abraham-billy-mar15As I have written numerous times before, although the US legal system is held up as the system that everyone should aspire to, the fact is that the US criminal system benefits only those who have the money to game the system. The US judiciary is everything but fair. It is a system that benefits those with money and condemns those without money.

I have written previous posts about how indictments can be abused by prosecutors to protect certain individuals from criminal ramifications. I have shown you examples of individuals protected by the US criminal system because of their political connections. I have explained how the notion of innocent until proven guilty is not only a fallacy but also a dangerous one at that.

Now we find out that killing a man will result in two years in jail just because the killer could afford the best legal team possible. In my mind, paying a legal team to let you off with only two years in jail for killing someone is a kin to greasing the wheels of the legal system with money.

Take a look at William “Billy” Abraham. There is no doubt that he killed Jay Grady in 2010. Why Grady being homeless has been prominently displayed on the news reports is beyond me because regardless of Grady’s homelessness he still deserved to live his life. Instead, Billy Abraham, intoxicated as determined by a jury, not only killed Grady but also did not even bother to stop and render aid to him.

Instead, Billy Abraham continued on his intoxicated joy ride only to be stopped by a US Border Patrol vehicle miles away from where he killed Grady. For his crimes, Billy Abraham was sentenced to six months in prison on July 2010 and yesterday to two years for failure to stop and render aid.

Notice how gaming the system turned the whole fiasco from killing a man into driving while intoxicated and failure to stop and render aid. Although everyone agrees that Billy Abraham killed Grady because Abraham was intoxicated – the prison time Abraham will serve does not even mention the fact that Grady was killed.

Let’s examine the differences between Billy Abraham and Jay Grady. Jay Grady was homeless. Billy Abraham is a member of a well-to-do family with obvious financial resources. Grady is dead and Abraham will be out of prison and moving on with his life within 24 months. Jay Grady will still be dead.

Very simply, money made all of the difference in the outcome of the lives of these two individuals. Clearly, lady justice isn’t blind and she’s definitely not fair. The saddest and worst part of the killing of Grady is that under the “good behavior” scam, Abraham might be out of jail in time to get drunk again for Christmas! Don’t tell me the US justice system is something to be modeled by other countries.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Abraham might be out of jail in time to get drunk again for Christmas!
    Isn’t he Jewish?

  2. I have told my kids for years, the courtroom is the last place you get to hear the truth! At least you got to see how surprised he was to learn he had to start serving his sentence immediately. Sentence was far too light for what he did.

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