rep-destroy-dt-15mar16Today is a likely turning point in US democracy, especially for the Republicans. Florida, along with Illinois, Missouri, Ohio and North Carolina are holding primaries today. For the Republicans, there are 362 delegates up for grabs. Florida and Ohio are winner-takes all states and as such the Republican winner in those contests will receive 99 delegates from Florida and 66 delegates from Ohio. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are vying for the Republican nomination with Marco Rubio hoping for a miracle. It is that miracle, however far-fetched it might seem, that could possibly save the Republican Party from a vocal minority that has hijacked the party.

Unlike Mexico, where there more than two viable political parties, the United States only has two parties that are viable. The Democrats and the Republicans. As it stands this morning, Donald Trump has 460 delegates, Ted Cruz has 370 delegates and Marco Rubio has 163. If either Cruz or Trump win Florida it will make it near impossible for Rubio and Kasich to challenge Cruz or Trump for the Republican nomination.

Many political pundits feign surprise at the surge Donald Trump is enjoying at the polls. His lead for Republican delegates is baffling many. The fact is that polls are nothing more than a popularity gauges. The delegates are representative of the popularity contest and a Republican Party that has allowed itself to be hijacked by white-supremacy political rhetoric that Trump espouses.

Donald Trump’s political rhetoric is nothing more than the fear of the white minority that has realized that it is a minority group in the United States. Non-whites have begun to assert themselves politically. The Hispanics, or Latinos are expected to overtake Whites politically in the near future. Thus, what everyone is witnessing a fear-driven politicking from the formerly majority trying to stay in control of the country. Trump represents the dying gasps of a white culture that fears becoming the minority in the US.

You need not look further than the recent events at Trump’s event in Chicago to understand that this election is coming down to whites versus others as far as the Republicans are concerned. It is the Republican Party that has allowed the fearmongering to frame the Republican’s politics through Donald Trump. And it is that which will ultimately destroy the Republican Party in the United States.

The simple fact is that Donald Trump is unelectable in November.

US citizens may seem xenophobic to outsiders and even racist but the vast majority are neither.

I know this first-hand.

What everyone is experiencing today, through Donald Trump, is a minority afraid to accept the fact that they are a minority. When people are afraid they resort to violence.

If, Donald Trump ends up being the Republican nominee, the next president of the United States will be either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. It will likely be Clinton. A Trump nomination will also result in killing the Republican Party as many of its membership will seek an alternative that meets the reality of a new generation in the United States centered around a majority that is not White.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

4 replies on “Trump Will Destroy the Republican Party Today”

  1. Either way, the U.S. Is sunk ! Clinton patronizes non whites. Trump is no more a racist than Clinton.

    This is a conflict between left and right wings, both leaning towards the fringe. Not one of the candidates has campaigned from the middle. A well known tactic to get elected and then swing to the extreme. Both sides are in a struggle to change America to their liking.

    One party has been beaten to the point it has no choice but to come out swinging. The other has set the country on a course that resemble a ship with a broken rudder and no idea how to make the necessary repairs. One tells everything is going great but it doesn’t match what we see around us. The other tells us, we have to buckle down and fight hard to the extreme right and hopefully land on a balanced keel.

    There was a big stink about David Duke and Trump. Duke hasn’t been in the Allan for over 30 years nor did he endorse Trrump. Not a peep when it was revealed that Clinton worshipped a former Grand Klagon or whatever they call the state Klan leader. They go after Trump for rumors that he was forward with women. Yet silent when many women state Mr Clinton never learned that a penis is more for urinating that pollenizing everything.

    It’s no longer about the issues, it’s all about mud slinging. Or a choice between the better of two evils. We haven’t had good choices in quite a while and we keep rolling down hill with the quality of candidates. The candidates and the electorate can even have a good debate without throwing punches or disrupting meetings. Every one is entitled to an opinion !

    I do become annoyed when people call Trump a racist and then go home and use every racial slur they can remember. There’s even derogatory comments within the ethic groups. Before calling anyone a racist, ask yourself how often do you use racial slurs or harbor negative feelings towards another race or group. In a moment of angry or envy ? How do you feel about family members marrying out of the family race or status? Do you find yourself stereotyping others ?

    Let’s concentrate on the issues and what has to be done to get the country out the rut. Vote on qualifications not gender or color of skin or wealth.

  2. A Nation of Tysons(can’t win, BITE) Martin and others
    Trump is a Democratic plant. Trump like it or not is a salesman and he knows as a good salesman every button to push and chain to pull of the more extreme elements of the conservative right to make them foam at the mouth, wet themselves and to turn out to vote. You have to go no further than to look at his long history with the Democratic party leadership. What the Democrats did not expect that Trump would do as well as he is doing and forgot Trump’s ego would get in the way of paving the road to Hillary’s coronation to the White House.
    Trump does not believe even half of what the says on the stump. Just as Hillary is playing the Democrats like a harp from hell Trump is doing the same to the Republicans.
    Sorry to tell members of both parties none running for president gives a rat’s ass about the average American people or you. Times to get real you’re a means to their interest and ends nothing more.

  3. It seems that more people than usual have been paying attention to the presidential election this cycle especially since the MSM have been covering al trompas for almost a year now (free of charge) and to some extent a la Clinton. The MSM informed us early on that this feminist icon was to be our choice, our only other choice of the duopoly.

    And along came Bernie, sort of like that old fable, the Hare and the Tortoise. Eventually the MSM were forced to give him some cover and the former Madam Secretary had to resort to more fabulous stories and to dragging out the haggard and desiccated carcasses of the female persuasion (i.e.: Steinem, Huerta, and that Albright woman) so they too could persuade women to believe that the former Madam is the best choice.

    So the voters have their instructions of who to vote for, depending on which team they have pledged their support, Republican or Democratic.

    Smart Voter – opts not to vote. He knows the game is rigged. He has no illusions about this con game of one man, one vote.

    Conscientious V. – he also knows the fix is in yet he votes third party. Whether it is to stick it to the duopoly or in hopes that the issues of importance to We-the-People are addressed, only he knows.

    Shaking-in-His-Boots V. – he has been scared senseless; ISIS, the Mexicans, the Muslims, the Supremes, 9/11 (the second one), and only one or the other will save the country from all these imagined or manufactured fears. Nothing but obedience to the duopoly and its media will make ’America’ great again. Thanks to el trompas for that now-much-repeated, meaningless phrase, that du jour shout of the histrionic masses.

    One thing is obvious, this cycle has shown just how undemocratic our system of voting is in this ‘great Democracy’ of ours.

  4. Actually, Martin you are totally off on this. The reality is that both parties are so bought and paid for that they have degenerated into a process where candidates create a wedge “brand” that appeals to certain types of voters to ensure folks are motivated to vote and then they go to Washington and focus on the agenda of the donor class. Gridlock on the wedge issues unimportant to the donor class serves their purposes well because it gives them an excuse for never solving the issues important to voters. Up until Trump, this broken system appeared to be locked in place because candidates not loyal to the donor class couldn’t afford to compete against PACs. Trump is messing all that up beautifully. He isn’t xenophobic. He is just anti-illegal alien. The donor class likes a broken immigration system because it lets them depress wages by exploiting folks living in the shadows. Wonder why Obamacare is such a gift to the insurance companies? The donor class likes it that way. The donor class also like the system where banks can charge double digit interest rates while paying less than 1% on deposits (there used to be ursary laws limiting on how wide that spread could be) but those rules changed. The reason guys like Ted Cruz want to see Social Security accounts end up in the stock market is because a lot of smaller investors have walked away after watching their 401ks melt down a couple of times and the donor class would like to see a large pool of money thrown in. Flat and fair tax proposals will ensure more tax dollars come out of baby boomers pockets as they retire. Trump hasn’t signed on to that agenda and that is why the GOP establishment hates him. A Trump presidency would likely break a lot of paradigms. All that said, it would likely be good for all Americans because the donor class isn’t doing us any favors. Yes, his rhetoric has been harsh but it has allowed him to break through the gauntlet put up by Superpacs designed to make it impossible for non-sponsored candidates to run. And if he wins, it will prove message can “trump” donors. A fixed immigration system benefits everyone and unlike Cruz Trump proposes a legal path to re-entry for folks who have broken immigration laws but committed no other crimes. Without Trump we are on a path similar to Mexico where a few wealthy families control the political landscape and most citizens have limited ability to achieve a comfortable middle class life regardless of how hard they are willing to work. That government doesn’t even deliver potable water.

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