13jan17I have a serious question for some of the Donald Trump supporters who read my blog. My question is in regards to the numerous allegations that the Russians intervened in the recent presidential election. To be clear, I do not believe that Donald Trump was elected because of Russian intervention. Rather, I believe that the Russians intervened in the presidential election. Who the intervention helped, or hurt, or whether it was sufficient to swing the election one way or the other is immaterial. My question remains the same.

I believe that we can all agree that national elections are sacrosanct. I know that many Trump supporters argue that unrestricted and uncontrolled immigration is a cause of concern when it comes to national elections. I also know that many US voters would be concerned if foreign intelligence agencies should be proven to have hacked voting booth computers to change an election result.

Although we do not have concrete evidence to prove that the Russians intervened in the national elections, we do have evidence to strongly show that the Russians were behind the Hillary Clinton and other Democratic Party document leaks. Forget, for the purposes of this post, whether the outcome of the presidential election would have been any different with, or without the document leaks, and accept that there is a possibility that the Russians had something to do with them.

As you ponder that, consider the following; on Wednesday, January 11, 2017, Donald Trump, in a press conference, acknowledged that he accepts that the Russians were involved in the hacking of Democratic Party documents. This after arguing numerous times that he had information that it was not the Russians.

My question is – does any of this concern you?

If it does, then what are your thoughts about the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s presidency in terms of his ability to govern in the sole interests of the United States of America?

If none of the evidence concerns you; then would you honestly feel the same way if the same set of facts were being discussed today, except with one difference; replace the name Donald Trump with Hillary Clinton in all aspects. If Clinton had won the election and Clinton was alleged to have benefited from Russian interference during the election, would you still feel the same?

Can you honestly say that none of it concerns you today?

I really do not expect an honest answer because when the facts do not fit the narrative the proponents would rather resort to misdirection or name calling.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. It would concern me more voting if machines were hacked (they weren’t) or if the revelations about the DNC and Hillary were fake. But they were not and no one has denied them: the DNC screwing Bernie Sanders; Clinton’s private vs public positions via Goldman Sachs; her vision of open borders and hemispheric common market; Podesta’s creepy friends…None of this would have come out in the press.

    Thank you, Wikileaks. You saved the country.

    1. I’m sorry to learn that it doesn’t set off your American-loyal trip wires at all…that a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT is secretly sneaking its subversive anti-American cyberwar into position to affect YOUR ARMY and YOUR TAXES.
      Do you bow five times a day before Vlad’s picture?

      Don’t you get it, that the machines themselves don’t need to be hacked? If you wait until they are, you won’t even be able to affect your own laws by voting. I’m certainly not following you anywhere.
      Don’t automatically assume that I follow HRC either. She sure can’t march.

  2. No Trump apologist here. There are many things to be concerned with. Protectionism and mercantilism policies to name a few.

    Russia is a problem. It has been for a long time. Why wasn’t it an issue for Obama when Putin invaded Crimea or when he is eyeing Ukraine?!

    I’m concerned that ElPasoNews is becoming fake news. Mr. Paredes, you’ve been more interested in creating a narrative than reporting the news. You’re creating a narrative with the cartoons or by trying to pigeonhole anyone who voted for Trump.

    Remember when Obama told Putin on a hot mike that he would have more flexibility with Russia after the elections? C’mon man!

    What do you think about Obama ending the policy of “wet foot, dry foot” towards Cubans? Are they not Latinos? He probably sees them as a “basket of deplorables” who refuse the kool-aid offered by democrats and therefore undesirable.

  3. Martin, cognitive dissonance. Unbelievable. As he said … he could shoot a person in the middle of Times Square and his supporters would not care. They would blame Clinton, blame Obama’s Cuban policies and on and on. Ask your pal Ms Carasco this question and like Conway tell you to listen to his heart not what he says.

  4. Ronald, you’re wrong. I’ve said it. There is plenty to be concerned about with Trump. He’s not even in office! So, let’s see what happens and then we can be vocal about any criticism that that needs to take place.

  5. No, I am not wrong. Yep. He is not in office yet but contrary to the last 44 presidents he has tried to do all he can to interfere with the current president conducting our business. A rude and obnoxious meglomaniac who has chosen to draw attention to himself with his tweets and his mouthpieces asking us to ignore the words out of his big mouth but judge him by his heart. Pathetic. And more pathetic defenders thinking this behavior is excusable or acceptable. Or that we should not respond to his daily grandstanding but wait until he is in office and see what happens. He has not waited nor should we in calling him on every fake thing he utters.

  6. Not having any idea of how far situations may actually develop, we might be wiser to ignore the ongoing tantrums. Leave the thin-skinned one alone, period. He’s too sensitive to the outer world. A life in the billionaire’s bubble will do that to you.

    Settle down for the ‘rest period’…our entire culture is going to rest from trying to push humanity’s potential and freedom further…the forces of dimmer light assert themselves from time to time, and in those times we immerse ourselves in wine tasting, various kinds of mental training, etc. During the ‘dimmer times’ we can only remain faithful to our values and prepare for the swing in the cosmic pendulum. Better times return. Prepare.

    1. The rantings of George Soros that Trump’s election threatens the glorious hope of the new world order validates the reasons I voted for Trump. I looked at Europe and I thought, “We’re next if Hillary wins.”

      She lost and maybe there is hope for a nationalist revival but, obviously, not in the borderland.

  7. I am a Trump supporter! I believe the Russians hacked both parties E-Mails but chose to release only info damaging to the Dems. Obviously preferred Trump over Hillary. I see this as a significant problem. Obama did very little to Putin and Trump may or may not do anything. Our country cannot have foreign powers intervening in our election outcomes. Having said that, I agree that the Russians unlikely changed the outcome of this election.

  8. Martin
    This is mostly the sugar tit generation whining because they lost. Read the report and their is a lot that just doesn’t make since with the claim it was all Russia. How many of you know that some of the hacking software was easily gotten off the internet that was used in some of the hacks,actual older version of such known software. Even the hacks were amateurish,time stamps,IP address. data in coding that was commonly known in the hacking community to ID code coming from Russia that could easily be used in code to make it look like the source was Russia. We know Russia has very advance cyber hacking capabilities why does this junk look like it’s from a teen in Mom and Dad’s basement? Some of the worlds best on computer security and hacking are says it’s not all the Russians and main stream media isn’t saying and reporting this. Even Hillary made statements when she was campaigning and said some of the releases were coming from Allies of the U.S..
    Oh and all of you whining about the Russians interfering in our election the U.S. does this to Russia and other countries around the world regularly so where is your out rag?
    One last thing read the disclaimer at the start of the so called bomb shell report it speaks volumes to what the U.S intel really knows. Sorry like to many time before the U.S intel community is playing politics over substance and are trying to con and scam the American people again.

  9. the only thing Wikileaks and Russia did was expose what most people already knew which is what a Cunt Hillary has always been. You could throw in Donna from CNN in that statement too. They screwed Bernie and how stupid do you have to be to have the word password as your password ? Podesta, what a dumbass. oh, and US gubment, try not using Kapersky(Russian) as your virus software.

    Many of you obviously dont realize that Trump really won because he really ran an “independent” with the mask of Republican. Many people who voted for Trump hated both parties. Even liberal Bill Maher believes that. He was the only Republican candidate that had ran a business and had employees. All others had been politicians for life along with our President. It was an anti politician vote more than anything.

    1. I do not think BHO is the worst president we have had. That dubious honor goes to his predecessor, GWB. BHO pretty much delivered on what he promised – change and healthcare reform. What we didn’t read in the fine print was that change = alphabet soup in your toilet and healthcare = Obamacare that doesn’t affect me, but a lot of people are complaining about it.

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