amloThe presidential candidate, like all of the others accepted the nomination of his party to run for the presidency of the republic. It was a very contentious presidential campaign. As the race heated up, one of his opponents began a series of attacks against the candidate. His opponent labeled the candidate a “danger” to the country. The candidate was also accused of being “intolerant” by his chief rival.

The presidential candidate was an interloper running against an established political elite in the country. The presidential candidate ignored the personal attacks and focused his campaign on his core supporters by meeting with them in public spaces where his supporters showed up in mass. The presidential candidate skipped the first debate and instead focused on building up his core supporters. His popularity and his political rhetoric against the elitist politicians mobilized his supporters around him.

Bypassing the traditional political campaigning dictums, the presidential candidate not only bypassed the first campaign but he also refused to advertise his candidacy preferring instead to rely on his mass mobilizations of supporters. The presidential candidate believed his internal polling to be accurate and reflective of his eventual election day win.

By the time the second debate came about, not only did the candidate participate but he also began to advertise his candidacy through the mass media. He accused his rival of mass corruption pointing to profiteering scandals of companies tied to his rival and his rival’s family members.

On election night it soon became apparent that the race was too close to call. Early results showed his opponent ahead of the presidential candidate. The candidate refused to concede. The presidential candidate demanded a recount and an investigation into campaign irregularities. The country’ electoral officials declared his opponent the winner. Unsatisfied with the ruling, the presidential candidate sought the intervention of the country’s highest electoral overseers. The federal electoral body reviewed the accusations of voter fraud and campaign irregularities and eventually ruled that the opponent had won the presidency.

Still unsatisfied with the official rulings, the presidential candidate refused to concede and instead set up his campaign headquarters outside the country’s capital and proclaimed himself the “legitimate government” of the country. He formed a parallel government to govern over the country. The presidential candidate even formed a transitional team, as if he had won the election. A few years later, the presidential candidate gave up his shadow government, but not before he caused the nation to question the legality of the president that assumed the office.

The presidential candidate was Andrés Manuel López Obrado (AMLO) and like Donald Trump, López Obrador mobilized many of the electorate under a banner of ridding Mexico of political corruption. Also, like Donald Trump, López Obrado changed political parties as he mulled his presidential aspirations, first in Mexico’s premier political party, the Partido Revolucionario Institucional and then the Partido de la Revolución.

In 2006, López Obrado ran against Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, who was declared Mexico’s president in the national elections. “El Pais,” the largest newspaper in Spain, in terms of circulation, labeled the López Obrador refusal to concede as a “lack of consideration to the democratic institutions and rule of law” that “seriously endangers” the peace in Mexico.

Donald Trump continues to refuse to acknowledge whether he would accept the results of the US elections. During the last presidential debate, Trump preferred to the keep the US electorate in “suspense”. In continuing his political rhetoric about corruption in the US electoral system and refusing to acknowledge whether he will concede the race, Donald Trump seems to be following the path of Andrés Manuel López Obrado.

Ironically, López Obrador represents the country, Mexico, that Donald Trump targeted during his most recent presidential candidacy. Maybe, Donald Trump could learn a thing or two about what happens to presidential aspirants who refuse to accept the political institutions of their country. In the end, López Obrador never recovered from his gimmicks and has faded into political oblivion.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

8 replies on “When A Presidential Candidate Refused to Accept the Results”

  1. Martin
    Trump did not steal the GOP election process like it has now been more then proven Hillary and her minions did at the DNC. Trump beat a system with in the GOP when like Hillary members of Trump’s own party tried to come up with a way to steal the election of the Republican party away from him.
    Martin at least be forth right and honest you are for open boards and anyone who wants to come and go, in and out of the U.S. as they wish with out any questions. Then again you do not call for the same with Mexico to have open boards, to tear down the wall on Mexico’s southern boarder. Where is your out rag over Mexico’s military patrolling that wall. Crickets! Where is your out cry over Mexico’s Draconian immigration laws which in comparison make U”S immigration laws look out right extreme liberal.
    Martin if the U.S had an immigration law that stated if your immigration would caused a change to the racial demographic and make up of Mexico then your not welcome. Martin we would hear the charges of racism from you against America if our nation had such laws.
    Martin where is your out rag and contempt of your own nation to the treatment of illegal immigrants in your country? Sure you do not want to even go into the racism that goes on against minority in Mexico. Oh Martin some of the our extended family live in Mexico so we get to here first hand about this fact.
    All the things you throw rocks at the U.S. for it can be found to be even much worst in Mexico.
    Martin you are like one neighbor complaining about their next door neighbor no cutting their grass as often as they think they should while their own yard looks a junk yard.
    We would just like you to square and to hear in explaining away your double standard to what you expect out of the U.S. to what you except in your own country.

  2. If opponents of Donald Trump are bothered by this then they have the Democratic Party and possibly the current administration to blame. The reason that he is doing so well and even in the conversation is that the people are fed up with politics as usual. The Democratic Party has embarrassed and angered the American people this political season like we’ve never seen in a long time if ever. From collusion and total lack of respect for Bernie Sanders’ campaign ( which we now know for sure was all but stolen from him), to the level of corruption that extends beyond our country. These are the things you hear about in other places we’re thankful that we don’t live. So when Mr Trump says the system is rigged this is what he means. Now to say that by not accepting the outcome of the election and take it to the extremes your implying is a weak last attempt at making some kind of
    a case for voting away from him. The candidate you probably supported is a sinking ship of corruption who is by far proven to operate more like the Mexican government you described earlier. Your post is preaching to the choir and does nothing to sway an undecided voter.

  3. The bigger issue is what will happen after the election. There are extremists on both sides and those that are salivating of the possibility of massive civil unrest. Then there are those that are from other countries to agitate the situation.

    Should Hillary be indicted, before Election Day will Obama suspend elections for a year ? After the election, will the people revolt ?

    With the proven cases of voter fraud and Trump loses, then what ?

    1. You couldn’t make this stuff up. Think about the Clintons back in the White House. OMG! The ongoing soap opera of a dual Clinton presidency. Bill back on Air Fuck One with his bimbo brigade…Hillary and Huma are the new Thelma and Louise except it’s the country they’re driving off a cliff.

      Then there’s Donald. The mind boggles.

  4. Oh Brazile just was forced to leave CCN for giving Hillary the questions for the CNN debate between Trump and Hillary. Now how many times is needed to be shown the level of out right cheating by Hillary and the DNC. Yep Crooked Hillary is correct.

  5. Hhmmm, I wonder if she was the high school kid that wrote the test answers on her sleeve or was sneaking a peek at you paper.

  6. At this point l guess l shouldn’t be surprised that Martin Paredes (a.k.a. “Mr. Reconquista Movement” ) doesn’t let little things like research and reality get in the way. Back in 2002 Hitlery called President Bush “selected, not elected” btw- there continues to be no proof that the ballots in Florida were inaccurately counted, and in 2008 Barack lnsane Obama admitted that voter tampering has occurred in the past. That’s why these anti American, neo commie, demoncrat elitist don’t want people to have to show there l.D. cards, so you can have an increase in voter fraud. l’ve seen at least a few examples on youtube where people just claim that they are a person that they are not and then have the chance to vote. Fortunately those people have not voted but they did demonstrate that voter fraud can easily occur. At the DNC, why did they proudly have an illegal alien at there convention, why did they have Khizr kahn ( a man who has never denounced his acceptance for Sharia Law) speak? Because the demoncrat party is a communistic party which makes them an anti American party. l recently watched a clip where a reporter asked Hitlery whether she will support the election results and she skirted around the issue. The more mindless and souless someone is, the more likely they are to goose-step like the typical demoncrat piglet.

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