Last Wednesday, February 25, 2015, KVIA reporter Ashlie Rodriguez reported that Hunt Communities sent a letter to Canutillo School District about the school district’s refusal to accept the $10,000 token-shut-up-and-go-away offer to the board for the flag debacle. Neither the board president or Hunt Communities was willing to publicly disclose the contents of the letter.

As you know, the whole flag color debacle was originally disclosed to you as an issue between the homeowners association and the school district. As a matter of fact, Hunt’s useful idiots did their best to hide the truth but unfortunately, for them, the truth has the annoying habit of coming out of hiding.

The flag colors were removed at the behest of Hunt Communities, a Woody Hunt company. Because of the public outcry, such as it has been, Hunt Communities tried to quench the public’s interest in the lack of color for the flag motif by offering $10,000, basically telling the school district to shut up and take the money.

I would call that a bribe but who am I to accuse one of the city’s prominent companies of trying to buy its way out of public scrutiny through giving money to those who can quiet the issue down. Rodriguez’ report shed more light on the controversy.

First, and bravo to the Canutillo School District, they rejected the money to silence the issue. During the interview of Laure Searls, president of the Canutillo School District, she disclosed that besides having to paint over the colors of the flag, the school district had to spend about “$1 million” to “build a wall to comply with their covenants.” [At about the 1 minute mark in the February 25, 2015 report titled “Canutillo I.S.D. explains why it rejected a $10,000 donation” on]

The report also reaffirmed that it was Hunt Communities that forced the flag colors to be painted over. Searls, agrees that there was much “drama” involved. When the reporter asked Searls if the money, offered by Hunt, could be used somewhere else, Searls responded, “It has been a tree that hasn’t been fruitful for the district.” In other words, Hunt’s much touted community support has not been beneficial to the school district.


Although left unsaid by the school board president because of political considerations, the reason is that Woody Hunt can be your biggest supporter as long as you are useful to his personal agenda. If you deviate from his wishes things become very dire for you. I have documented on my blog many instances of how Hunt controls, through the use of his money, and when that fails individuals suddenly finding themselves unemployed.

In this case, the issue is very simple. Hunt, whose companies rely heavily on taxpayer largess, especially in military communities, does not want the red-white-and-blue colors of the flag on a school wall because they clash with is utopian plans for the city where even the colors are dictated by his whims.

The sooner Woody Hunt silences the flag controversy the less likely he will be called out by the community that heavily supports the military. However, in Hunt’s case it is not about doing the right thing, but rather getting his way and silencing opposition with money or by other means when the money doesn’t work.

Stay tuned, there is more to come on this issue.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Am I missing something? He may have developed the area, but once new owners assume and responsibility, why does he have a say in the matter?

    We know that certain segments of El Paso has been calling the shots. Money and influence is the name if the game. The only way to end this game is for candidates and officials start saying no. Once contributors to a campaign are identified, vote for the ones not associated with the money tree. Eventually the roots will die, then the tree.

    Once again, WE are the problem, the enablers ! Don’t vote or vote as told.

    We have adopted too many of our neighbors way of life. The mordida.

    These politicians are like drug addicts, the more the drugs they use, the more they need. Of course the dealer wants to make money and he’s the only dealer on the block. He makes sure you stay hooked and convince the addicts they need him. Follow the Money !

    So don’t whine, scream and complain. Until You stand up and are heard, don’t want to hear or read it.

  2. Be objective. Understand first, then educate your readers about eminent domain, land development and how an HOA works.
    THEN try your best to be a journalist.

    The reason why I do not care for most of what you or anyone else writes is because you only share your OWN personal view which in turn makes you EXACTLY like all the other bloggers and the El Paso Times. You’re a TOOL Martin.

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