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Author: Barbara Carrasco


Several weeks ago I filled out a form online. I couldn’t submit it until I verified that I was not a robot. Hillary’s campaign has shown that she is a robot and has been programmed to lie. WikiLeaks exposes who she is; what she thinks of the electorate; the collusion among the DOJ, HRC and Obama Administration; the truth about Benghazi; the “bastardization of faith” regarding Catholicism and Evangelicals; and collusion between media and HRC.

There remains to see what else is exposed by these hacked emails.

Hillary has been programmed to respond with lies to questions, lies regarding situations and events EXCEPT for her collapse at the 9/11 Memorial.

She has spent 30+ years preparing for the presidency and yet she needed an additional four days to prepare for the first debate and an additional three days to prepare for the second debate. She is programmed to spew the precise words, programmed to stare, make facial expressions and even programmed when to smile on queue. She has the one liner and nasty criticisms down pact. Nothing, absolutely nothing is spontaneous or a genuine well-thought-out response that she can claim as hers.

Her true colors are apparent when she feels the cameras are not on her. Take the incident with Bernie Sanders’ supporter when Hillary yelled at her and shook her finger into Bernie’s supporter’s face. Take the conversation she had with other attorneys regarding the rape of a twelve-year-old child and was heard laughing at the fact that she was successful in plea bargaining a sentence for her guilty client. Or how about the fundraiser where she made the statement that Trump supporters are a “basket of deplorables and irredeemable”, or calling Bernie supporters “losers” or “basement dwellers.” She has a name for everyone, including her supporters (ill-informed and apathetic).

What about all the WikiLeaks’ revelations thus far?

  • Hillary’s campaign staffers are exchanging emails which degrade and disparage Catholics and Evangelicals. Yet Hillary says she’ll protect our religious freedom. Unfortunately 55% of Catholics vote democratic. Wonder what they would say if they heard her camp characterize Catholicism as a “bastardized religion?”
  • Donna Brazile, DNC Chairperson, shared questions with Clinton campaign prior to town hall meeting with Sanders
  • Hillary states she opposes TPP but leaked emails reveal she dreams of a hemispheric open market with open borders—I believe a country without borders is not a country just as Trump states.
  • In the leaked emails Hillary states that the key to winning are ill-informed and apathetic voters (could this be what she thinks of Hispanics and Blacks?). She shamelessly panders to these groups when she needs a vote.
  • Leaked emails confirm the U.S. had personnel ready to go to Benghazi and save Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods BUT the Statement Department would not respond to the Pentagon—this confirms the facts as related by the Benghazi survivors!

Note: Colin Powell states in an email that “everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.”

  • Leaked emails show she states privately no fly zones in Syria are possible but publically tells us she recommends no-fly zones.
  • At a Global Business Travelers Assoc. $225,000 paid speech, Hillary told her RICH audience that terrorism is not a national threat. She went on to state it would not endanger our economy or our society. This was shortly after the Boston bombing (admitting terrorism is an inconvenient truth for Hillary).
  • At a $400,000 paid speech Hillary admits Muslim refugees cannot be vetted yet she is calling for a 550% increase in refugees to the U.S.
  • At a $265,000 paid speech, Hillary stated her goal was to have universal healthcare (similar to our VA system where thousands of our vets are dying). Regarding the VA Hillary has stated there is nothing wrong with the system. She should ask the families of those who lost loved ones waiting for medical attention at the VA.
  • At another Goldman Sacks paid speech Hillary said “she as far removed from the struggles of the middle class because of her and Bill’s fortunes.”

Is this the person we want to be our president: one that can’t be trusted; that will say anything to get elected; that will say one thing in private and the opposite to the American people; and of greatest concern is that her words and actions do not have the best interest of our country and the American people in mind.

Although I do not condone what WikiLeaks has done, I am grateful that Assange has exposed the deceit, corruption, greed and unquenchable thirst for power that permeates every cell in Hillary’s body.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

23 replies on “Guest Editorial: WikiLeaks Exposes Truth About Hillary Clinton”

  1. Barbara
    You are wasting your time the progressive Democrats find all of this acceptable to the point when Hillary and her minions were caught red handed stealing the DNC election process many said they were glad Hillary had stole that election from Bernie. Now there are videos out showing DNC operatives telling how they commit voter fraud but main stream media says nothing.
    Yep many progressive Democrats will believe Hillary will put up a no fly zone in Syria but Hillary left out the other part in not telling America that our air force will be going toe to toe with the Russians. The policies that Hillary supported have already seeded Syria to the Russian and Iran if their are those who believe other wise you are to stupid to breath with out prompting.
    Then again with all the proof and actions of Hillary’s incompetence and failures in her years in government the progressive Democrats will still have a dirt bag like Hillary for President.
    Not saying Trump is great or gem but he is a cut above Hillary.
    Then on the other hand we believe the stupid in America maybe need a double dose of what they are asking for with Hillary.
    Already leading economist are saying within a year Hillary will intentionally cause a recession. Others in the DNC ,close to Hillary, have said Hillary will sign an executive order banning guns ownership because Congress will not pass gun control legislation. Also Hillary will go on the attack against the 1st and 5th amendment and she will stack the Supreme Court with activist judges. Remember Hillary will take an oath to defend the Constitution and work to destroy it. Remember many in the Progressive wing of the DNC claims the Constitution is irrelative today and Hillary leads this group.
    Also because of Obama’s foreign policies with Hillary support that has have enabled China and Russia there are many who believe we could very will get into a major conflict with these world powers in the first two years of a Hillary administration. Putin said last week elect Hillary and there will be war.
    Yep welcome to the Progressive Democrat utopia where relative facts and actions are conspiracy theories and innuendos are proof. Where one can be an out right criminal and be flowered with sainthood. Yep one thing we can hope for is Hillary will bring about a comprehensive mental health reform because their clearly are a lot of delusional people in the progressive wing of the Democratic party that need treatment.

  2. I can think of two female politicians in this town who are personable and intelligent and yet everything they touch turns to crap. Then they deny responsibilty and run again and are elected again. El Paso is in many ways a microcosm of the USA.

  3. Remember when we used to distrust the Russians; apparently not. Putin has found a way to disrupt our electoral process by teaming with Assange by dumping altered emails stolen from the Democratic Party. We know that they have been altered, because the original authors have verified this.

    For the “deplorables” out there, the daily dumps are just that, but you eat it all up. You then regurgitate with the same talking points that you have been using, over and over. You should at least be original.

    It is known that your party eats their own; look at what trump is doing to your party. Strange, your are not blind, you seem to have some intelligence, yet you still support this “looser”. Well, it is just as well that all rats go down with the ship, which has sailed. You were warned.

    1. Of course they are all altered or fabricated. No one could make that shit up! HRC never said she was in favor of open borders from SA to Canada or that the majority of Americans are un-American.

      Only Putin could think of that.

  4. The re-election of Obama and the election of Hitlery is the result of 50 years of dumbing down are immigration system, 50 years of creating a welfare teet, and shortly after, dumbing down are educational system. That explains why Obama, and now Hitlery, want to continue to import lower intelligent people who are more ignorant about American culture and are more welfare dependent – more demoncrat voters. lt’s unfortunate (and not surprising) that what LBJ said about black people (in terms of the welfare state) has turned out to be true for most “Americans.” But don’t worry, when the dollar finally collapses and when we become another Greece, l’m sure life will start to get real interesting. lf you don’t know what l’m talking about, then you’re too ignorant to vote and too stupid too breed.

  5. Thomas I don’t consider speaking the truth a waste of time:) Today I was at Taco Tote with my husband. I spoke with the owner. Of course we spoke of the presidential race. He was surprised that I as a Hispanic would support Trump. We had a rather long conversation and his comment as I left was “perhaps Trump won’t be a bad president after all” and that perhaps he should let his friends know of our conversation! I converted our burrito man. I spoke the truth and he keeps asking me to translate my pieces into Spanish which I gladly do for him as he wants others to know the truth. We vote Hillary and we vote to spread the cancer that will kill our republic. We vote Trump and we can start treating the cancer running through the veins of our federal government! Pedro you and I have never met, but you are truly an angry individual who does not tolerate others’ opinions. If it were not for WikiLeaks we would not know how vile the Hillary campaign is and to what lengths they will go to satisfy their hunger for power. If it were not for WikiLeaks we would not know how incompetent our government is that they would allow emails to be hacked. What you should ponder Pedro, is why the democrats are scrambling to shut down WikiLeaks, why did John Kerry asked the Ecuadorian Embassy to shut down Assange’s internet access. Pedro perhaps you should ask yourself why an individual that was recruiting protestors for Trump’s rallies visited the WH 343 time in two years, and exposed by WikiLeaks, was fired? Perhaps you should ask yourself why HILLARY DID NOT DENY her campaign, with her knowledge, was sending money to the DNC who would then send it to those organizing the protests at Trump rallies. These are all facts whether you want to believe it or not. Hillary and her camp decided this presidency was going to be decided in the mud WHICH IS WHAT WE ARE SEEING. Pedro you should stop shooting at the messenger. I just want a better country for my kids and grandchildren and I don’t see that happening if Hillary wins because SHE WILL CHANGE NOTHING when we have so much that NEEDS CHANGE.

  6. Barbara
    Let’s speak some more truth since you want to go that vain. The elite of America and our elected officials do not give a flipping jack crap about most Americans! We are nothing more than a revenue source and after that, except when they want a vote, they want the majority of us to shut the hell up and go away. The only reason we are voting for Trump is Hillary has shown herself by actions and deeds to be a clear and present danger to America. If Hillary was not running we would been voting third party.
    Neither party is going to fix the immigration issue they will do some window dressing at best because in the end game both party leadership’s big money supporters like the cheap labor and the under cutting of American’s workers wages. Bet money we will be talking about fixing this same issue in 4 years.
    Both parties have destroyed Social Security and only want to raise taxes here so they can continue to pillage from the SS trust funds to try and balance their budgets.
    Our government has became a den of political whores that sell their offices and positions to the higher bidder and we the average American do not make it onto the page of their interest. We are nothing more than a means to their interest and end nothing more.
    Barbara have no illusions Trump would be no more than a small band-aid for a severally hemorrhaging America, Hillary is highly likely to be a fatal over dose of failed progressive Democratic party’s doctrines and polices.

  7. None of this is reason to vote for Trump the crotch grabber. You just repeat what you hear on Fox news. Your jealous of Hillary, Barbara.

    1. First Anita, It is “you’re” not your, there is a difference, let me explain. “YOUR” is known as a pronoun(word that replaces a noun – aka a person, place or thing) and shows possessive form of you, where as “YOU’RE” is a contraction of “YOU ARE”, here you were just laughing at some one on their grammar then “YOU”(noun) pull this? Immediately reading that, you have discredited yourself and any future comments you will have here.

      Second what does Barbara gain from being jealous of a liar and a cheat. Hillary has no accomplishments while in office. Hillary is stated in saying she feels she is detached from middle america struggles because she now has so much money now. Let’s get to the “crotch grabber” name calling you made here. Bill Clinton(age 49 at time) used a cigar and put it inside the lower female orifice of a woman and then proceeded to receive oral sex from her and that her is named Monica Lewinski(age 22 at time)…. IN THE OVAL OFFICE(fact). Hillary went and defended him. Let’s not forget Paula Jones who was sexually harassed by Bill Clinton, who he paid $200,000, out of court, to shut her up. HIllary defended this as well. Oh wait there is more, although these are alleged, Juanita Broderick, who says Bill Clinton raped her in 1970. Then again these women that have come forward against trump, alleged he just grabbed them.

      In conclusion Anita, you have nothing of value to offer to the comments, but since this is just the internet, you can type what you want, no matter how incoherent and unsubstantiated it may be.

      Hope this helps Anita, have a great rest of the day and a good weekend.

      1. Clinton’s activities with Lewinsky were consensual, idiot. There was no admission of guilt with Jones and Broderick has been discredited. I can correct my typo, but you will still be an idiot defending the crotch grabber.

      2. And so begins the angry name calling. Given facts and put into a corner like a wild beast and you become rabid and enraged and will do whatever you can to get out of the corner.

        Consensual or not it was done in the Oval Office and it was done while he was married to Hillary.

        His admission to guilt with the Jones case was his out of court settlement of $200,000. Why would you pay $200,000 to woman if you are not guilty.

        I’m not sure what you were taught as a child but apparently you didn’t listen or had a teacher who didn’t know what they were teaching. I will refer to dictionary.com for this.
        Here is a little help for your feeble mind:
        (a form of the possessive case of you used as an attributive adjective):
        Your jacket is in that closet. I like your idea.
        Compare yours.
        one’s (used to indicate that one belonging to oneself or to any person):
        The consulate is your best source of information. As you go down the hill, the library is on your left.
        (used informally to indicate all members of a group, occupation, etc., or things of a particular type):
        Take your factory worker, for instance. Your power brakes don’t need that much servicing.

        Now shall we go into what an adjective is? Or can I depend on you to look it up yourself?
        Here I help you with some “free” information:

        Simplest description of this is a word that describes a place or object. In plain English it helps to clarify a noun. Adjectives describe nouns by giving some information about an object’s size, shape, age, color, origin or material.

        MIC DROP
        I’m out!

  8. The trump phenomena that should have ended during the Republican debates did not end. Instead, it has taken a life of its own largely attributed to our media. We live in a reality TV world and the master of reality TV is running as an “apprentice” for the highest office in the land. Thus, we now have, “The National Reality TV Show”, playing on all networks. What’s more, this is a show where the audience can participate by energizing their candidate with his own words and actions. So here we are, the remains of what used to be the democratic system that countries aspire to some day have.

    Barbara you are right, you do not know me. I however have heard of you (2012 election). I will address some of your points, beginning with “angry individual that does not tolerate others’ opinions”. I apologize if I come across as angry, I don’t mean to be. As for not tolerating others’ opinions, you are right on. When misinformation is being spewed or outright lies are being stated as being factual, I will not turn a blind eye and lately your leader has had fact checkers working overtime disproving his garbage.

    WikiLeaks, did open eyes and started a discussion when it first appeared. This was almost a sort of checks and balances that the American people did not have before. Unfortunately, ego/greed drove Assange to partner with the Putin, the Russian trump. I know you refuse to believe or choose to only believe what benefits your debate, but Russia is meddling in our political system. This will not be tolerated. The power you mention is trump’s own ego, he has to be right. About the server being shut down, unfortunately it is only a temporary fix until our government takes stronger action against Russia.

    You are quick to accuse Hillary of money shuffling. Yet it is the Republican Party, due to “citizens united” legislation, that has gone underground like the weasels that they are and funneled millions of dollars to phony PACs and nonprofit organizations. You are correct that we are in the mud or trump’s home turf where Hillary has chased him to finish him off.

    “Burrito man”, really Barbara, you sound just like your idol; and you call yourself Hispanic.

  9. Pedro
    You are the last one who should be chastising others over believing misinformation. Hillary has not just blamed the Russians but Allies, to Trump but there is growing evidence some of the leaked information is coming from inside the DNC. It becoming clear a whole lot of interest around the world had access to Clinton’s server and the DNC servers.
    Pedro not once have you called out Hillary on her incompetence or out right, at least, near criminal behaviors. Or what is now clear open criminal behavior inside the DNC to open promotion of election and voter fraud.
    Seems your quick to believe innuendo about Trump with zero supporting evidence but refuse to hear facts and proven evidences supporting Hillary’s and her minions misdeeds.
    You are typical of progressive Democrats always whining, hand wringing and pointing out the splinter in others eye as you ignore the log in your own. Yep you call Trump a racist but nearly every post you make it all comes down to the rose color glasses of your own racist bias to how you see the world. We have to look to only your last statement in your last post here to support this fact.

  10. Pedro, she is proud of her heritage and has never disparaged our own.

    Barbara is a great example of a Hispanic that came from very humble beginnings, now has a successful business and campaigned for congress. She didn’t her time whining about being held back or blaming others.

    You should do so well. Want to see a real racist, look in the mirror ! The same effort you put in blaming others for your failures would be better put to use in acccomplishing something that unites us all not divisive politics like your hero.

  11. As we get closer to the day, we see more and more “deplorables” pick up their pitch forks and torches. This is evident in the last posting. You talk about angry, you can almost the see the fangs. Barbara talks about attacking the messager, this person has no idea who I am, yet she uses typical trump tactics to attack. Sad.

  12. Pedro
    The only party supporters we have seen torching, destroying and causing injuries to others that do not agree with them have been Hillary supporters. Hell we have already seen the progressive Democrats fangs come out in the form of mob violence.

  13. Oh it’s doubting Thomas, repeating the same sound bites as the national surrogates. Zzzzzzzz

  14. So the idiot Carrasco went to the dictionary and found that your is used as an adjective and then ran off like a wimp.
    a stupid person.
    synonyms: fool, ass, halfwit, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, moron, imbecile, simpleton;

    1. Anita,

      This is some one who actually knows Martin Carrasco. Just an FYI he is no idiot. He is actually very well educated in the Engineering discipline.

      He is a full time caring, loving father who cares about his country and his brothers and sisters that are active duty and veteran alike.

      I have taught middle school, high school and in the community colleges and it is refreshing that someone like him has learned that researching and getting the required information is vital in making a valid point. You on the other hand have no valuable information to give and would rather resort to insults.

      He got his point across and more than likely was done dealing with people with your nature. He values the associations he has with the people around him. There was nothing else that needed to be said because there probably isn’t anything else you could contribute. So call him a “wimp” and “idiot” if you like but as some one who knows him as I do, will tell you he is neither.

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