Here is a two-minute video on why Ann Coulter is wrong when she states that the Mexican culture is deficient.

Here is the list for those that do not want to watch the video.

1. Sara A. Medina, born in Mexico, died on May 12, 2015 while serving in the US Marine Corps.
2. There have been seven Mexicans who are Medal of Honor recipients. Some of them were undocumented when they died serving their adopted nation. You can find the list at Braceros website by clicking here.
3. The first printing press used in the American continent was installed in Mexico City. It took almost 100 years before the United States had its own printing press.
4. The first university in the American continent was founded on September 22, 1551 in Mexico.
5. Mexico deployed an air force squadron alongside US troops in the Philippines during World War II.
6. President George W. Bush accepted Mexico’s military help in the disaster recovery efforts after Katrina Hurricane. Mexican troops deployed in Texas to assist in recovery efforts.
7. Fellow GOP conservative and former presidential contender Mitt Romney was born in Chihuahua, Mexico.
8. Mexico is one of the original founding members of the United Nations joining on November 7, 1945. Mexico has consistently contributed among the top ten countries to the United Nations budget.
9. Mexican food is consistently the top three most eaten ethnic food in the US.
10. Mexico is the eleventh largest country in terms of population, the fourteenth largest in land mass, the largest Spanish speaking country and the eleventh largest economy in the world.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

3 replies on “Ten Reasons Why Ann Coulter is Wrong about the Mexican Culture”

  1. Doesn’t really matter what she thinks ? The ones that minds are poisoned with racism or ethic hatred, well their mind is already set.

    Fort the rest of us, we know or should know our history along with the acceptance that we have good and bad like anyone else. We have our race baiters, thugs, freeloaders, etc., Unfortunately those are ones that get the publicity. Our great achievers are now starting to receive recognition.,

    Are we any different from other groups that had to struggle to become a part of America. Native Americans are still mistreated in the Midwest, go to other areas. You will hear hate speech like micks, paddys, spic, wet back, nigger, kike, rag or dot head, chink, trailer trash, inbred, etc.

    The key is assimilation and achievement or just plain honest hard workers. Some will do better and faster than others. But, that depends on the raising of a family and their values.

    It’s amazing how everyone wants to claim even minute fractions of Native American blood, Asians are recognized for itelligence, Indians are Doctors or computer wiz. People are into rap or dress like a homie. Our people are recognized for chones in war, loyalty, hard workers, beautiful women, etc. we’re getting there. It’s been a long time and tough but we will get there. Look, I’ve told “go back where you came from”. Just smile and reply “Since mankind started in the Middle East, Africa is going to be awfully crowded, aren’t WE” ? That leaves many stunned and speechless.

    So does it really matters what she thinks or say? Not to me, I know what she is and unfortunately some are just people full of hate, probably even hate themselves. Ignore her and others. Life goes on and why let her get to you.

  2. RP, keep in mind, people leave the U.S. and adopt new countries. Also monetary motivated !

    People from everywhere come here because of the freedom, education and money ! Unfortunately, it draws unsavory characters as well.

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