raz-krl-vers-thThe Claudia Ordaz text messages have exposed so much that is wrong with the city that today I am posting a rare Saturday post. One of the things that political operatives have going for them is the short institutionalized memory of the city. Being unable to document the political shenanigans is what allows the corruption to continue. One of the things that I have been trying hard to do with my blog is to document in order that the corruption is not forgotten.

In all conspiracies, it is the little things that count. It’s those things that people ignore because of all of the other issues they are facing that are quickly forgotten and sometimes not even noticed. When the little things are added together and the context is applied is when the pieces fall together and the dots begin to connect.

There are two version of the Claudia Ordaz text messages that were released on Labor Day weekend. The first and proper one (you’ll see why in a minute) is the Ali Razavi version he posted on his blog. The second one was posted by David Karlsruher on his own blog.

They both contain the same information yet both have a significant differences to them. Look closely at the following two screen shots and you will see what I mean.


As you can clearly see, the David Karlsruher version is not redacted.

Why is this important?

It is important because David Karlsruher received his version outside of the proper channels. His version is likely a version made available to the city representatives in their official capacity, or it is a version that was stolen from the city attorney’s office. The other possibility, although highly unlikely, is that Claudia Ordaz sent it to him directly.

David Karlsruher’s version was made available to him by someone for political purposes. This is wrong and it is corrupt. The reason that official channels are in place is in order to ensure that the laws are followed.

Elected officials or city employees have a duty to safeguard privileged information in order to ensure that the taxpayer is protected from liability. By passing the formal processes signifies an ulterior motive and that, by itself, is a conspiracy.

I fully expect David Karlsruher to jump in and proclaim that he was just acting as the “Fourth Estate” and that how the information is exposed does not matter because the ends justify the means. That may be true in certain instances, for example Edward Snowden or Bernstein-Woodward but in this case, Karlsruher, himself, admits that Razavi had already published the document.

As such, there is no reason for David Karlsruher to have received a non-redacted version unless there was an ulterior motive. Because of this, his receipt was intended for one thing only and that is to gain political advantage for someone. Someone conspired to bypass the established process.

However you look at it, the bottom line though, is that a conspiracy is usually part of a corrupt process.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Martin you like others are claiming criminal acts. So file the a complaint with law enforcement. File ethics complaints. Nope all these claims of wrong doing and no one filing jack. All hot air and typical for El Paso. So Martin write a piece why no one is doing any thing but being key board warriors.

  2. Martin you do know there are two closet Republic that sit on the CC that got elected under the Democrat party banner in El Paso?

  3. I seem to remember you presenting a document you claimed to have obtained under open records but it was a scan of a printed email. You tried to convince the world that open records request were being answered with scans of tattered print outs.

    You also don’t understand how the law works. People at the city can send emails to private citizens – including copies of the entire proposed city budget.

    What they can’t do is talk about what they do in executive session. you have repeatedly posted information from executive session. You could have only obtained that information from someone sitting in that room.

    So, if I’m corrupt – you’re corrupt times two. Please call the police and have them haul me in to the pokey! Just let me have my one phone call!

    1. David, your deflecting and I agree with your point about the law, but you still don’t deny having an insider just like Martin.

      1. I plainly write all the time “my inside source” and “my person at the city” – I have multiple inside sources who send me stuff because they want it seen – for whatever reason.

      2. David, I guess that the Ordaz Perez clan is trying to get the heat off them on the texting incident and focus it on the Romero suggesting City Manager raise and the re-paving incident in Romero’s district. Can’t blame them for that and if your family business did any of that work then that sort of makes your blog look bad also. Looks like your trying to do the same thing the Ordaz Perez clan is doing trying to get the heat off the incident.

      3. we did zero of that work. It’s not bid per project anyways – it’s an on call paving contract and some work is done by city crews. Nice try. You’re not very bright and don’t understand the issues

      4. I may not be bright, but at least I’m not the dumbass who put out the text without the redacted parts. Martin got you just like he got Max. Suck it up and take it.

  4. Pillsbury
    Engage your government. David K, Martin, Max, Jaime, and others are all used to say and put out information that officials in local government do not want to do themselves. Then again we have a lot of people claiming ethics and criminal violations but zero have acted. Wonder why!

  5. IMHO, anything you can get from the local governments by hook or crook is fair game for publication. The Times, as the unofficial PIO for city hall, sure isn’t going to publish it. Can you imagine how much fun would have been had with the Wilson-mojito (stadium pimp) emails if they had come out before the AAA announcement?

  6. Martin, I see multiple reasons David’s version would be not redacted. IMHO David is probably the one who filed the ORR. He has been talking about the texting with Jaime and Ordaz for a while. Maybe he didn’t want it to show on his blog first and sent it to the Camel Jockey and the Camel Jockey redacted the Phone Numbers. Who cares ? You both dislike Ordaz, Perez, and the Deadbeat Dad. IMHO these text will be the end of Ordaz, hurt Perez, and finally maybe get it through Niland’s fooking head(can’t believe she worked in the real word, maybe that’s why she doesnt now) to not even give the time of day to the Deadbeat Dad. It should get it through Ordaz and Perez’s head to not deal with the Deadbeat either, but I’m thinking Ordaz was truly born a blonde and Perez cant’s shake the Deadbeat’s La Raza bullshit. OH, and to quote the Dice Man, “who, Ceasar Chavez, oh yeah, I fooked him.”

    Thomas, I work 70 hours a week so I don’t have time, but I enjoy reading the blogs and commenting. You need to have a different name also because it was very confusing the other day when it looked like you were arguing with yourself. “Thomas here comes the pain” would be a good one

    1. The Camel Jockey received a redacted copy from the City per the ORR the Camel Jockey filed. But Camel Jockey’s muse for the ORR was the Kraut’s post.


      Camel Jockey

      1. Well then, I guess Martin is right. Again, who cares ? I sort of like David’s “Trumpest” post with all the cell numbers of the arseholes so I can call up or text and bitch if I want and maybe your next ORR Camel Jockey will show who I am. Ain’t this fun ?

  7. You all fail to realize the grand picture, while you think of “The City” the very people that you complain and write about are thinking of a much larger picture that only those pulling the strings can understand. You keep think the about the “City” while they think about how to rape and pillage “The County.” That is why you guys are always one step behind them. A movement has started by someone in the Valley aka the City of Socorro to disincorporate and be annexed into the City of El Paso. My guess is those individuals pushing that agenda are the ones behind the self proclaim Voice of the Valley aka Jaime Abeytia. You continue to ignore on the surrounding communities of El Paso

  8. You misfit bloggers are all a piece of incestuous work. Who in the land of misfit bloggers is known as the racist, women-hating, mummy boy, lying blogger that immediately jumps into defection mode when his usual round of bullshit is called out? Who was sued and wearing his pee wet boy shorts admitted for posterity that he’s a liar? And then who lied about admitting he lied? No need for a lie detector on that one! Just check out the long-winded gibberish on his blog (popular with mum, dada and Cortney & piggy boy) whenever another misfit blogger points out his obvious habitual lies.

  9. Jaime
    Yep someone finally figured it out that it was Cortney not Jordan as claimed on another blog. Now how hard was that?. Yes David K I knew and others knew who sent you the e-mails.

  10. Where are all las politicas that campaigned so hard for “Equal pay for Woman” across the County. I guess that should apply to the mother of Jaime’s abandoned children huh. Why aren’t you furious that this useful idiot is a burdon on us the tax payers. This idiot banquet’s with political elite and El Paso Inc. while we pick up the tab on his child support. But fear no more there is a site that refers itself as “The world’s platform for change” that you can use against people like Jaime it’s http://www.change.org. the question is do any of you have Los huevos to put Jaime on this site like they did the Donald. Think about it you guys can rid this city of this cancer…..

  11. Do you have tens of thousands of dollars to spend to make them show you if they have them or not. Can you afford to wage a protected court battle to gain access. Like most citizens probably not and they know this.

  12. Redacted, correct does it really how the information was obtained and released to the public? The point is we saw it and have proof.

    V very interesting thought, like an illusionist, while watching them closely you are distracted. The theory if correct is expanding a kingdom for someone. The Socorro residents, I’m sure enjoy being free from the old and fractured yoke of El Paso and resist being annexed.

    Sometimes the toothless barking dog just has be ignored. The poor thing is just trying to be revelent and will chase it’s own tail.

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