivion to the Russian dangers, but it surely can’t be the only reasons behind the apparent lack of concern of a possible Russian operation to make the U.S. a subordinate to their worldview. Or, can it be that simple?

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. He called McCain out on it too, saying that McCain had forgotten the Cold War was over. And let’s not for the hot mic moment where he told the Russian ambassador he’d have more flexibility after the election. There is also a report that the Obama transition team reached out to Hamas before he took office. In short, this all feels like a strategy to keep Trump from moving forward in draining the swamp.

  2. “The Russians are coming!” mantra, cyclic in USA politics, was used against the left; the left of yesteryear, not today’s shills. Today these shills are the loudest in making it fashionable once more. With this Flynn fellow the Ds may have reason for their own version of a HUAC and the Rs who are not too happy with el Trompas might join forces. Who knows we may get a real, in-depth investigation with no cover-ups, no protections granted.

    But the shills are making sure we ‘understand’ that V.P. Pence “didn’t know, wasn’t told”. Pence el Inocente.

    Or they’ll have their own little “coup d’état”. The Politicos are voicing the 25th amendment.

    Pity the nations where these two world powers have their proxy wars. That is where and for whom the real danger lies.

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