lr-resign15According to the El Paso Inc., Larry Romero may be facing additional ethics problems because of incomplete financial disclosure forms. In “Romero didn’t reveal home loans on disclosed forms” by David Crowder in the El Paso Inc., on December 21, 2015, the weekly revealed that Romero did not properly disclose the mortgages on two homes he has purchased while in office.

Crowder’s reports points to two home purchases by Larry Romero. The first purchase was in 2014 and the second one was purchased last September. According to the article, Larry Romero bought a home at 3117 Fillmore Ave. for $170,000 in September. The County’s public records database shows a Deed of Trust, dated September 11, 2015, that secures a “Promissory Note” payable to ASLM II Limited Partnership for the amount of $170,000. David Crowder wrote in his article that ASLM II is owned by Malooly Corp.

Unfortunately, the city’s website does not provide copies of the financial disclosure forms required to be filed by city officials. Although they should be readily available, I am now forced to file an open records request asking for a copy of the filings. Because of the holiday’s and the city’s slowness in releasing public records I likely will not get a response until next year.

However, I thought it important to point out the latest in Larry Romero’s continued saga because I am starting to believe that Larry Romero may be leaving office soon.

Yesterday, Larry Romero missed the city council meeting. He asked that he be excused due to illness. As you likely know, city council has asked Larry Romero to resign from several board appointments. As far as I know, he has yet to resign. In addition, Romero is facing ethics complaints over official actions he has taken while in office. Although David Crowder, so far, is the only one to have reported on Romero’s failure to properly file his financial disclosure reports, it is likely that the ethics complaint may be amended or a new one filed as a result.

As the pressure mounts on Larry Romero I am beginning to doubt that he will finish out his term.

The question is whether he will resign on his own volition or will he be forced from office through legal action.

With all of the closures and distractions during the holidays they are the perfect opportunity for Larry Romero to do the right thing and quietly resign his office before the year end. At this point the only thing he can offer his constituency is ending the continued saga that reminds everyone why El Paso is known for its culture of corruption.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

6 replies on “Larry Romero May Face Additional Ethics Complaint”

  1. Aww, Larry, you poor bastard, why didn’t you just learn to FOSTER the PEOPLE or HUNT the AGENDA or vice versa or something like that?


    1. Ali, maybe it is the Holiday season but you need to read for comprehension. The reports I am referring to are the ones that office holders, city employees and board members are supposed to file indicating their assets and liabilities. These are not online. I was aware the campaign finance reports are.


  2. Not condoning Romero’s actions, but this whole thing is like the scene in Goodfellas with DeNiro, Pesci and Liotta stomping the gangster in the bar.

    City council members are kicking this man while he’s down and using the media to smear him. The problem is the main kickers have conducted themselves in very unprofessional, unethical and very questionable conduct.

    Are the attacks a distraction, pretension of holier than thou, vindictive, hypocrisy or plain stupidity or all of the above.

    City council should hang it’s head in shame for ALL that is happening. Everyone of them is with political sin.

    1. Psychologists are having a field day analyzing these people scapegoating anyone and anything to take attention off their $22MM fuckover of the taxpayers by delaying the stadium bond issue for political reasons.

      Watch it closely, people, and discern who your government really works for. Don’t be blindsided by the Romero lynching by EP Inc and EP Times, probably fronting for MS and their pimps.

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