prtctd-clss-dec16Yesterday I shared with you the three cases of assault that have been documented against Ann Morgan Lilly and her husband, “Rut”. Today, I am going to show you how the corruption in El Paso allows the Lilly’s to get away with assault. As we delve deeper into this, you well get to witness first-hand how the corruption works.

First, though, this latest incident gives me an opportunity to demonstrate to you how my blog allows me to build a dataset of incidents that I can use to document the corruption over a long period of time. I have dubbed this as “connecting the dots”. The problem is that the corruptors are adept at hiding information. Little pieces emerge here and there but the body of evidence is controlled and manipulated by the corruptors. The latest incident involving Ann Morgan Lilly is one of three incidents that I have documented since in 2013.

Without my blog, many of you would not know about the three incidents of assault that have been alleged against Ann Morgan Lilly, and her husband, “Rut”. The context of the supporting incidents would have been lost. The preponderance of evidence is clear as to whom is likely telling the truth, the Leeser’s not the Lilly’s.

For many years now I have been documenting the corruption of El Paso. Among the theories that I have been developing is the notion that there exists a “protected class” in El Paso. A class of people who are immune to being held accountable for their actions. It is my contention that the Lilly’s are part of the protected class.

I first brought up the “protected class” in 2012 and many of you thought I was crazy.

So, let’s look at how the protected class corruptly manipulates the system.

As you know by now, there are three cases of assault that have been documented against Ann Morgan Lilly and “Rut” Lilly. Except for the latest incident, that happened to involve a sitting mayor of El Paso, the documents to the other two incidents have been kept from the community by the City of El Paso. The documents have vanished into the blackhole of a “special investigations” police unit at the City.

I have described to you how the City keeps a police unit for special investigations, or very important people (VIPs). It is my contention that this special police unit has created two classes of citizens in El Paso, the protected class and the rest. Two sets of standards are enforced at the city.

In my eyes, corruption is proved when the City allows for two standards of law enforcement to exist. Yet, many still cannot bring themselves to believe it. So, let me add a little more detail, courtesy of the Lilly’s.

Unlike the previous two assault incidents that have been alleged, the latest one involves the sitting mayor of El Paso. As such, a dilemma was created in the scheme. Oscar Leeser, with the authority of the mayor’s office behind him, plus the fact that he is angry, has made it extremely difficult to control the information about the incident.

Add to that the fact that Ann Morgan Lilly is no longer useful to the corruptors of the city. She can no longer hold office and as such she cannot be placed to vote for the public policy of the corruptors.

As a result, it is my contention that the latest incident was allowed to be properly documented and the police report released to the community as it should have been.

This has put Ann Morgan Lilly in the predicament of having to use a favorite tool of the corruptors; intimidation and misdirection.

You will notice that a day after the incident entered the public realm and that it became clear to the Lilly’s that they were not as protected as they thought they were, they resorted to intimidation and are attempting to misdirect the public narrative by filing an ethics complaint against Oscar Leeser.

In her ethics complaint, Ann Morgan Lilly, alleges that Oscar Leeser abused his authority be summoning the police to the restaurant after the incident. You might notice, that it is preferred that the police be called whenever an incident happens so that it can be properly documented. The police and society prefer this over someone taking matters into their own hands. The other thing to keep in mind is that it was Lisa Leeser, the mayor’s wife, that filed the assault charge.

There are two things that Ann Morgan Lilly is hoping to accomplish through the filing of the ethics complaint. The first is that she is attempting to intimidate the mayor into silence, into walking away from the police complaint. The other thing she is trying to accomplish is to misdirect the narrative away from questions about her conduct, especially those that delve into her previous incidents. She is hoping that people focus on the ethics complaint instead of the police report that has entered the public realm. She is trying to create the illusion that she is a victim.

That is how corruption is perpetuated, first through keeping information hidden, then through intimidation and then through misdirection.

Do you see how it works?

Unfortunately, the whole corruption is much more insidious than that. Tomorrow, I’ll connect some more dots for you.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

5 replies on “The Protected Class”

  1. I agree with you on the protected class element. But I think it is ridiculous that taxpayer money is being spent for the police to investigate a shoving incident. I think the Mayor is incompetent and this further illustrates it. A competent executive should be able to de-escalate something like this. The fact that folks around him have public hissy fits (remember the seating wars at Council) underscore his inability to lead the children we elect to office around here. But the main reason the police report ticks me off is that it has become very difficult to get the police to deal with real crime. A few years ago my husband’s car was hit by a rock from a construction truck. The driver stopped and gave insurance info. The police were not called. When we contacted their insurance company, it turned out this was one of those trucking firms that buys a policy to register the vehicle and cancels immediately after. So we reported that to the police. Would they follow up? No, they don’t do that. But hey, if the Mayor’s wife gets shoved because he has is adding fuel to the fire of an argument by waving his cell phone to record the conversation, the police will spend time on that. I agree the Lilly’s are a piece of work, but if an average citizen had tried to file a police report on an indentical incident they would be told it was not significant enough to follow up on or given some other excuse.

  2. Anglocentric, your car gets hit by a rock and that’s equal to this incident? The police to document the incident was the right thing to do.

  3. To both of you, the reason we contacted the police was not because the rock broke the windshield. It was because the insurance info that the truck driver provided was invalid because that trucking company is playing the El Paso game of buying a month of insurance to register the vehicle and then cancelling it. That means anyone who has an accident with that trucking company’s vehicles would be dealing with an uninsured motorist and that truck was working on a local construction project. It was a large rock hauler. But hey,if you think the fact that the Mayor’s wife got pushed aside by a guy reaching for a camera is more important….

  4. And if you listen to the Mayor’s comments on KTSM, he says he didn’t even realize his wife had been pushed when Lilly reached for his phone. He says she was very upset and later took him aside and asked him to call the police. Think about that if you get called for jury duty on this case.

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