bonart_richardRichard “Rick” C. Bonart
Campaign Treasurer: Mary Eileen Karlsruher
Website: https://www.
Telephone: +1 915 549 5585
Age: 62
Occupation: Veterinarian

Candidate Informational Narrative:
Rick Bonart attended Coronado High School, UTEP and received his veterinary degree from Texas A&M. Richard Bonart has been a frequent critic of how the PSB manages water and the land it owns. He has been a strong advocate of managing land to keep open spaces intact. Bonart is perceived to be the candidate that would enforce environmentally friendly land management of the land owned by the PSB because of his many years of PSB environment and land advocacy.

Richard Bonart was also victorious in forcing the Public Service Board (PSB) to be more transparent on how it handles its meetings. In 2013, the PSB board attempted to implement a “communications policy” that many opined was designed to keep Bonart from publicly challenging the PSB’s policies in the news media. In December 2013, Oscar Leeser encouraged the PSB to drop the implementation of the communications policy.

Bonart, who was appointed to the PSB in 2009, was voted off the El Paso Public Service Board in 2013. In 2009, Bonart was appointed unanimously by city council as part of a slate of four new appointments to the PSB. Two of the appointments were made because the board was expanded from five to seven seats. His removal was led by Emma Acosta when she accused Bonart of working with Veronica Escobar and Susie Byrd to improperly organize a November 12, 2012 PSB meeting at the County. As a result of the ensuing discussion, Eddie Holguin removed his support of Bonart for his reappointment to the PSB. Michiel Noe also accused Bonart of being “overly aggressive.” Bonart was accused of organizing the November meeting to get support for his reappointment to the PSB. Mary Eileen Karlsruher, David Karlsruher’s mother is Bonart’s campaign treasurer.

Bonart listed “Moxio Communications & Consulting” as a political expense on his 30-day report. The company name is actually “Moxie Communications and Consulting” whose principal is Susannah “Susie” Byrd. Bonart paid Byrd’s consulting company $1,000.

Rick Bonart’s campaign contributions were less than Peter Svarzbien, Bertha Gallardo and Albert Weisenberger.

By the Numbers:
Total money raised $8,320.68
Total expenses: $5,376.50
Largest contributor: $1,000 each from Thomas Kiraly and David Nemir
Total contributors: 22
Average contribution: $378.21

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