limon-niland12may15Last Tuesday I took the time to listen in one the El Paso City Council meeting because unlike some of the other bloggers I like to base my commentary on facts. And, unlike the local news media, I take the necessary time to follow city council meetings in order to understand the issues that affect the city taxpayers. As I listened to the meeting, I watched a verbal altercation between Lily Limon and Cortney Niland that sadly displays the dysfunction that is city hall.

Since some of you argue that I tend to pick on one city representative over another, or that I have my favorites I figured I wasn’t going to write about the altercation. It was serious enough that the mayor called for an executive session to calm everyone down. I figured, surely the news media would report on this as it is newsworthy, two city representatives get into a loud verbal altercation that the city meeting must be paused and it is timely because it happened this week.

Guess what? The local news media, with the exception of the El Paso Times who mentioned it in another report, is so incompetent that either they did not witness the exchange or if they did, they did not know it was important to the taxpayers to know how their government functions. El Paso Times reporter Diana Washington reported that Niland’s comments about “slanderous” statements were being uttered during the election period, however, I believe she meant during the meeting.

To avoid the typical rhetoric in the comments that results when I write about Cortney Niland I figured I would point out that there was a verbal altercation between Cortney Niland and Lily Limon during the meeting of May 12, 2015 and let you listen to it yourself.

The recording is recorded directly from the streamed meeting. For those that may think that I altered the exchange somehow, you can view the actual video of the meeting on the city’s website. The altercation starts at the 1:58 time mark.

After about a 20-minute executive session, the city council meeting resumed without comment, except for a “point of order” request from Cortney Niland that the dais microphones be left open. The mayor granted the request.

I will let you draw your own conclusions as to how well your city is being served by the representatives you elect into office and the news media you continue to rely on for the news.

For the three bloggers that are desperately trying to spin the lie that I consistently do not understand the politics of El Paso, I ask you one simple question. Where are your blog posts on this exchange? On second thought, do not bother because I already know the answer. I get it; you haven’t received your writing orders from your masters to write about it.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

14 replies on “Verbal Altercation between Lily Limon and Cortney Niland”

  1. Ali Bubba. Marissa’s jugs are begging for attention. Surely they’re more enticing than Cortney’s fat thighs.

  2. Oops, hug return to soon!

    If the thighs won’t do, there’s always Veronica’s fat rolls or Abeytia’s wide vendido girth.

  3. Martin, while we don’t lays agree. You do a great job getting the facts. While others either spin or merely state personal opinions.

    The behavior is absolutely unprofessional and childish. Both of these women(not ladies) need to be reminded they are there to represent their districts. Like the Mayor states take personal issues outside.

    Suggested solution either recall both or use Cohen stadium for a gladiator event between the two. Either way, this stupidity ends !

  4. I’m one of the people that reads you often, but even I’m starting to think you’re crazy.

    The conspiracy theories were fun at first. Now I’m wondering if you need some sort of help.

    Talk to someone. There’s no shame in admitting a problem.

  5. Martin,

    I covered these ladies’ dislike for each other more than a year ago. Welcome to the past. What are you going to do next, replay the 1991 World Series for us? How about the 2012 election night returns?

  6. didnt this happen two years ago? why the significance. lilly and niland should just fist fight til one is out of breath.

  7. I have been lax about the language and insinuations being used in the comments section. I encourage discussion but please keep the sexual and body-type language and insinuations to a minimum. The last thing I want to do is limit the conversation by censoring the comments so please remember that we need to keep it PG rated.

    I hope you cooperate with me on this request.

    Thank you for your continued reading and commentary,

  8. So Martin why didn’t you “connect the dots” in this piece then and explain to your reader, why Niland asked to keep all the reps microphones on? Can you connect that?

  9. Are you blogging to other bloggers or blogging about politics?? I don’t get it. Who cares what other “bloggers” think. Really minimizes your value how you idiots respond to one another in your “blogs” lol.

    Politics is dysfunctional everywhere. Hell, in your motherland they threaten to come to blows on a weekly basis.

    Niland is a dead issue. She represents her constituents well. If you don’t like her, take a look at her district.

    Try blogging about something useful, talk about why we put the firefighter vote out on an election where historically there are incredibly low numbers. All these scams right in front of your face and you blog about this BS?????? Booooorrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnggggg

  10. 1. Upon learning that Nilands old friend was competing for this contract Niland should have abstained instead she continued to discuss the item and even seconded the item. Did she have too, I don’t know but she should have. Nothing looks worse then to have a city rep expound on a friendship with an individual who is about to have a contract awarded to them. It looks bad on the council member, staff and the rest of council when this happens.

    2. Then there is the move to go into executive session after the item was approved which was more than likely an illegal use of the executive session privilege. Why? The City Atty’s own words indicate that.

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