abeytia-incbteYou would think that in a city like El Paso where the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently put almost 30 public officials in jail for public corruption, that politicians would not pay criminals for advertising their campaigns. The message clearly being sent by Cortney Niland, Michiel Noe and Peter Svarzbein is that you need to be a criminal in order to get their campaign contributions money.

As I have written numerous times before, Jaime Abeytia is a criminal, as evidence by his extensive criminal record. As a matter of fact, he is currently under the court’s supervision, probation, for his latest violation of the law.

Yes, I will publicly admit it, I am jealous that Jaime Abeytia was paid $1,200 just for the city elections while I could not sell one measly advertisement spot for $100. Although the fact that no one bought my little advertisement spot is part of the reason I am writing this piece; the fact of the matter is that the $1,200 highlights the fundamental problem with El Paso.

You just cannot be an honest resident because the criminals have taken over the city. If you want to succeed in El Paso, you have to deal with criminals. That is the clear message being sent by the three political candidates running for office.

It is not about public policy or for the good of the city but rather it is about paying criminals to gain favor with the political elite. Because that is what the $1,200 in payments are, currying favor with the political establishment.

I have previously written about how Veronica Escobar was incubated through the Community Scholars with public monies while she was waiting for an opportunity to run for office. I have written how Susie Byrd is incubated along with others until an opportunity to have them run for office presents themselves. This scheme has been going on for many years and the latest example is the political monies being spent on Jaime Abeytia.

To many of you, the $1,200 may not seem like a lot of money but keep in mind that Jaime Abeytia is a criminal and thus it only takes pennies to keep him a float while an opportunity arises to place him once again on the public dole. Keep in mind that Vince Perez kept him on a taxpayer salary for as long as possible to keep him viable for future political shenanigans.

That is what is going on with the “advertising purchases.”

It has nothing to do with their effectiveness and everything to do with keeping Jaime Abeytia fed so that he can continue to be the subservient useful idiot he continuously proves that he is.

More importantly, ask yourself the following question; do you have to be a criminal to succeed in El Paso? As you ponder the answer to that question, look at who will likely be elected on Saturday and see whom they do business with.

As you continue to ponder that, remember individuals like Bob Jones who writes contrite letters from prison now that he has no one else to defraud. Remember Larry Medina, the politician everyone knew was on the take but kept getting elected or appointed to offices because he was “connected” to the power elite. He sued me because I allowed people to call him corrupt, which he is.

I can offer you many more examples of criminals that were held to a high esteem by the same people spending taxpayer monies today. The same people who are connected to people like Jaime Abeytia. Clearly, the message for the youth of El Paso is that criminality pays and honesty has no place in the political circles of the city.

Sadly, it is as simple as that.

This afternoon I will share with you a candidate that spent money at a gun store.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

9 replies on “A Criminal Gets More Money Than I Do”

  1. Honesty in El Paso is unknown. But it is not all criminal, some borders on the edge of unethical. But people in this county either don’t care or don’t know the difference.

    Hiring Jaime Abeytia is not criminal but it sure walks the tight rope of unethical practices. And to keep him on the payroll ? Not smart at all. Not to be outdone DR Noe wanted to appoint to a city committee. Dont these people read the newspapers. Either they’re stupid, have a low opinion of the public’s intelligence to just plain don’t give a damn because they feel untouchable.

    Most likely because they know they will get re-elected regardless of what’s done. No fear of consequences! Don’t blame Jaime, he just trying to make a living. Blame the Escobars and Perez. It’s an open secret that Perez and David will obey Escobar. To disobey her would bring the wrath of a tough Baltimore Momma.

    And who us the blame for Escobar? We are because we either don’t vote or vote as told. Look at her current attitude about the new bridge crossing. She doesn’t give a damn of what the public wants, she insists on naming the bridge and highway with what SHE wants. She needs to be reminded it’s the people’s property not hers!

    Enough, it’s always the same story .

  2. So let me get this straight. You bash Niland, but are upset Niland doesn’t pay you for ad space?

    Besides the County will pay you $2000 more than it will pay Jaime this year.

    So it works out.

    Jaime gets the campaign business, you get government business.

    That gives me an idea.

    Why don’t you two get together and start consulting?



  3. And yet, that smarmy criminal Pantone has the audacity to write that a successful small business owner like Dagda is incapable of running a hot dog stand as he sits his his enormous fat, dirty ass on a chair all day, having done nothing productive in his life?

  4. As David K so accurately pointed out, it is not criminal to take campaign money and then do favors for your contributors. It just looks criminal. What is your solution, since public campaign finance is not on the table?

  5. How come Jaime Ezparza isn’t on this list? Multiple times he has let off people in his inner circle while going full bore on others who are not. Look at Frank Macias, who was selling birth certificates and JE refused to look into it. Turns out it is his cousin.

  6. Face the fact that you are simply ineffective- you publicly admitting you’re jealous provides credence to the degree of your ineffectiveness. This is a free country and you would think as such a righteous man as you claim to be you would be happy Jaime isn’t out there being the criminal you constantly use as blog material. He’s working earning a living. If you would start writing effective stories instead of your meager attempt at connecting the dots maybe just maybe you could move up to his level.

  7. I for one will not vote for any of these candidates. Once a criminal always a criminal!

  8. It appears criminal but it’s not criminal ? That’s the local standard for public official conduct? Now I understand what the hell is wrong with this county !

    In the real world that conduct is known as unethical ! No it’s not ok. What is wrong with you people that can’t see or understand that.

    I don’t believe for a minute that Martin is jealous. Martin raises the curtain on what others like to hide. Is he perfect, of course not. I read some pretty dumb topics on other blogs. The other blogs consist of butt kissers. Only time they challenge anything is when it benefits their overseer. Martin, you keep on writing, the truth. Obviously someone needs to connect the dots, if they can’t determine the difference between criminal and unethical conduct.

    As Jamie, nothing to brag about. He’s ok. The ads are as a result of posting favorable comments about his clients and attacking as told. I wouldn’t call that a great blog. It’s more of a local enquirer fiction.

    The sad thing about Jaime is that he really believes that he fits in with his users. He talks like he knows something and is one of “them”. I’m not saying any of this as an insult but hopefully a reality check that he is nothing more than someone that everyone uses and laughs behind his back. Sorry Jaime, but you’re the last one to know.

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