abilez_r_profileName: Rene Abilez
Date of Birth: 01/03/1969 (47)

Education: Bachelor of Arts from UTEP, 2009, working on a Masters of Arts at UTEP, expected 2018
Occupation: Substitute teacher

Home address:
3400 Olympic Ave.
El Paso, Texas 79904

Length of time in district: 9 years and 3 months

Email address: abilez2016@gmail.com
Telephone: +1 915 474 6127

Campaign Information:
Treasurer: Teresa S. “Teri” Abilez
Campaign address:

Campaign telephone:
Campaign facsimile:
Campaign website:
Campaign social media:

Criminal Charges:
October 21, 2011: Adult misdemeanor, driving while intoxicated. Pre-trial diversion, dismissed on April 30, 2014 (20110C09491)
April 7, 2003: Speeding, 67 in a 55 MPH zone. (603-06432) dismissed


Candidates Addresses in Relation to Each Other in the District


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4 replies on “Candidate Dossier: Rene Abilez”

  1. A novice, record is nothing earth shaking. Does anyone know who’s backing him ? Campaign manager ? What’s his platform ?

    Never know, he could be the “dark horse”. Maybe he is what El Paso needs a new face and hopefully not affiliated with the self enhancement gang.

  2. bottom line on all these candidates is posed by Hhhhmm,wondering: Who is supporting these folks. there is only one that i’m sure of and that is Tolbert because he is backed by the Ray Caballero gang, including Susie, Veronica, and i’m sure Claudia. If i lived in district 2 my choices are confusing at best, weak overall. the vote will get so chopped up that the really good candidate may not even be in the race for the runoff.

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