eptms-bmoore-0415This weekend, as I was trying to enjoy Easter with my family I saw a Facebook feed about Bob Moore’s editorial in the El Paso Times about journalistic integrity. I was flabbergasted because, although I know useful idiots are adept at creating illusions through distraction, the audacity of Bob Moore to write about credibility goes beyond serving his master through the newspaper he oversees and borders on sheer lunacy. Obviously, hypocrisy is lost in Moore, as he sees nothing wrong with touting paid for journalism awards whenever he can afford to pay for them but his latest editorial on behalf of his masters further exposes his lacking journalistic integrity and common decency.

What had me flabbergasted was not the fact that Bob Moore was trying to create an illusion of having some semblance of journalistic integrity, but rather of having the audacity to write an editorial for no other apparent reason than his master telling him to do so.

Peel away the rhetoric and you can clearly see that Moore’s editorial, about comments made by Armando Rodriguez at a recent Canutillo School Board Meeting, is nothing more than Moore’s temper tantrum and his lack of integrity, personal and journalistic. There is no journalistic value to Moore’s editorial. As a matter of fact, his editorial belongs in a blog post and not in a so-called newspaper; especially coming from a “news professional” that Moore pretends to be.

Bob Moore wrote in his editorial that he wrote it because “credibility is something that both media and public officials need in order to be effective.” (Robert Moore” Canutillo school board member makes false accusation, smears veteran; Moore, Bob; April 5, 2015; El Paso Times)

Credibility, really?

Moore’s point of contention is that Armando Rodriguez accused a Times’ letter writer, Terrence A. Powers, of being a “fake” person. Terrance wrote a letter to the editor supporting Hunt in the flag debacle. Terrance was also quoted by the newspaper on a story about the flag debacle.

Moore ends his tirade with “making an accusation that someone who has been critical of public officials is ‘fake’ or part of some conspiracy should be based on something more than cursory research.”

Here is the significant issue with Bob Moore’s opinion.

Is it news worthy? Rodriguez is an elected official and like all public officials, he makes statements that are erroneous, incomplete or outright lies. Do Rodriguez’ comments rise to the level of being malicious or criminal?

From the point of view of Powers, he may feel that way but how many private individuals have ever been maligned by politicians in public policy agenda discussions. I bet many of you know of one, two or more. How many times has the local paper taken the time to complete in depth research to correct the record every time a politician mischaracterizes an individual?

More importantly, how many times has the newspaper, itself, under the tutelage of Bob Moore maligned private individuals to further the public policy agendas of various well-connected individuals? My blog is full of examples.

Clearly, there is more to Bob Moore’s tirade. What could it be?

Bob Moore took considerable time to research the existence of Terrence Powers because a politician accused Powers of being nonexistent. Why did Bob Moore do this?

Could it be that Armando Rodriguez’ underlining theme – questioning the integrity of the El Paso Times hit too close to the truth that Bob Moore felt compelled to correct the record. Better yet, did Moore’s editorial have more to do with protecting the reputation of Woody Hunt by supporting the illusion that Hunt does not have useful idiots, including Bob Moore, working to keep Hunt’s public agenda in place?

Whether Armando Rodriguez misspoke about the existence of Terrance Powers or whether he did not do enough due diligence to determine his existence is immaterial because his comments did not rise to the level of being newsworthy.

Liars are notorious for always trying to “correct” the record about the lies. A liar will always give you more information than necessary. There is much literature on why this is so but it all comes down to the fact that a liar is always looking over their shoulder wondering when the truth will come out and thus they over defend their assertions in the hopes that you don’t notice the lies.

Bob Moore knows that many individuals have documented his numerous failures with his own integrity and that of the newspaper he manages. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to you. In writing his editorial, Moore overacted because he knows that he has integrity issues.

Add to that mix that the whole flag debacle has reflected very badly on Woody Hunt and as such, it appears that Hunt has launched a public relations damage control mission. Hunt probably dispatched his useful idiots to help “correct” the public record.

As such, the only conclusion that can be drawn from Bob Moore’s extensive research into the existence of Terrence Powers and the editorial he wrote is that the editorial is part of the continuing work Bob Moore delivers on behalf of the benefactor that keeps his newspaper a float and thus keeps Moore’s paychecks coming. It was probably easy for Bob Moore to write, because he clearly felt the sting of realizing that the community has no trust in him or his newspaper.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Well, I think EPT is in deep financial trouble and integrity would be the last thing left they have to sell.

  2. Martin,

    You are mistaking the editorial page for the news pages. What appears on the editorial page by definition is not news. The subject matter isn’t approached like news, nor is it written about like news. The subject matter isn’t even chosen in the manner they choose news stories. An editorial could be about anything, really. Most of the time the editorial page is used to call your attention to something that isn’t news worthy, but likely of some community concern. In this case, you have an elected official claiming that constituents that disagree with him don’t exist. You have long been one to claim that city council members in the progressive block are not aware of their constituents who disagree with their world view. Why would your advocacy for the unheard change just because the issue changes?

  3. What is of great concern to me is that the media especially the newspaper is one of the cornerstone of Freedom. They keep aware of current issues, community activities and a check on the government.

    The Times has lost its creditability as well as all media. We no longer receive facts, we receive opinions and agendas. It is very critical, the media sides with pundits and no longer serve as a check on the government. Might as well call what it is, a proganda machine.

    We have a real problem in El Paso because of all the corruption and unethical practices. There is so much spin, only the comics and sports have any creditability. That is dangerous. What is equally disturbing is the sudden onslaught of titles awarded to the city and government. Whenever there is a firestorm, hold on, El Paso and the media is the best of everything. The gullibility is amazing, citizens actually walk around bragging. Feed them a placebo and they feel great.

    In the end or the annoying overused phrase, at the end of the day, the citizenry is totally responsible because we allow it to happen. Don’t blame Moore or the local politicians. They only do what is allowed. Start attending meetings, write letters, call in to talk shows, talk among friends and neighbors, become informed and most important, VOTE. Vote for the best candidate not the party favorite. That will send a strong message to the manipulators. The repercussions will come in the form of pressure or ridicule.

    Why wait till the decision has been made without your consent. Don’t place these people on a pedestal just because they have a degree or a fancy title. Apparently the education has done anything for them or us. Look at their decisions or their new title, inmate. They lack common sense and accountability. Don’t agree, what happen with the former city manager? She left with all the goods and left a trail of destruction. So what do the politicians do, they appoint her to another organization position as a director, then for more salt in the wound, appoint her to a city commission. Fool me once………

    What about the budget, the credit card bill is due and there’s no money to okay it. The solution, borrow even more, then blame the taxpayers.

    Mr Moore, start reporting the facts. You owe it to the public. Just report the facts not spin, regain the creditability. You’re the one that has look in the mirror everyday and ask yourself. Am I an editor or just a parrot ? Do I receive an award because I earned it? What about the people that know the truth ? Are these manipulators really my friends or just using me? Have I sold my journalistic soul ? What will be my legacy, a tough editor that reported shenanigans or an editor in name only ? What do my reporters really think of me ? I ask you, why is it so difficult to look at the average citizen in the eye at various events? Are we beneath you or because you know they know. What does your family think about the newspaper ? By the way, these questions apply to the rest of media akso

  4. Witness: when I told moore I was running to prove a govt entity cud be run without asking for 5% more every year, he wrote, Manny Hinojosa seems to be running for reasons unrelated to the office.
    Bad moore!

  5. I just found your blog and I like it but disagree with you about this editorial. IF the school board member made statements at a public meeting -its news.

    One suggestion -why allow anonymous posting? I always believe people should stand behind what they say– of course that would mean you get less comments.

    1. Hello Steve,

      Thank you for your comments and welcome to my blog.

      In regards to anonymous postings it has been my experience that individuals are more likely to comment, as you surmised already, if I do not force them to provide their name. For the most part this has worked over the years. There are a few anonymous posters that write some very interesting commentary that in many instances could be a stand alone blog post.

      Thank you for reading my blog and I look forward to your comments,

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