cowardI am used to all sorts of idiocy emanating from politicians as they pander to their political base. It is expected in politics as elections begin to heat up. As with everything there are the normal well-centered politicians and the extreme ideological extremists that pander to the worst in all of us. Donald Trump has outdone even the worst xenophobics anywhere.

In US national and sometimes local politics, immigrants play a central role in the political rhetoric. This is because they are unlikely to vote and thus they are easy fodder for the politicos to use in furthering their political rhetoric. The political candidates figure that as nonvoters, the immigrants cannot hurt the politician’s quest for voters no matter how extreme the views the politician espouses. As a matter of fact, immigrants are easy targets because they can be demonized by both the right and the left. They are the source of danger for the right and a source of economic strife for the left. As such, they are the perfect vehicle for the politician’s rhetoric.

Therefore it really didn’t surprise me when Donald Trump attacked Mexicans in his scheme to get elected president of the United States. The Mexican immigrants that are legally able to vote unfortunately do not and thus the Mexican immigrant voice is silent in national politics.

Though it should come as no surprise to me, I was surprised that Donald Trump went after a core and active voting constituency, US military families and veterans. You do not have to be a political expert to understand that to be elected at the national stage, you must follow certain basic rules; you do not attack religious points of view, unless it is radical Muslims, and you do not attack the patriotism and heroism of US military veterans.

No matter your political view, you all should agree that Donald Trump’s questioning of John McCain’s heroism is not only repugnant but it also clearly shows that Donald Trump should never be elected to any political office in the United States. His words are not only disgusting but should also be condemned by everyone that has any decency in themselves.

When Trump went after Mexican immigrants I was gratified to see many businesses and individuals distance themselves from Trump. Many of them cut off business relationships hurting him where it hurts him the most, in his wallet.

Now that Donald Trump has betrayed his complete and utter disregard for basic human decency I am hopeful that everyone immediately suspends all business dealings with him as quickly as feasibly possible. Although I do not believe that a fifth bankruptcy is sufficient to teach him decency I know that it will at least silence him this political cycle and maybe the next few ones.

Donald Trump has no place in the presidential race. Those that support him politically also betray their own stupidity.

Most important though is that Donald Trump is a coward of the worst kind when he avoids military service and yet feels it necessary to attack the integrity of John McCain for heroism while fighting for his country.

Donald Trump is repugnant to anyone with any decency.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Chump clearly overstepped the boundaries by attacking McCain. Being a POW is honored because of the horrific conditions and torture. And to say that because he was captured, he is not honorable. With a few a exceptions, I am sure people do their best not get captured. So chump is wasting his time campaigning.

    If anyone is legally authorized to vote and doesn’t, be prepared to see and endure whatever the elected officials and candidates say or do. A lot will complain, but do nothing to vote to change the country for the better.

    Mexicans have become fodder because people with brown skin are automatically identified as such. Unless you live along the border or live in an area with a lot of Hispanics, many will not know the difference. For any race or ethic group, the comment “they all look alike” applies.

    It doesn’t help when groups resist assimilation and crictize the host county while living in that county without authorization. For some reason people see assimilation as betrayal of their heritage. Which is wrong. Keep your heritage but learn the language and traditions of the host countries,. Tourist that know just a few words in a foreign language will usually have a more memorable trip. In Mexico there is the Mennonite and Mormon communities. Obviously of Anglo/European/American heritage. They do well because they are have assimilated very well. Yet, they don’t forget their heritage and don’t participate in attacks of their host or new host or adopted country.

    The other issue is the refusal of the Mexican government to secure the U.S.-Mexican border. The majority of the border crossers are looking for a better life and escape bad conditions. Everyone gets that.

    These are terrible economic times everywhere and when people come without permission, then receive public services that tax the system. US citizens become angry and blame higher taxes, lack of jobs, crime on new arrivals even the ones that have documentation. Every ethic group in the U.S. has endured the disparity. Believe it or not, many years ago there used to be signs that stated “no dogs or Irish allowed”. To this day you will hear or see discrimination among every ethic cc group. Mexicans discriminate against other Mexicans according to financial status, education, skin color, etc. just as bad they discriminate against other Hispanics.

    Even worse, Mexico secures its Southen border with legal and illegal methods. Murder, rape, ransoms, slavery and incarceration for entering without permission. Yet, that is a topic that is whispered.

    The Mexican government is much of the blame for the immigration because of its economic and social conditions. When it provides services, education, good jobs and justice for the Mexicans then migration will be curtailed. Of course, the U.S. shares the blame. When times were good everyone wanted a gardner, nanny and cheap farm labor so it encouraged migration.

    Guys like chump will come and go, best think to do is ignore them. The feeling of superiority is everywhere in this world. WWII was a perfect example, axis powers felt superior to other nations. Allied nations were consider as inferior races because of their religion, physical ability and courage. let chump run his mouth, he will self destruct.

  2. Just saying: Name calling in the political world implies you do not have a legitimate argument: racial or otherwise. Stick to facts and not emotions.

  3. Are the chickens coming home to roost?

    The Republicans welcomed this trompas fellow when he was out there financing and investigating Obama on the birth certificate and all sorts of personal issues. Of course the liberal media provided him all the exposure needed to keep their ratings up and the Republicans were pretty happy with him. This was the time to have nipped it in the bud as the saying goes.

    So then he went after the Mexicans. The xenophobes adore him and he has the overt support of some Republican pols and the covert support of others on this. Yesterday I chanced on a tv channel where trompas was pontificating and the crowd was egging him on with applause and the usual USA! USA! shouts. As he denigrated Mexico he made the claim that ‘they are killing us at the border’. His lies are increasingly fantastic and his fans seem to love him more for that.

    Now he has gone after one of their own, none other than McNuts McCain. This has the pols in the Republican clown car for el presidente in consternation, genuine? Or are they worried they will be next?

    Yes, indeed, the chickens have come home to roost.

  4. I don’t support chump, if you’re going to quote him or anyone else, stick to what they said, not spin.

    When states “killing us at the border”, he didn’t mean it literally. Much like “they’re killing the team in football.

    His appeal is that so many politicians have lied for years, he tells like it is without any concern. He’s brutal but honest in his beliefs. Is he electable, I don’t think so.

    Chickens didn’t come to roost. Chump would have gone after the publicity without the Republicans. Chump is his own creation.

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