sta-apologyAll those that argued that Stephanie Townsend Allala’s quest for government transparency was wrong owe her an apology. This is especially true of the El Paso Times masquerading as a newspaper who did not understand that allowing the Steve Ortega’s of the world to hide government records through legal subterfuge goes against the very fabric of a Democracy.

Bob Moore, the intrepid apologist for the ballpark political subterfuge continually pretends to be for transparent and open government yet completely ignores a serious breach of government transparency because it was inconvenient for the public agenda he wholeheartedly supports.

As some of you already know, last week, House Bill 1764 was filed by Republican state representative Todd Hunter of Corpus Christi. The bill specifically orders cities like El Paso to stop pretending they can’t force politicians like Steve Ortega to ignore transparency laws enacted to protect the taxpayers of the city.

The bill gives those seeking public records the right to sue to force those withholding the records to release them. This is the whole basis for Stephanie Townsend Allala’s suit demanding that politicians, such as Steve Ortega, must comply with the open records laws.

Some of you and the local media either did not understand the scope of the issue or chose to ignore it. Because of this, Stephanie Townsend Allala should lauded not only for defending the people’s right to know but also for keeping the fight going through the Texas Supreme Court.

Hunter’s bill proves she was right all along, notwithstanding the political and legal shenanigans perpetuated by the public agenda enablers. The bill has not being voted on. When it comes up for a vote, I will not at all be surprised to learn that some, if not all of the El Paso delegation would be against it because the sad truth is that El Paso’s politicians don’t have any interest in government transparency.

As for Bob Moore, he is for government transparency when the journalism awards are announced but wants nothing to do with them when the checks are being passed around.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

4 replies on “Stephanie Townsend Allala is Owed an Apology”

  1. Agree, she made a unselfish and risky challenge to El Paso. She spent numerous hours in preparation and court appearances at personal expense. Knowing El Paso, we know the ridicule that people endure for challenging the El Paso mob.

    She deserves a Thank You from city of El Paso. She most likely won’t get one, so I will.

    Thank you very much for believing in El Paso and fighting for our fight to know. When we see you anywhere, know that that your hard work is deeply appreciated. Walk with your head high, you earned it !

  2. The Times is so desperate for subscriptions that they often renew an old subscription. I haven’t subscribed to that rag in years, but occasionally, they renew it without my permission.

    Allala did the right thing when it came to seeking transparency.

  3. Thank you for looking out for the great citizens of El Paso ! It’s very sad that our government is very corrupted. ….

  4. You have to be an absolute idiot not to know that you currently have the right to sue anyone for literally anything. Never has there been a prohibition of suing to get access to emails etc. case in point – the suit allala interceded on personally. This bill is the same as a bill allowing cops to pull you over for speeding.

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