tolbert_j_profileName: Jim Hudson Tolbert
Date of Birth: 12/16/1952 (63)

Education: BS.Ed from Texas Tech University, 1975
Occupation: Sales representative

Home address:
2701 Frankfort Ave.
El Paso, Texas 79930

Length of time in district: 9 years and 6 months

Email address:
Telephone: +1 915 525 7364

Campaign Information:
Treasurer: Richard C. Bonart
Campaign address:

Campaign telephone:
Campaign facsimile:
Campaign website: or
Campaign social media:

Criminal Charges:
None found.

Jim Tolbert ran against Larry Romero in the last election. Tolbert filed the ethics complaint that forced Larry Romero to resign. Tolbert is best known politically for his environmental issues activism. From 1983 through 1998, Tolbert was a parish priest in The Episcopal Church, according to his LinkedIn profile. In a 2012 El Paso Inc. article by David Crowder, Jim Tolbert was quoted as stating that he is running for the District 2 seat because he would “carry on the progressive politics of Susie Byrd.” [emphasis mine] In addition to his environmental activism, Tolbert is formally the chair of the city’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the Open Space Advisory Board. Tolbert has also on the Board of the Newman Park Neighborhood Association as well as the city’s Building and Standards Commission. Tolbert was born and raised in El Paso.

Candidates Addresses in Relation to Each Other in the District


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  1. Not a good choice. Has an agenda and calls people names when he doesn’t agree with them.

  2. I see he belongs to a Quaker group (Society of friends) as well. What does that entail besides stringent Quaker-like behavior and emphasis on others to follow the same pattern? The group is El Paso Quakers that he leads. Jim Tolbert has a “susie byrd” agenda and it will violate your freedom of property and using resources.

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