escbr-orr-updt04oct16Many of you reading this today know that in early September I received a letter from the Texas Attorney General advising me that they had taken up my complaint against Veronica Escobar’s refusal to release the Greg Allen records I had requested from her pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act. As you might remember, the Texas Attorney General wrote to Escobar giving her two options – either release the requested records to me or request an attorney general’s opinion. I received a copy of the complaint letter (632618) from the Texas Attorney General on September 12. The letter gave Veronica Escobar “ten business days” to respond.

Because of the delay in mail service between Austin, El Paso and Florida I waited until yesterday to follow up on this issue. The term “ten business days” can mean different things depending on the perspective and mail is usually delayed by three-days when it is sent to me from El Paso. As such, I believe that I have let enough time lapse to see what was Veronica Escobar’s response.


As of yesterday, I have not received any indication, or notice that Veronica Escobar asked for a Texas Attorney General Opinion or that she had released the records to me. I have not received any letters or documents.

I called the Texas Attorney General hotline to check to see if they had any information. Joseph, who did not provide a last name called me back a few hours later. According to Joseph, the attorney working on the case, the County has submitted “extensive” arguments to the Texas Attorney General. Although Joseph could not release the details of the County’s arguments, I can deduce that Veronica Escobar is arguing that I am not allowed access to the records she has admitting having about the Greg Allen letter.

Joseph told me that he will be reviewing what the County submitted as a response and will be addressing the issues they have argued in one to two weeks. He told me that he has a stack of about “a hundred” complaints that he needs to get through. He told me that I would be copied in his response to the County.

I will be following up with Joseph in about two weeks to see what the status is of my open records complaint. When I receive further information I will update you with the latest through my blog.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...