manchrin-cnd1Donald Trump spent years arguing that Barack Obama was an illegitimate president because of the questions about where Obama was born. Trump was an enabler of the birther movement. Whether you believe there are questions about the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate is immaterial. The fact is that Donald Trump challenged the birth certificate for many years and then finally accepted Obama’s contention that he met the requirements to be president of the country. On that same vein, the voters deserve to understand the extent of any financial entanglements that Donald Trump may have before he takes the helm of the country.

Just like there was no federal statue demanding that Barack Obama release a specific type of birth certificate, there is also no law requiring the president elect to release his tax returns. However, all the previous presidents have released their tax returns to the electorate. Donald Trump has refused to do so.

Trump demanded that Obama certify that his birth met the requirements of the US Constitution. Under that same doctrine, Donald Trump should be required to certify to the US voters that he has no financial interests or entanglements that may violate the US Constitution. As such he should be required to release his tax returns before he is sworn into office on January 20.

The birther movement followed Obama for most of his presidential terms. Will Trump’s refusal to prove his legitimacy to be the president now become a release the taxes movement?

Trump promised to not be the typical politician. Trump promised he would rid Washington politics of corruption.

Yet, he refuses to satisfy the questions of his finances by not releasing his tax returns.

Although Donald Trump has promised to eventually release his tax returns, he cannot be trusted to do so. When questions about Melania Trump’s immigration process first surfaced, Trump promised to hold a press conference to address the concerns. The Trump’s cancelled the promised press conference and instead issued a lawyer’s letter stating that Melania was properly documented when she first started modelling in the US. In addition to the letter not providing supporting documentation, the timeline included in the letter, created additional questions about her immigration status when she first arrived in the US.

When questions about Trump’s business entanglements and the required separation of business activities from his official duties as president were raised, Trump promised to hold a press conference before the Electoral College process began to address the issue. Again, Trump canceled the promised press conference, this time promising to hold it in January.

Clearly, Donald Trump has no problem changing his mind to provide verifiable details to address the various controversies surrounding him and his presidency.

Why is that? What is he hiding?

Some argue that it is important to give Donald Trump the opportunity to deliver his promises before holding him accountable.

The problem with that is there exists evidence of foreign intervention of the US political process that put him into office. Trump’s unwillingness to put to rest the questions about his finances and the evidence of foreign subterfuge makes Donald Trump the country’s illegitimate president come January 20.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

2 replies on “Illegitimate President: Part 2”

  1. Martin, Martin, Martin… There are only two REQUIREMENTS for any sitting President; a minimum of 35 years old and a natural-born citizen. There are no requirements that Presidents be certified as legally sane by five out of seven ACA approved mental health professionals, or the presentation of tax returns are required. One could argue that presentation of a certified copy of your birth certificate is required.

    The presentation of tax returns is a TRADITION. Nothing more and nothing less. Not a requirement.

    Whether or not there is sufficient evidence regarding any conflicts of interest or illegality is covered under the Constitution as High Crimes or Misdemeanors. I am fairly certain that both sides of the aisle will be watching.

  2. It is obvious you are well aware that there is no legal requirement that a candidate or a president release tax returns. But as you said … it is a tradition. And I have always been amazed t… RUMP fans are not bothered that THEY and all Americans know absolutely nothing about who he owes, who owes him, what nations he does business with and who the international partners with him. Are they politicians, elected officials, family or friends of leaders and on and on. We know ZIP about the t … RUMP Organization but all you hear is “I built a great business” and his supporters repeat over and over that he is a great business genius, created jobs for people blah blah blah. And they seem (seem) to know everything about the Clinton Foundation finances, how much Mrs Obama cost the taxpayer for foreign trips, are “experts” on Benghazi and the email “scandal”! But not a second of worry about their ignorance of what t … RUMP is and all about as a business “genius”. Why not ask your “friend” Ms Carasco to comment on his taxes and her knowledge of the “great organization” he built. Maybe she knows the answers; who he owes, who owes him, foreign ties etc etc. While you are at it, ask her what she thinks of his “Spitsperson” Conway complaining about the “media” paying so much attention to what he “says” and the words that come out of his “heart” and not looking at what is in “his heart”! Just don’t make her a “guest” blogger or give her the whole newsletter to push diversion from these few simple questions. Bet she will not take the bait and give a straight answer.

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