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Author: Barbara Carrasco

The controversy involving Trump prior to the second debate is indefensible. Another controversy is brewing as I write this and I’m sure more will arise before November 8th.

As I see it, Trump lived his life “for” Trump and was the “center” of his universe for most of his life. Two years ago Trump realized that there was something greater than him: love for his country that he felt he would sacrifice his time, money and energy and run for president and make America great again.

Since he made his decision to put himself out there he has been attacked by the liberal media, democrats and republicans. Trump threatens their cozy relationships, he threatens their livelihood, and he threatens the territorial attitude in D.C. He promises to bring change, he threatens to expose the corruption in D.C., shake up the D.C. cartel, and the establishment. He is promising to “drain the swamp” as Pelosi promised they would do under Obama, but the swamp only expanded under the Obama administration.

WikiLeaks has exposed the extent of corruption and collusion in this administration. It has shown how all tentacles are intertwined and that honesty, integrity and pride no longer exist in this administration. It has exposed the arrogance of every department in this administration which is a trickle down attitude from Obama. It has shown us how our laws are no longer respected or enforced and it has exposed the gross lack of respect for the American people, and how we are trampled and manipulated to satisfy their greed.

Both parties are threatened by Trump’s straight talk and connection to the American people which are fed up by the status quo of both parties. Trump hasn’t spent his whole life preparing to run for the presidency. I’m sure if he had, he would not have lived his life in such a way that would have jeopardized his ambitions of one day becoming the president. It’s time for the American people to support an individual who is an outsider, has nothing to gain from the presidency, and is not after fame or fortune. He already has both. His goal is to put America first, make America great, help inner cities and middle class prosper, bring jobs, jobs, jobs back and protect our borders.

He is not an eloquent speaker, but I believe his heart is in the right place. As a business person I can relate to Trump’s aggressive nature. He has learned many things at the school of hard knocks. Something career politicians will never understand. It’s time we send an outsider to D.C. who has such a desire to do good for America that he would use $100M of his own money to fund his campaign to make America great again.

As Trump states “what do you have to lose.” Give him a chance.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

13 replies on “Guest Editorial TRUMP: Living in the Center of His Universe”

  1. Both parties have pursued a balkanization strategy for 30 years now. The GOP has cultivated the Religious Right, Values Voters, and Tea Party. The Dems have convinced every possible minority group that they are victims who deserve rescuing.

    It’s too late now. There is no national concensus on anything that can draw enough voters to support a reform candidate, be it Trump or Sanders. Clinton will win with a clear electoral majority and America’s decline will continue with open borders, 1% immunity and plunder, and mass amnesty.

    Which should please Martin a lot 🙂

  2. Barbara, you seem like an intelligent women. There is a reason for the saying that a leopard can not change his spots. You are right about your candidate in that he has sacrificed, but wrong about his actual intent. His ego has led him to this point, to see his name on the United States of TRUMP. He is ego driven. He doesn’t care about veterans, security, “make America great again”, economy, jobs, etc. He is in it for himself.
    I see where you held back on the 100 million to fund his campaign, choosing “would” knowing full well that what little money he has used has returned as an investment. His own money as, in leasing space for his campaign headquarters, hiring his own staff to manage his campaign and how about all those millions that have gone to the veterans. l believe he said that he gave 10 million, that money has yet to arrive.
    The man is a pig offending everybody, in particular women with his latest outburst of pussy grabbing. I was insulted when he said this was just “locker room talk” and that all men do this. I was brought up with respecting my elders, other people’s property and above all, respecting women. How dare this pig to lump all of us men into his definition of man. It is bad enough for us adults to put up with this ranting lunatic, but not fair to our children. Thank God for Michelle Obama with her speech yesterday, “this has got to stop and it stops now”.
    This election is certainly for the record books. This period will go down as the lowest benchmark in political campaigning. This will be mentioned in the same light as the civil rights struggle of the 60’s and the root cause of the Civil War. Make no mistake, Hilary R. Clinton will be our next president. You and the rest of the “deplorables” will just have to suck it up and live with it.

  3. Trump was pronounced dead several times during the primary season. If you watch things like crowds at rallies and voter registration trends, they don’t line up with polls. What does line up is the Wikileaks emails with media positions that favor Clinton. In short, while the media is bending over backwards to tell us Trump will lose, folks are still going to rallies and registering Republican in states that won’t let them vote for Trump otherwise. I realize those in favor of open borders, free stuff and concomitant high taxes prefer Clinton, but I think voters who object to that will turn out in surprisingly high numbers.

  4. Pedro the respect you were taught seems to go as far as only to those that agree with you. I stated an opinion and maligned no one. Regarding Michelle Obama. Perhaps you should check out the lyrics of the musicians she’s invited to entertain at the WH. Perhaps the “stop” she so righteously talks about should stop at the WH. Again, only an opinion.

  5. Hello Barbara, let’s just say none of the women had come forward with the charges against Trump nor the tape. And let’s say a tape of Hillary came out with her talking about her ability to do things to men like in the tape. And that multiple men came forward relating her groping and assaulting them by sheer use of her political and financial power. That would convince me to immediately stop supporting her and repudiate her. I would still not vote for Trump. I would be forced morally to either vot for one of the 3rd party candidates or write in a name. I understand my vote essentially would be useless. However, out of sheer decency I would need to take a stand and be loud and clear even though I am only one vote with no prominence in the big spectrum. Then whatever the outcome of the election … either Trump or Clinton … that would be it. I would think male or female any other supporter of Clinton (in this flipping scenario) would face this same moral quandary and would need to decide for themselves could they support a predator. A candidate who perhaps embodies ALL their policy views and principles … but whose behavior is too objectionable to overlook. Many presidents and others have had private lives that might be far less then admirable. But they didn’t force themselves on women. Did not brag or boast about it. That type of private behavior is between them and the women and the wives of those men. YOU are now in a position where I suspect in your heart you KNOW most if not all of these women are telling the truth. It puts you in the position both personally and as a party leader to either step up and take a moral stand. Silence or continued support puts you in the camp of the abuser. And that is an even worse offense then what Trump did. Because you are a female extra expectations of you are the reality. You do not need to support Clinton … but you need to reject Trump and you know that.

    1. Ronald where is the proof Trump did anything? All there is is innuendo with zero evidence to support what is being claimed but many more times the women standing up saying Trump is a good man.
      You do not see the Hillary media firm PR machine running those stories or the e-mails from two of these women saying what a good person Trump is and how they wanted to reconnect with Trump. Also how a lot of the other women are Clinton donors and supporters and are just happen to be speaking up now. Are you and others really that gullible.
      Ronald where are all the criminal charges that should have been filed but no where to be found just some women who support Clinton making allegations with out any single piece of proof of any thing really happening? So the larger major of women claiming Trump is a good man should be taken as not telling the truth? Really!
      Ronald you are the example of ignorant voter in Hillary’s e-mails she said she is banking on to get her self elected.
      Hillary endangered the national security of our nation. Fact not innuendo!
      That Hillary has shown total incompetence time and time again. Fact with plenty of hard evidence to back it up.
      Hillary and her minions at the DNC stole the DNC election process . This is fact supported by plenty of Hillary’s and the DNC e-mails. Also supported by the mountain of law suits for voter fraud by Hillary’s minions in the DNC waiting in the wings to be heard in our judicial systems across America.
      Recording showing Hillary telling Wall street ,Banking interest one thing as she publicly lied to the American people. Fact!
      Fact Hillary and staff plotted against the Catholic church to bring the Catholic church down by infiltrating the church. Fact not what we say what Hillary’s e-mail dump says.
      Fact the head of Hillary’s campaign telling Hillary to call three leading Hispanic leaders, one being Bill Richardson, calling them easy and needy Latinos to get the Hispanic vote. Not what we say but what can be found in Hillary’s e-mail dumps which is fact.
      Fact Hillary claimed one week she did nothing wrong with her inappropriate server then the next week blames her staff for the screw up. This fact not what we said but what Hillary said which is public record.
      Ronald let it be know neither should be president but Hillary has shown by actions her incompetence in government but then again as Hillary said it was all just a little short circuit. Oop !

      1. Sorry Thomas … but too many conspiracy theory’s to begin to comment on and … like the birther believers … nothing can alter their thinking. And ask your Wife/Girlfriend /Mother/Sister if they have ever had an experience like these women describe … that tRUMP boasted he was doing … and that they failed to report it, brushed it off as how men are, but had this experience. And with tRUMP … use your eyes, your ears and your common sense. Or continue to be taken in by his ruse.

      2. Ronald
        Nice try but you show your self for what Hillary is banking on the the gullible ignorant voter! Facts have now became conspiracy theories! Typical progressive Democrat thinking. My wife is voting Trump not because he is the best but because Hillary has shown her self by actions to be a clear and present danger to America.

  6. There seems to be two standards, when Bill was caught and then lied under oath the cry was that it “just sex”, no big deal. That it was a matter between husband and wife. Bill has been accused of rape by several women. Yet, no outrage.

    Trump gropes and talks trash so people want to crucify him. Not justifying what what’s he’s done or accused.

    As for Hillary, she would know truth if you explained it. Conniving and self serving. Do you really believe she is a better choice. She placed the entire world at risk. Do you really believe no foreign agent read the emails. No proof, well I don’t expect any intelligence admitting it. Is it a coincidence that Russia and China have run amok while she was SecState. They knew the plans and policy making methods, they knew how the US would react. The Philippine President tells Obama FY in public, Yemen is taking shots at US Naval ships, the Iranians have not only harassed US ship but is now sending naval ships to support Yemen. She has done more damage to this country than the last three traitors.

    Do you realize the expense and time required to change codes. Look at the number of military units and agencies that use codes. She was an ORGINATOR of policy and classified information. If she didn’t know or understand, that’s why she had security people to guide, help, review, inspect, etc.

    How many people can take a code book or classified document home ? The minute it was discovered, the person would be arrested and charged plus debriefed on the spot. Then massive investigation to determine what was possibly compromised. Did the person “intent” to do any harm ? Wouldn’t matter, the classified information was improperly secured and removed without authority.

  7. Hey morons, Bill Clinton’s behavior doesn’t excuse Trump’s. He said he grabs them by the crotch and women have said he has grabbed them by the crotch. That’s all you need to know.

  8. Abita and Pedro I don’t know what good name calling does. But facts facts. This is exactly what the biased media and the Hillary campaign want Americans to be doing. Talking about the trash and not the issues. The question is why? Because Hilliard doesn’t have successes that she can claim to be hers. She went to Libya and probably stated we came we saw he’s dead. Those were her words. Look at libya’s condition now. We also now no that her cold heart lied to Ford Reading families ask to how and why they’re sons died on Bemghazi. We now know that she knew at the time shoes taking 25 million dollar from Saudi Arabia and 10 million from Qatar that both countries were arming the very rebels that were fighting against United States in Syria. We also now no that there own daughter had the Clinton foundation investigated. And we also know that the FBI the deal J and the state Department clue did to change the status of classified emails to protect Hillary. We you now know that our government has been poisoned and it permeates from the presidency all the way down to these agencies. We also know that Hillary’s camp refers to Catholicism as a bastard isation of faith. We also know that her camp considers the Latino vote, of which I am a prkid Latina, they call us needy Latinos. The list of people that she and her camp degrade goes on and on. notice she has yet to named call her donors, the lobbyist, special interest groups, and foreign countries who have donated mIllinois of dollars to their foundation. And we found out that cut our days bill a million dollar birthday gift really? I agree both candidates have their faults but I hope I’m seeing a bigger picture than a character flaw. I’m concerned about the future of our country and its further deterioration that Hillary camp has in store for us. She believes in for her dream is a board Dallas hemisphere Rick Society with open borders. I would submit to you that my father went to world War II not to fight for globalism but the fight for the United States of America and his family. I strongly believe in illegal immigration I believe in exactly what Teddy Roosevelt said. Illegal immigration or even immigration is for those who want to come to our country honor our flag simulate and love the United States of America. A global open borders and open trade does not represent the American at my father and other veterans died for. So this election is far more than character. Remember Johnson horrible person horrible person remember Kennedy horrible person horrible person and they were president. Yes I am I woman but no I will not vote for Hillary. I don’t believe in late term abortions I don’t believe crushing babies in the womb that’s not who I am that’s not home I father taught me to be that’s not the love I was shown for the unborn. I believe in marriage is a Bible describes. I judge know unless I be judged. I believe in our Constitution Hillary does not. This is not simply character were voting on guys. To me it is the future of my children and grandchildren. Any candidate who promises a glimmer of changed and Washington DC is my candidate. It’s time to get these thieving lying colludin dishonest people out of Washington and that includes both parties. There is nothing we hear from Washington that is the truth. Is that what we want to continue? I don’t. I hope we have changed. This campaign could have been about the issues but Hillary took it to the mud and she did it the last minute of the first debate who does that? Or was it the second I don’t know anymore but I do know that our nation is in deep deep trouble as my 8 year old grandson States.

  9. Fouty-first Congress. Sees. iii CH. 62 ……..Washington D.C. is a corporation and totally separate from the original framer’s constitution. Get it!!!! This !and has become just a dying business area …… A crimanal enterprise run by the new money changers…….( Federal Reserve )

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