Most of you are aware of the many different types of underhanded political activities that all politicians are involved in. Rarely do we get to see how it works, unless you are one of the individuals involved in the various schemes. I have documented for you how bloggers like Jaime Abeytia, David Karlsruher and Ali Razavi are tasked to do the dirty work for the various politicians that control them. Late Tuesday night I received about 200 pages of documents from the City via an open records request. There, in black-and-white, was laid bare the dirty politics played out between two city representatives and some of their staffers.

My open records request asked for El Paso police internal affairs reports involving any city representative or the mayor. Truthfully, I fully expected to receive the standard “no responsive” documents had been found. Imagine my surprise when I started to read the documents. There, in those documents laid wide open the rumormongering, the backstabbing and the allegations from one city representative’s office to another.  These allegations have been insinuated over the last few months by Jaime Abeytia and David Karlsruher. These same allegations were discussed in the documents as one city representative insinuated that another was using one of the bloggers to hurt the other.

The infighting evolved into at least one police investigation and the involvement of the City Attorney, the Human Resources Department, Tommy Gonzalez, the mayor and others. At least one threat was made to involve the news media if a meeting wasn’t held “immediately.”

Words such as “sexual harassment,” “inappropriate attire,” and the accusation by a staffer that the city representative they were working for “may be unethical” are part of the documents I received. That is just a taste of what is in them. One city representative argued in an email that an investigation “lacks merit” and that the investigation “was being pushed” to the news media. Was this an attempt to improperly alter the course of a police investigation?

There is even an allegation of confidential information being “leaked” to bloggers and the news media.

Caught in the crosshairs were two former city staffers.

By now you have probably figured out that the two city staffers are Taylor Cortinas, formerly of Claudia Ordaz’ office and Jeremy Jordan formerly of Cortney Niland’s office. You are also likely aware of the rumors being pushed forth by David Karlsruher about computer hacking and by Jaime Abeytia about a city staffer working dirty politics through bloggers.

Next Monday, May 2, 2016, I am going to start running a three-part series detailing what I found in the open records requests. You know some of the gossip but you haven’t seen how it was investigated by the police department and the city. You will also see that I am not the only one pointing out that Jaime Abeytia and David Karlsruher are being fed “leaks” by their respective political handlers to create political propaganda. As you will see, the “leaks” to each are part of the investigations.

On Monday, I will focus on Taylor Cortinas and her firing by Claudia Ordaz.

On Tuesday, I will focus on Jeremy Jordan and his part in the scheme. There is more about Jordan that has yet to be made public.

You may have noticed that I initially mentioned the bloggers; Abeytia, Karlsruher and Razavi but left Razavi out of my examples above. That is because, although Razavi is not mentioned in this latest trove of open records request, he showed up on another set I recently received as well.

Apparently, Ali Razavi has heard the same rumors I had heard previously about a run-in with the police by current city representative. Razavi filed an open ended open records request looking for police reports and dash cam video involving a city representative.

I have been talking to a witness about such an encounter.

On Wednesday, I will share with you what happen between the police and a current city representative.

Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss this three-part series.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

13 replies on “The Underbelly of the Dirty Politics of El Paso”

  1. Martin
    Believe we know your information but old news which was known publicly sometime ago. Believe you may wish to step back and rethink the conspiracy theory on this one and those truly responsible being elected officials at the city who abused the use of their staff.
    If you really want a story, Jordan and the failure of some at the city to due process.
    Martin your only getting at best half ripe, low hanging fruit and should know better. Just saying! Martin think real hard in that you are being lead on.

    1. Thomas, I believe the community has only heard the propaganda, not what went on behind the scenes. I believe you will be surprised by how it all went down. Stay tuned.

      Thanks for participating in my blog,

      1. Martin then again it was the elected officials who made the final choice to swipe it under the rug. Oh the local media was told, knew and turn a blind eye.

  2. Is this about Ordaz’s speeding ticket?

    And who do I work for again? Last I checked you and I were working for the same guy.

    On another note, I’ll be in MTY in a couple weeks. Let’s meet up at La Puntada (centro).



    1. @Ali, nope, not a traffic violation. Stay tuned to Wednesday’s post to find out. Since Armendariz et al are unlikely to hire me then I’m not sure as to how we could possibly be working for the same people. Enjoy Monterrey!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog,

  3. I don’t understand – are we pretending that I don’t explicitly say that I have inside sources feeding me info from inside the building? Leaks are what run blogs. Leaks are what ran your blog at one time… it seems you don’t have quite the network anymore.

    The difference between you and I – I’m careful to keep proper nouns out of the mix. It’s a buffer. You should try it.

  4. I’m grateful for all you bloggers and try to read between the lines, not taking any of you too seriously. As for leaks, they’re what make the political world go around.

  5. Today’s headlines says says it all, despite of all the so called transparency our government entities continue to circumvent and violate laws to enrich themselves financially or legacy.

    There is never enough protest until the El Paso scum are rooted out completely and get the message that they are not smarter than the average person. They must learn that only the “smart” folks are doing time.

    This another example to why El Paso is having a difficult time attracting industry or families. All the unnecessary and wasteful spending to buy “toys” for the city and government officials to play, self enhance or reward their buddies is the real problem. Build skyscrapers, trolley tracks, money losing stadiums, super sized TV screens all you want, it WILL attract anyone. Corruption and unethical behavior and cleaning/renovation of infrastructure are the solution.

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