niland-trustThe El Paso Times, masquerading as a newspaper, tried and failed to get a comment from Cortney Niland for the election results coverage. It was not the paper’s fault but the poignant realization by Cortney Niland that her political career is over. Niland used every opportunity to leverage media coverage during the run up to Election Day and the only reason she avoided the newspaper is that, although, she won another term in office her dismal showing proved that she is not competitive enough for a mayoral race. She clearly understood this as the results were published and decided to hide from the voters.

Cortney Niland cannot win a mayoral election.

Niland raised about $71,000 in campaign contributions. That is 31% of all of the campaign contributions raised by all twelve candidates. She had only one opponent, Joshua Dagda. Niland outraised Dagda seven to one. As you can see, money was not the issue for her.

Although Niland has been embroiled in many controversies while at city council, ranging from the fiasco of the ballpark to a personality issue with another city representative the real problem came down to the issue of transparency; government transparency.

For all of the bluster about the firefighter issue and the Steve Ortega effect the real issue on the minds of the voters is the perception that Cortney Niland works behind closed doors to serve the special interests of a select group.

I’ll be exploring the notion of back-door controversies in tomorrow’s edition in regards to the Margarita Cabrera sculpture issue but for now keep in mind that the voters clearly sent a message to Niland. They simply do not trust her.

Some of the political pundits are arguing that the firefighter issue skewed the election results. However if you look at how the firefighters campaigned you will notice that they did not take a definite position on the political candidates. Their focus was their wage/insurance issue and they did not deviate from that. There was likely some anti-incumbent votes because of the firefighters but as you look at the results of the Noe and Ordaz races, you will note that, that notion does not bare out in those races.

The firefighter issue was about their wages and insurance and that did not translate into throwing out the incumbents.

The reason that Cortney Niland almost lost her race was simply an affective grassroots campaign by Josh Dagda’s team clearly and unequivocally showed the voters that Cortney Niland couldn’t be trusted.

There were only 309 votes, out of 3,591 that were cast in the race, separating the two candidates.

Cortney Niland spent a whopping $36.60 per vote while Joshua Dagda spent only $6.60 per vote. Clearly, money was not fooling the voters.

We can speculate about how the results may have been different “only if” Dagda had more money, or more time, or you fill in the blank. None of that changes the fact that the voters clearly do not trust Cortney Niland.
Niland likely spent the weekend looking for ways to revitalize her image in the community completely oblivious to the fact that the voters that would have likely voted for her clearly told her that they don’t trust her.

That is the simple fact that she will not likely understand.

No amount of money can buy trust.

Cortney Niland many never realize that simple truth.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

29 replies on “Voters Do Not Trust Cortney Niland”

  1. Martin,

    Niland increased her vote total from 500 in 2011 to 1950 in 2015. How do you square that? She tripled her support. Sure, the other guy got a ton of votes because firefighters were helping, but you fail to look at the hard numbers here – she increased her vote total and she did it with all of those “issues” you mentioned.

  2. Ah the twisted logic of El Paso’s notorious out of town lying useful idiot. Ummm… let’s also forget more voters voted in this election than in 2011, including a greater number of votes for her opposition, a young kid with zero political experience and only a few bucks who wiped the floor with her. Not even mariachi bands and cholo outfit photo ops and air brushing helped her save her hog jowls from a good frying.

  3. Numbers are numbers, ok how about $22 million over on the ballpork, $5million over on the Swimmingdrain, who know how many day over due on San Jacinto Plaza and don’t even talk about the two golden miles of Country Club rd. Fine she won, from here on out we the voters demand transparency and accountability from her……period!

  4. EPanyonymous – 10 point loss is a landslide in every election I’ve ever heard of. In fact, the paper called the incumbents loss by 10 points in an eastside school board election a “landslide” – so which is it?

    Mop the floor? He lost. this isn’t hand grenades or horseshoes.

    Dagda got lucky at best and Niland crushed the firefighters who tried to oust her.

  5. George Nieto,

    Pool was city staff goof. San Jacinto was city staff good. 20 million in ballpark overages was voted on by more than her and – and most of it was paid for by the renters of the park.

    Next question

  6. That’s incorrect, 10 per cent has never been a landslide. Use that line in Washington or the East Coast and people will look at you like you’re crazy. That statement is nothing but El Paso style spin or Bob Morese.

    Dagda lost the vote but won the people. They endorsed him regardless of the reason. Whoever heard of an organization endorsing and then not voting for the candidate. What about the few organizations that endorsed Niland ? Should we discount those votes. The humidity in Washington must really affecting the thought process.

    That is a total embarrassment for Niland. All that money, experienced in campaigning and incumbency. She should have won by a minimum of 25 per cent. Obviously, the voters have had enough of the double talk, executive sessions and spending money we don’t have. This vote was a clear warning that the bs is coming to an end.

    In any case, no matter how you spin the facts, we witnessed the end of one political career and the beginning of another.

  7. Ha! Dagda will run for what next? Haggerty’s seat? Mayor? You make me laugh. He is nobody today.

    People – get serious. In Niland’s first election she won. Remember that. Dagda lost his first election in a landslide – anything over 8 points is considered big in DC, believe me. He even had the firemen helping him and he still lost. No matter what you say, Niland brought 1,450 more voters to the polls than she did last time. Looks like she’s the big winner.

  8. Maybe had Dagda bought space on Martin’s blog the outcome would have been different.



  9. Dear KKK blogger BOY, everyone knows that lying and bullshit spin are your craft and delivering for your porky family’s share of the trough is a matter of survival. But please just stop bitch. Stop embarrassing yourself with your feckless logic. Your fellow social-climbing gal pal should’ve won by the same margins that Noe and the big forehead chick won over their feeble little opponents over in the eastside and LV. All the more so because this was her/your turf: the westside, white, upper class Republican and DINO crowd, i.e., the political money spout in this town. A less than 10% margin is not a landslide anywhere except your deluded wonder bread mind. Surely there are public works contracts that provide better margins.

  10. Ali Bubba, aren’t Marissa’s jugs providing you enough entertainment or inspiration for better use of your hand these days. Your hilarity behind an anonymous screen is missed. Manning up has zapped the fun outta you.

  11. David K, please stop! This giddiness for Niland us making ME blush. What must your wife think!?

    I never understood how some people are so in the tank for politicians that they lose the ability to have a critical eye for people in office. How can you take anyone like this seriously?

    I can understand when a parent looks at their own child and only sees perfection. They’re blinded by their love that they can’t possibly be objective. But a blogger so infatuated by a member of council? With “hog jowls”?

    Thomas More in “A Man for All Seasons” paraphrasing from the Bible tellsRichard Rich “It profits a man nothing to give his whole soul for the world…but for Wales?!” David K…but for District 8?!

  12. Ask him, why speculate or spin. He stated he wasn’t done with helping his district. He has a future in politics, what seat, only he knows. But he us a fast learner.

    As for anything over 8 being a landslide is nonsense. That makes as much sense as when the Times headlined a landslide for Cook. That was a good joke. you’re not the only one that travels or lived in another city.

    Plain and simple, she had her a–handed to her. Reminds me of a boxing match where a first time pro-fighter goes against an experienced boxer with something like 20 wins. What happened, the first timer knocked out the other guy within 2-3 minutes in the the first round !

    That’s amazing an organization endorses a candidate and they weren’t supposed to vote or help him? I’ve been to Washington on a regular basis and I never of an endorsement with no support.

    Thank goodness, you were never a campaign advisor and probably lost your election because for all your talk you really don’t know or understand politics. Try your hand in Washington, they might let you hold a sign.

  13. I don’t know how you can draw any conclusions from 10% of the voters except that El Paso is a losers shithole where no one cares what happens.

  14. EPA,

    I’m still funny. But funny ain’t easy. It’s hard work, but I’m keeping at it.



  15. Connect these dots Martin…Niland went after the fire Union before the election and let the fire Union write the language onto the ballot…political suicide!!! Rule number 1 in politics…don’t mess with the unions…2. Don’t let the unions put language on a ballot. Niland allowed both because property taxes would go up and fire wanted more than police and city. So what’s next. Police and City will want what fire got(15mm) increase in taxes…. Police will follow suit…then city…get ready for more taxes El Paso…you voted for them. Interesting that Niland is still won by an unbeatable margin. She’s got balls of steel. Respect. Period.

  16. Vs the Unions? Hardly call that spinning!! Niland won and quadrupled her voting base against the Unions that all backed Dagda publicly.

  17. And in a narrative much, much closer to reality here on earth, the anti-Cortney Niland base QUADRUPLED its voting base against her and the perennial cadre of social-climbing Wonder Bread useful idiots that hump her chubby calf. Guess Paul & Woody will have to find them another Ellie Mae Clampet to deliver for them and you bitches to play fetch for.

  18. Rotten Peppers is a wise philosopher. You got that right oh shriveled balls. There’s no moneymaker like poverty and ignorance.

  19. Niland took a stand against the firefighters and against a future tax increase. Dagda gets 30-35% of the vote if the firefighter issue isn’t on the ballot. You aren’t stupid, so stop acting stupid.

    I know you don’t appreciate Niland’s position on the stadium and other taxpayer funded projects (neither do I) but it seems to me you should be supporting her for taking a stand against the firefighters and for responsible government??? She took a chance and that is RARE for any politician; even when their opponent is an unfunded nobody.

    Don’t be such a hater Martin.

  20. Just because people don’t agree doesn’t mean she’s hated

    That is such a tired argument. What’s next in he play book, we’re racist or any-woman?

    What is so difficult to understand that won the election but killed her political future. Perhaps if she had fought hard to stop the unnecessary spending and debt, she might have had better support.

    Plain and simple AGAIN, if an organization endorses a candidate, why is there skepticism when they support the candidate. Maybe it’s an El Paso thing, endorse but vote for the opponent.

  21. Hater, Niland’s tax and spend approach to everything has cost us much more than she ever voted to save us. The reason she is inconsistent is because she votes in favor of special interest groups like her pals who fund her.

  22. Vegas, the investment in downtown has already reaped 60 million new dollars in private investment. Are you a demolition by decay downtown advocate? Or would you rather get some sales tax dollars rolling in downtown. Judging by your name…I bet your typing this from a very confined space.

  23. Vegas,
    I am not defending anyone and HELLO every politician on every level, in every city, in every state, in every country, votes for their special interest. A special interest can be a voting block of poor people, union, business folk, the religious types, and so on. In a democracy “special interests” control the elections by either buying the media and spending money to make their candidate appeal to the masses or by providing a block of voters that will vote one way or the other. This is done in both rich and poor districts. So If they didn’t vote for their “special interests” they wouldn’t be reelected. Number one rule in politics, GET REELECTED! EVERY decision they make is based on getting reelected because if they aren’t reelected, they are no longer a politician! So don’t be a hater of the representative of a district, hate the constituents of the district. Hate the newspaper and Television media for having an agenda and/or being bought off. Niland’s district is a tax and spend dream world district and guess what………………. That is who they have elected TWICE. Her district doesn’t mind rich people getting richer if it benefits their district, that is their belief or as you like to say, SPECIAL INTEREST.

    Martin knows all this.

  24. “Martins”–judging from your name, you don’t have an education beyond the 3rd grade. Did you see the report on KDBC last night and how the ballpark is not stimulating business? Yet, every rime someone points this out, we get “Wait and see. Things don’t happen overnight.” Then they continue to throw good money after bad–a phenomenon known as irrational escalation. I want to see a vibrant downtown too but anyone in business know you need a proportionate ROI. So, “Martins” get out a book and read up on business. Oh, and while you’re at it, learn some grammar and spelling.

    Hater, you write as someone who is trying to get elected and not as a constituent. I realize people do lots of slimy things to get elected. Most people who post to this blog, however, are writing to improve our city government, they’re not angling to get elected.

  25. Martins….Dots, you are nuts. Downtown has less buildings now than ever. Is that 60 mil spent on demolition or what?

  26. Wow! Less than 8 points a land slide? Am I hearing that right? That must be the most twisted and lousy spin on any political blog I have read. Cortney won, but it is not a land slide. Considering that less than 10% of her district voted, 54% of 10% of potential voters is nothing (5.4 % of all voters). Not surprisingly, it is interesting to see that Dagda was able to split the district between the rich North vs. the much humble South. Not shabby for an inexperienced, young, and resourceful political candidate compared to a politician who has considered her political career her passion/lifeline. Cortney has four more painful years in a more unpopular district and 0 mandate. Last time I checked, candidates with this much popularity get ousted /kicked out of their jobs sooner than later, let’s wait what the next four months will reveal.

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