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Author: Barbara Carrasco

Most Important Decision…Our Country’s Path Next 40 years!

On November 8th we will cast the most important vote in our country’s history. This election will decide the direction of our country. Will we continue on the downward spiral and corruption with Hillary Clinton at the helm or will we vote for an outsider that promises to “drain the swamp?”

We’ve learned that Clinton’s inner circle, as well as other prominent politicians have little RESPECT for the Democratic candidate. John Podesta, Clinton campaign chairman, has stated Clinton has “bad instincts” and “she stinks…smells like cabbage and farts and urine.” Imagine saying that about your boss. Huma Abedin has accused Clinton of “creating this mess and she knows it.” Referring to Clinton soliciting a $12M check from the king of Morocco before the Clinton Foundation would hold an event in Morocco.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell stated “everything Hillary touches she seems to screw up.”

During Obama’s bid for election he stated Hillary “would say anything to get elected and would change nothing.” That was a true statement in 2008 and it is a true statement today. Michelle Obama stated that “if you can’t run your own house you can’t run the WH.” That was a true statement in 2008 and it is a true statement today.

Hillary ACCEPTED MONEY from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Burnei. Qatar gave Bill Clinton a $1M birthday gift. Who does that and why? Hillary Clinton signed off on giving Russia 25% of our uranium then received $2.35M after the sale which was not publically disclosed. In Haiti the Clinton Foundation used only 10% of the monies contributed to the Clinton Foundation to rebuild Haiti after the earthquake that devastated Haiti.

We’ve learned that the SECOND IN COMMAND at the FBI, Peter Kadzik, had been relaying privileged information to the Clinton campaign regarding the first email investigation. Now we’ve learned he’s directly involved in the second email investigation and that he is a close personal friend as well as attorney for John Podesta Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman. Earlier we learned the FBI, DOJ and State Department colluded to change the classification of specific Clinton emails. This is collusion at the highest level of government with the Clinton campaign.

We know the Clinton campaign believes Catholicism is a “backward” faith and is a “bastardization of faith.” We know they believe voters are “basket of deplorables,” “irredeemable,” “ill-informed and apathetic voters,” “needy Latinos” and “super predators.”

Donna Brazille shared questions in advance of a town hall meeting with Hillary Clinton AND Clinton had NO PROBLEM CHEATING!

FBI just disclosed it is 99% likely five foreign enemies HACKED Hillary Clinton’s secret server. It’s also been disclosed Obama communicated with Hillary Clinton on the secret server though he said he was unaware she was using a secret server. It is being reported that the FBI will seek an INDICTMENT barring any intervention (Loretta Lynch, Obama) against Hillary Clinton.

If you were asked to grade Hillary Clinton on character on a scale of 1 to 10 what your grade be?


Donald Trump wants to repeal and replace OBAMACARE which has killed jobs and the promises made to us regarding our doctors, plans and lower costs have all been prove lies. Premiums were to go down but we just learned premiums are going up as they have each year since the plan was enacted. In PA up 53%, NC 40%, MN 59%, NC 19%, AZ 116%, TX 25% and the list goes on and on. Some people are paying PREMIUMS HIGHER THAN MORTGAGE payments and millions have opted to pay the penalty.

Hillary Clinton wants to double down on Obamacare.

Donald Trump wants to cut TAXES to grow the economy and create jobs.

Hillary Clinton wants to raise our taxes THEN she wants us to pay higher wages! Does that make sense? It is apparent she has NEVER worked in the private sector, owned a company, signed the front of a paycheck or seen the impact of taxes on employees’ paychecks. She doesn’t understand you can’t squeeze blood out of turnip!

Donald Trump wants to renegotiate NAFTA and promises to put American workers FIRST when negotiating contracts involving jobs. He is against TPP. He believes in fair trade not free trade agreements that are a jobs’ one-way street out of the U.S. He aims to put America first.

Hillary supports NAFTA and states TPP is the “golden standard.” Again, she has no idea what it takes to create jobs and keep jobs in the country. Hillary Clinton, along with other prominent Democrats believes food stamps and unemployment benefits stimulate the economy.

Donald Trump wants to take REGULATIONS that hurt jobs off the books. He states for every new regulation he will take two off the books.

Hillary Clinton wants more regulations. Again, she seems to be clueless that more regulations kill small companies and enables large companies or corporations to get larger. Small companies do not have the resources to pay lawyers and accountants to assist them wade through all the paperwork each regulation brings with them.

On IMMIGRATION Donald Trump wants to modify the H1B Visa program which takes our jobs and hands them over to foreign workers. Unlike those who cross our southern borders illegally, these individuals are well educated, speak English and highly skilled. Annually, 500K individuals on an HB1 Visa overstay their visa thereby rendering them illegal in our country. These individuals are in addition to the 1M who come into our country legally and those who cross our borders illegally. Donald Trump also wants to build a wall to protect our borders and the sovereignty of our country and proposes to suspend immigration from “terror-prone” countries.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand dreams of a borderless world and open trade. Both will destroy jobs and our country will be unrecognizable. She also wants to increase the number of refugees entering our country by 550% knowing that we are unable to vet those refugees and knowing that ISIS has stated they will infiltrate the refugee population. She has acknowledged that there is no way to vet these refugees but again she has doubled down on a bad policy.

Donald Trump wants to restore respect for our LAW ENFORCEMENT.

Hillary believes that is an “implicit bias is a problem for everyone not just the police.” Her knee jerk premature reaction to violence is immediately to resort to the issue of “racism.”

Donald Trump believes CHANGE can only come from outside our broken system. He wants to set term limits on Congress and the Senate. He promises to “drain the swamp.”

Hillary Clinton promises more of the same: corruption at the highest level, collusion at the highest levels, absolutely no checks and balances in the WH, and finally she will promote her pay-to-play scandals from the State Department to the White House!

Donald Trump will appoint SUPREME COURT Justices who will respect, defend and enforce the Constitution.

Hillary Clinton’s view is that the justices do not have to defend and enforce the Constitution, but rather have real life experience and know how the world works. Her idea of Supreme Court Justices is based on her agenda and has nothing to do with the Constitution.

On the issues if you were asked to grade Hillary Clinton on a scale of 1 to 10 what would your grade be?

LET’S STOP THE ONE-ISSUE VOTE, put the emotions aside, and look at the future our children and grandchildren will have with a liberal supreme court. We teach our children the importance of respect, integrity and honesty. We should expect nothing less in a President.

Do you want to vote for a president that one day we will be watching in amazement on the program “American Greed.”

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

37 replies on “Most Important Decision…Our Country’s Path Next 40 years!”

  1. Excellent case !

    Btw, Hillary (video) states no wall but we need a fence. Is there any difference ?

    In case, legal trade and traffic will continue to enter via legal ports of entry. Illegitimate trade and traffic will continue to travel via any trail, opening, unguarded, tunnels, catapults, etc. So for those that say a barrier would affect trade, really?

    With Hillary’s reckless and indifference with safeguarding of classified information she has leaked and damaged US secrets than the worst and most dangerous spy, Hanson. A former head of the FBIs counterintelligence Russian desk. A man that sold secrets for over 10 years.

    As previously stated spies don’t take a day off. They look for any means of obtaining information. She made it extremely easy for them to read emails, see decisions, understand the policy making process, reaction to events. She has always stated that there were no leaks. It has now been confirmed that five foreign Intel agencies breached the emails.

    Is it a coincidence that that Russian, China, Iran and others suddenly decided to “obtain some additional land” and introduce some bold policies? Heck no, they read the emails and determined there would be tepid consequences if any at all. Imagine a football team seeing all of their opponent’s plays before the game and knowing about any changes.

    Barbara stated an excellent case for Trump.

    I will sign off as Hillary identifies Hispanics. I am amazed how she is not considered anti-Hispanic. Don’t wall me in but it’s ok to fence me in.

  2. This blog should be renamed “The Carrasco Rant with occasional guest comments by Martin Paredes” … this is what, her THIRD editorial plus mano to mano? Skimmed down the rant and doubt I missed anything new in it. Maybe you should invite Representative O’Rourke to do an equal number of pro Clinton guest editorials since he creamed her when she ran against him. Will stay “tuned” but luckily blogs are like cable news outlets … easy to flip channels if one gets boring or unfair and unbalanced.

    1. Hello Ronald, you are more than welcome to submit your own blog post and/or invite others to write about any of the topics that I am writing about. I believe that the more voices that are allowed to express themselves, the more informed we all will be. Please extend an invitation to anyone you believe would want to contribute their voice to the issues we all face today.

      Thank you for your contributions to the blog,

  3. Ronald, if I wanted to keep my head in the sand and not research the truth or validity to what is being said on the news channels I would consistently watch CNN MSNBC ABC CBS listen to read the liberal left-wing newspaper articles and have them tell me what it is I should think I should say what should be believe and how I should feel about a particular candidate or event. Anything that I have written about our facts there is nothing that I have commented on with emotion or selfish feelings. It is difficult to defend a candidate who has lied and it is proven, who is taking money from foreign nations who abused women and believe marital rape is OK killing drop gays off rooftops, And she has used pay to play as Secretary of State. Are we also not to believe what she did to the Haitian people after the earthquake? If it was one Chanel story that could be disapproved that’s one thing but you actually have Haitian people protesting at her campaign office and at the Clinton foundation. There’s just mounting evidence she and Bill Clinton are liars , cheaters are greedy and power-hungry. That is not my emotion speaking that is as a result of reports or individuals having actual encounters with the Clintons. I would love to see how you can defend anything I just discussed. They are true you can’t paint this painting with a different color she did it they did it and the American people deserve better in the White House. I Magine that you feel it is OK that she cheated and I Sanders debate but having two questions given to her prior to the debate so that she could prepare for those questions. Again we deserve better and the president.

  4. Ronald. I appreciate the opportunity Martin has given me to write on his blog. And I’ll Paso it is virtually impossible for anyone with my views and with the facts behind me to write an op Ed and then I’ll be edited paragraph submitted wording changed before it’s published without even telling the writer. I appreciate the honesty with which Martin post my opinions because he does not proofread them to change the contents of what I have written. I delete and healthy constructive conversation. That is the only way we can ever understand one another. That many people just want to shut out our voices . Martin runs his blog as he wishes. I have no input as to whether or not he will publish my op ed.. He is open-minded and that’s what we need more of. He and I have had many conversations, with different points of use, but we are respectful of each other’s views, we’ve never met personally, but again, I appreciate his open-mindedness and that’s what we need more of.

  5. Anita supports a pervert for president, a child trafficker and a woman who now it’s coming out had very close relation with a pedophile. In addition growing numbers of women making charges against Anita’s hero Hillary that she sexually abused them. Then the growing number of pieces being put up that the DNC, main stream media and Hillary are trying keep from getting to the American people that questions are now being raised to the effect that Hillary liked have sex with young underage girls. Anita call Barbara silly but Anita is clearly OK supporting a pervert of her liking. Yep Anita is El Paso stupid, El Paso proud!

  6. Ronald, I agree with your post and Anita’s. I too appreciate Martin’s openness, but am confused as to why all this air time to a lying, foul mouthed, narcissistic and crutch grabbing bully like trump. Really?

  7. Pedro
    Hillary has a potty mouth like a sailor this has been known since she was first lady. Thousands of e-mails show Hillary is a compulsive liar and an out right sociopath. Go read what agents who have protected her say about Hillary being a bully and her nasty mouth.
    Yes Pedro, Anita and Ronald you are as gullible as they come about Hillary. Most people are not voting for Trump because he is the best but it’s a choice between a criminal, pervert, who has betrayed our nation or Trump who has just a big ego.
    Before you morons start FBI documents just released, the FBI found no,zero, connection between Trump or the Russian government or Putin. Oh and before you go on a stupid rant about Russia hacking Hillary’s and the DNC e-mails in the last forty-eight hours it was released there were 5 countries which hacked their e-mails with growing evidences some e-mails were released by someone in the NSA and it’s now clear from with in the DNC.
    Yes you are the type people Hillary is banking on to get elected,which she said so in her e-mails, “the ignorant voters”.
    Sure we wish some one could come up with a legal remedy to redo this election and who we have left as a standard bearers for the Democratic and Republican parties but that isn’t going to happen.
    As to Martin we may disagree with Martin on a lot of things but at least he was fair enough to show both sides of the coin and we respect Martin for that.
    Anita, Ronald, Pedro, you still have time to write a piece in support and why you are going to vote for Hillary then most know you are to lazy to do that. We are sure Martin would be more than happy to put them up.

  8. Pedro, lol I thought you were commenting about Hillary.

    Doubting and confused Thomas. That first sentence is about your secret crush.

    One is in love with anything to do with Cillary and the other wants to open the door but can’t find the door knob.

  9. Well Barbara, there you go again. There are so many criminal accusations made by t RUMP and you it is nearly impossible to keep up with them. But Haiti; Just for the record I actually went to Haiti as a volunteer after the quake. And for the record, the airfare was 100% paid by myself. We slept on a concrete floor in an abandoned orphanage. Only free items were bottled water and 1 dinner daily which was earable and donations accepted to pay for the groceries. I saw how very difficult their infrastructure is. Almost none and NOT smooth working. The Haitian people a decent, high spirited, deeply religious and unconquerable spirit. Every Haitian I met thought President Obama walked on water and did Bill Clinton (the Clinton’s honeymooned there). Numerous fact checking groups have declared tRUMP a liar in his claims against the Clinton’s. BTW, where was tRUMP after the quake? And numerous outside groups have stated while the Clinton and U.S. government and multinational nations and groups aid has not been used perfectly, it still has overall trued to help the people. And they declared tRUMP is dishonest in using “swearshop” conditions. Far from perfect conditions, but better then most other factories in Haiti. And outside groups have found no profiteering in the Clinton Foundation aid assistance. And there HAVE been protests outside Clinton’s office because of the myths, conspiracy rumors and all that are running rampant in a very poor nation where rumors and myths are easily propogated by hearing tRUMP and people like you accusing them of corruption. And you … because tRUMP declares these accusations true … you believe tRUMP and pass it on creating reality out of myth in some peoples minds. You do not have any evidence. But you are prosecutor Carrasco in your own mind because you hate the Clintons.
    OK Barbara. Thousands have protested outside tRUMP Tower because they were not paid by tRUMP for honest work they did. Some even undocumented. Protests against tRUMP because of fraud in his “University” cheated them out of tens of thousands. Women have protested his behavior towards women … not you, Barbara because you apparently can overlook his sexual assaults that are obvious from his own bragging. Shame on you. And you know NOTHING about tRUMP other then he was once a Democrat and now a Republican. Once he was for choice now against. He used the courts to manipulate and serve his interests and now he wants a Supreme Court that is strict. You know NOTHING about who he owes, who owes him. NOTHING about his sources of income domestic and foreign. You know NOTHING about his taxes or worth but keep a straight face when he repeats the lie over and over that an “audit” prevents him. BULL Barbara. And you KNOW it. You also KNOW the way his wife got her visas, green card and citizenship SMELLS. But you and tRUMP were birthers for years but no interest in how Melania got here. Barbara, you WHINE about the liberal media. Are you too stupid or lame to keep repeating this bs when there are outlets a millionfold supporting your right wing view. FOX, Wall Street Journal, Dobbs, Hannity, Red State News, and your calling CNN “liberal” well how come they have the TOP tRUMP team and supporters on their panels … Lewandowski, Conway, Manafort,Glassner, Pierson etc. (continued next post)

  10. Ronald it would be best if you responded without anger and refrained from the name calling. Then one could have a civil conversation.

  11. Ronald you are dumber than a box of rocks! Ronald your either brain damaged or delusional or both. This is what Hillary’s and her minions e-mails are showing it’s not hard to follow the money and who paid to play. Ronald the only problem we are having is wading through the massive dumps of e-mails and documents being released in the last four days. You clearly haven’t took the time to look at any of these dumps in depth and are carrying no more than the talking points from Hillary and the DNC. CNN is starting to call out Clinton on her bull shit that she created. But like most progressive Democrats you will blame any one but Hillary for the shit storm coming down on her and her minions. Sorry Ronald you are ethically challenge and morally depleted in your defense of Hillary and her minions actions and behaviors some of which have endangered our nation.

  12. Ronald
    Dump # 30 just came down and the FBI has found top secret and classified e-mails on Wiener’s computer belonging to Hillary and her minions. Hillary is pretty much toast whether elected or not and at best she can only hope Obama or Kaine will grant her a pardon! Kaine has to know if he gives the Hill a pardon he will never be elected as President in the next election cycle and pretty much he will be a lame duck President until the next election takes place. This is to funny!

  13. Barbara … nowhere did you get called a “name” … typical defensive response when your views are contradicted. More right wing outlets … Limbaugh, Breitbart, CNS, Washington Times, New York Post, Drudge, Coulter, Malkin, Morris, West, Breitbart, NewMax, Weekly Standard, National Review. Apparently you just do not LIKE that 44% of America chooses to get their news from CNN. Why don’t you suggest they be forced to watch or get their news from the conservative outlets? Or force them to listen and believe what Hannity says and not Cooper? You SAY Clinton does not want Justices who support and defend or believe in the Constitution. That is moronic. Just because you do not like her politics you demonize her view (in your opinion) that she is somehow “against” the Constitution. Or your wild and extreme she “doesn’t believe in borders”.
    Your call for “civil discussion” apparently means you can demagogue your heart out but it is name calling and uncivil when strong replies counter your bearing false witness against Clinton and Obama with calling them corrupt. And remember, you and the American people know zip about tRUMP’s money and business background. I guess when the vote came in and O’Rourke demolished your charm to the voters it was because he was uncivil and name called rather then supported ideas the voters want … not what you want.
    Your group did zip for healthcare, immigration reform and now complain about better then nothing attempts like Obamacare. You want to round up the Dreamers and all of their family and show them the door out. Clinton disagrees so she is for “open borders” and the (discredited accusation and stats) 550% increase in Syrian refugees.
    You support a man who helped plant the idea that the President of the United States was a fraud. That he was not a citizen. Not born here. That is deplorable. It certainly seems “racist” to millions and millions. Have you seen tRUMP’s birth certificate? You certainly will not see his DD214! (FYI, a DD214 is what veterans obtain after release from military duty. Mine came after two years in combat as a Corpsman with the Marines. A war that tRUMP used every means … bone spurs in his feet ? to avoid. And to avoid any military service).

    I hope there are no “names” or uncivil comments this time that will hurt your feelings.

  14. And your soulmate “Doubting Thomas” best he is just ignored. Like a 2 year old needing to have some attention.

  15. Ronald
    You are the one mad because you keep getting caught in half truth and out right lies. Where is the false witness against Clinton hell we have it in her own words and the words of her minions. Ronald all we have heard from you is the DNC talking point for Hillary at least some of us are actually reading the e-mail dumps. Ronald do you know why Hillary is not claiming the dumps are fake because there is to many copies now from her server that the government has to deny most of the e-mail authenticity. Hillary at best, if by a miracle she doesn’t end up being charged, she will be a lame duck president. And most of the crap she is promising it isn’t going to happen at least no during her presidency if she wins. Still believe we could see the BREXIT effect on election day where it is now be proven pollsters and media lied out their behinds about what the out comes of that election would be.

  16. Again, I agree with Ronald. I will add that when Barbara is slapped with facts, she quickly labels the messenger as mad and a name caller; childlish. I am amazed at how these trump surrogates don’t have the nerve to take credit for what they write, except for one that continues to have aspersions of somebody getting elected for something; maybe it is just as well since they support the “dark side”.

  17. Ronald
    Reuters is now reporting in just the last 21/2 hours (you do know Reuters is one of Hillary’s big time media fans and supporters) “The Clinton Foundation has confirmed it accepted a $1 million gift from Qatar while Hillary Clinton was U.S. secretary of state without informing the State Department, even though she had promised to let the agency review new or significantly increased support from foreign governments.”
    Now you Democrats claimed up and down that this was all a big lie, all of this was faked by Wikileaks and the Russians to make Hillary look bad,nothing but as in your words a conspiracy theory.
    It’s a proven conspiracy theory now spark by the Clinton Foundation’s own admission.
    And the truth will set you free! This is getting hilarious!

  18. Pedro, all we see is your eyes peering thru the dark 👀. Mushroom comes to mind when people talk of you.

    Bonald(😂😂), since you don’t consider stupid and lame name calling I will call you stupid and lame. That goes for mushroom 🍄 boy as well. Those fit and suit both.
    In case your feelings are hurt by the non-name calling 🍼🍼.
    Now to show both how to approach their hero 🚼🚼.
    Why graphics, perhaps the truth will penetrate the thick skulls 🗿🗿.

  19. kanzi ? Both puzzled by name
    Another coward speaks as they hide behind one of a half dozen or more screen names. May not agree with Padro or Ronald but at least they are not hiding ,hell every one knows who Anita is and Barbara sure the hell isn’t hiding but you on the other hand just one more nameless gutless wonder. Yep real brave as you hide under your computer desk!
    Yep last time I told all you morons to come for a visit one of you showed up and he just drove by real slow and could not man up to step off his kiddiecycle and had to go on down the road. Even my neighbor knew something was up with this guy but he laughed his ass off when I told him what was going on. He asked me are these people stupid and we said yep!

  20. 😂😂😂😂😂😂.. Ooohh, I am so scared of the scarecrow👹 that even crows laugh about. Watch me run in horror 🏃. Oh your imaginary friend👻 laughed with you. Lay off the sauce🍻 😲and stop believing people are scared of you. Look in the mirror⬜️that’s the only one scared😱.😂😂😂😂😂. You are not allowed outside forr your own good🚷🚷🚷. In your delusional skull 🏋💪, in reality 🐣

  21. Poor Thomas, so Reuters is a Clinton supporter yet publishes this story. So are they for or against since you cannot have it both ways. Or do they have to be like Breitbart and only print glowing stories about t RUMP ? Tell me Thomas, who does t RUMP owe money to and who owes him? And tell me what his income has been the last 8 years and what taxes he paid. Also, list for me where he owns properties and where he has sold and bought properties. Explain why he has Chinese workers making his clothing line. And why he builds with Chinese steel. And on any construction projects he has had the last 8 years where did the materials come from? Tell me how his wife got her initial visas to come to the United States. And any opinion on not paying thousands of blue collar workers what was owed because “their work might not have been good”? Or if all those bankruptcies were ethically acceptable to you. And did he drain those enterprises if funds before filing? Since t RUMP boasts that he means what he says … then did he assault ANY of those women who have come forward? And if he did not … did this man who boasts meaning what he says assault OTHER women who have and will never come forward? After all … he SAID he did these things in the interview. You and Barbara know so much about Clinton (know so many lies and falsehoods anyhow) probably the color and size of her underwear … but you have no knowledge of t RUMP’s affairs in business and personal and you joyfully do not care nor think it is pertinent. This will all be settled in a few days. The question of Ms Carrasco’s wisdom on the issues was settled previously by the voters when she was rejected in the Congressional race. Um, soundly rejected. On November 9th we will have the verdict on America’s choice. For me, if t RUMP wins I will be terribly dissappointed. But I will accept it. And I would truly hope that he could prove me wrong about him. Why would I wish differently? But if Clinton wins, are the t RUMPsters going to whine and cry and obstruct and just say “no” as they have the last 8 years? (If she wins, I wish mightily that she have a big Democratic majority in both houses to enact our platform). Are you willing to accept the outcome ? And is Ms Carrasco ? Or is it a “we’ll see” like your idol t RUMP ?

  22. Big Mount nope your the one hiding
    Ronald if Clinton wins we will not even be close to being disappointed because we understand power resides in Congress not the presidency. Hope the balance in Congress stays close so not party has control. Ronald you do not get it whether it’s Hillary or Trump the leadership of both parties and Congress do not give a rat’s ass about the majority of the American people. We are revenue source, a means to their interest and ends and after that we do not even pretty much make the page. Most the butt wipes are there to make money off the system and play the American people.
    Ronald we are willing to make a bet that in four years we will be rehashing many of the very same issues whether Clinton or Trump becomes president. Immigration that a lot are worried about in El Paso there will be some window dressing by Trump at best if he windows and nothing will be done by Hillary because she will be a lame duck president. Hell for eight years now Obama said he would fix the issue but really did nothing ,Bush 2.0 before him. The truth is both party’s leadership wants to keep it the way it is.
    Ronald it’s not just the corruption on the Democratic side the Republicans are part of the problem too. The danger is how many Americans are now just excepting the corruption whether it local, at the state level or federal level like it’s not big deal and that should worry all of us.
    Our hope is a third party will challenge and break the strangle hold of the two party system we have now next time around.
    Ronald this election we voted majority for libertarians with one green party and a couple of Republicans and a couple of Democrats.We would hope more people stop voting straight ticket and make both parties have to work for our votes and start working in the best interest of all American no just the few who happen to put money in our elected officials pocket and help feather their nest.
    Heads up it’s going to get worst for most average American people no matter your race , color or creed and party affiliation isn’t going to save you or help you.

  23. Oh and in the next few days we are moving back to the reservation and will be in a very rural setting and will not have to really care if most Americans go screw themselves. In fact looks like moving day will be on election day. Sorry to break the news El Paso has already screwed it’ self and it’s only a matter of time before the chickens come home to roost but it will most likely come quicker with Hillary because she will be trying to make big cuts in the military and when Fort Bliss starts to cut back El Paso will quickly go in the toilet. Then again you guys can hope she starts a war with Russia or China which may keep the wolf off the front door of El Paso for a couple of years but she could also cause us all to be dust in the wind if she gets really careless and more stupid.

  24. Sorry Thomas. I happen to feel … and I bet our “guest editorial” author will agree … that NO, most who seek public office do want to better the nation, better the lives of all Americans and have good hearts. I believe most … MOST … are no better or worse then me or you or the guy down the street. That we allhave an element of hubris and wickedness that we need to keep in check every single day. But that politics, public service, seeking elected office … these are noble and good parts of what makes America. That “To seek a newer world” … “One man can make a difference” … “Ask not, what your country can do for you …” … “I have a dream …” are still alive and well just needing new blood and strong renewal. My view is man (gender neutral) kind is basically good. That we need to bring more civility back to the American political process. And after Clinton has her 4 years, that there will be new faces and new blood that will be even better then ever. I hope President Clinton will be a key instrument in her 4 years to bring us back together and towards a better America and better world. I am sorry that you feel so disillusioned about public servants and service.
    I understand as well as you … have no doubt … that power resides not only in the presidency but that the House and Senate are key. Look what just say no, “make Obama a failed president” attitude of the right wing has done. Obama …you are in error … tried to enact immigration reform but was blocked at every turn by that group. Thank God he tried executive orders. So you blame the wrong culprit. If you write you know the two Houses hold the power, then how can you blame Obama? Makes no sense. Same with closing the base in Cuba. And Obamacare is far from perfect because the right wing blocked SINGLE PAYER health care/universal healthcare which if passed as Obama wanted it could better be called HillaBarack Care.
    But at least it is nice to know you will accept the results and not bleat “rigged system” or claim “fraud” as tRUMP and his supporters have hinted about these last few weeks.

  25. Excellent editorial by Jud Burgess in the El Paso Times today. Something we all can take to heart about this election year and afterwards.

  26. Ronald
    You have now shown how poorly you understand your government. Congress is the only branch that can shut down government and bring it to a stand still. In facts Congress can put a strangle hold on the other two branches of government. For the naive and simple minded like you it’s call the power of the purse. To make it even simpler for you to understand, who controls the money controls government. No other branch of government has such power.
    A president can call for all sort of legislation but if Congress doesn’t act that legislation doesn’t get passed. The Executive branch can’t legislate law even though some time they try through executive orders then we have seen how that has worked out for Obama pretty much went down in flames like a lead balloon. Sure you will say well the president has veto power and because power resides in Congress two thirds majority can over ride that veto.
    The judicial branch can only say if a law is constitutional or unconstitutional that is it even though we have seen attempts in the last couple of decades of legislation from the bench which Congress can over ride by simply rewriting the legislation that the bench tried to legislate.
    If Congress wanted to that could pretty much cut funding to the other branches of government and the only thing could be done is to take the legislation that was passed by Congress to cut off funding before the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional. All the Congress has to do is another rewrite of legislation and pass it to keep funding cut off and it goes back to the Supreme Court and the court strikes it down again. This back and forth between the branch of government technically could be carried on for years if the Congress so wished and the American people kept voting the same people or people with the same policy views back into Congress.
    As to your belief that most elected officials care about most Americans you have a right to be gullible, naive and delusional all you wish and we support your right to bury your head in the sand or other places.

  27. Nonstop barking dog
    You flagellate me with your comment! You are the last one who should speak about coherence. You are just one more example of El Paso stupid, El Paso proud!

  28. t RUMP would likely call you a “nasty man” with your “name calling” as Barbara mentioned. You might feel yourself superior in your knowledge of government but I doubt few reading you will think your wisdom is what you think it to be. That your scenario has never happened reflects the basic functionality our system. Perhaps YOU can come up with a better system but it seems most unlikely. There would be remedy for the scene you portray – although ridiculous and pointless to debate it. State of Emergency, Martial Law … President Lincoln did much without the consent of Congress or the Supreme Court. No doubt states would have swift referendums calling back members who would try “for years” to ping pong back and forth money to run the government. Nobody can heal your negativism. Only you. Likely your faithlessness about government and elected officials is part of a negative pattern in all your views of the world. Sad. But your cross to bear. And it does not make you superior in knowledge nor make your opinion valid as to reality. You enjoy negative argument for the sake of it. We ALL know someone who will argue anything just to argue. Please enjoy the last word on this which no doubt you will scribble. If that makes you feel wise, superior, smarter then all of “us” then enjoy your crumb of recognition. Poor Thomas.

  29. Thomas😂😂😂, you crack me up. You can’t state anything worthwhile but you missed your calling in standup comedy. Unless you testing yourr material here.😂😂😂😂😂😂

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