hinojosa_manuelManuel J. Hinojosa
Campaign Treasurer: Randy Graham
Website: http://www.manny4district1.com
Telephone: +1 915 799 3300
Age: 64

Candidate Informational Narrative:
Hinojosa graduated from UTEP and Ysleta High School. He is a native of El Paso. He has a ministry named “The Last of Mine Ministry.”

Manny Hinojosa, on multiple occasions, has stated that his campaign website is mannyhinojosa.org, yet the website is nonexistent. As a matter of fact, the domain name extensions .com, .net or .org have not been registered. Hinojosa is instead using http://www.manny4district1.com as his campaign website.

Other than his frequent criticisms of the process of the demolition of city hall to make way for the ballpark, there is not much public information on Hinojosa. Without more information on his website or other public platform, it is difficult to gauge Manny Hinojosa’s political platform.

Hinojosa did not take in any contributions during this financial cycle.

By the Numbers:
Total money raised: $0
Total expenses: $920.46
Largest contributor: None
Total contributors: 0
Average contribution: $0

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