tolbert_crrpt-2016During the last couple of days, I shared with you how the local chambers of commerce and the news media incubates and encourages corruption in El Paso. One of my statements elicited a strong response with emails demanding that I retract my statement that corruption is still a serious problem in El Paso. One email, in particular, added that a lawsuit was already on its way because my statement that some of the politicos in power are corrupt. Lucky for me, the corruption is so engrained that it readily gave me proof to show you. The proof comes by way of Jim Tolbert.

Last Sunday, Ali Razavi aka “Max Powers” published a letter from Jim Tolbert to Eric Fike, general manager of El Paso’s Ruth’s Chris Steak House. In the August 15, 2016 email, Tolbert wrote to Fike that he was “extremely disappointed” on not being invited to Ruth’s Chris by Fike. According to the letter, the Mayor and his staff was invited as well as the County Commissioners.

Obviously, Jim Tolbert felt slighted by not receiving an invitation to attend, or likely, for a free steak.

The problem is not the free steak but rather the corruption in the email by Tolbert.

First, the email was clearly sent to a private entity by Jim Tolbert acting on his official capacity as a city representative. Tolbert signed the email “representative” and added “District 2 City of El Paso”.

Tolbert also closed his email with, “As this news spreads to other City Council Representatives, it is hard to find anyone too supportive of Ruth’s Chris.”

As you can see, Jim Tolbert clearly threatened the restaurant chain. The restaurant needs the City’s goodwill to remain in business. The City controls the health inspectors and taxes the establishment via property taxes and water fees. An unfriendly City would be detrimental to the business.

Corruption is demanding a bribe for a favorable consideration. Tolbert is demanding a free steak in return for supporting the restaurant chain as a city representative.

There is a clear quid pro quo.

Unfortunately, nothing will come of it because, as I written numerous times before, there is a protected class in El Paso. Jim Tolbert belongs to that class because he was put into office by Susie Byrd and Veronica Escobar. As such, Jaime Esparza won’t even bother to look at the email that clearly insinuates a corrupt intent.

Without an investigation, the community will never know the truth.

That is how the corruption works in El Paso, a protected class that can admit corruption but get away with a “wink, wink, there is nothing to see here, move on.”

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

6 replies on “The Corruption of Jim Tolbert”

  1. This entitlement attitude that Tolbert has revealed (after less than a year in office) is how the potential for corruption is revealed. I’m glad that bloggers like you, Max Powers and Rich Wright expose these things. Another known blogger out there is just a tool for Byrd as I discovered. Like you mentioned, he wants his steak and to eat it too…in exchange for a favorable attitude to Ruth Chris Steakhouse. Some people can’t help but to fly their true colors when the illusion that somehow they‘ve been dissed occurs to them.

  2. Well it seems to me that Ruth’s corporate attorneys would file a legal complaint against this big baby with the local DA’s office if this appeard to be such a great deal as you make it out to be, Martin. Don’tcha think?

  3. District 2 residents, please find someone ethical and qualified to run against Tolbert. He does not represent D2 well. Tolbert’s email shows how his mind works.

  4. Doesn’t anyone in El Paso bother to know anything about a candidate before voting ?

    I look at city council and follow their decisions. I’m left with the thought everytime, WTF ?

  5. How about their little “walking quorum”? Leeser, Svarzbein, Tolbert, Limon, and Niland all broke the law. Niland even said “a majority of the council wants…” before being interrupted by Leeser. Tells you they held deliberations in violation of the open meetings act.

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