useful-idsIt is likely that you know that a new political season is upon us. You have probably noticed that the useful idiots have started to posture in service to their masters. As the jockeying for your attention intensifies, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a scorecard of whom each useful idiot is supporting.

It is still too early to know who the candidates will be in the upcoming municipal elections but two of the useful idiots have already clearly attached themselves to two candidates. The other useful idiot is still trying to desperately shed their connection to the Forma Group. I expect the El Paso Times, pretending to be a newspaper, to come out full-blown in support of the candidates that would continue to keep it financially afloat. Bob Moore needs to keep his job and nothing keeps him employed better than a government-funded gravy train of advertising goodwill.

As I started to put together the scorecard, I had a hard time clearly identifying the useful idiots because they don’t have logos for their blogs. As a logo designer, I thought I would provide a public service by creating a logo for each of them. Of course, it immediately became a fun thing for me and one thing led to another.

As a public service, I am officially making each of the logos freely available to them to use on their blogs. I’m also making them available to you to use on your social media to use when referring to them. You can find the links to download them at the end of this post. I normally charge for creating logos but I had so much fun with them that the fun has been payment enough.

Of course, because of the fun I was having, one thing led to another and I had to create a video especially for Jaime Abeytia. I know I shouldn’t have, but I just couldn’t help myself. You can view the video at the end of the post.

Without further delay, here are the logos that I will be using in the scorecard and I identify whom David Karlsruher and Jaime Abeytia have already been tasked to support this election cycle.

Jaime Abeytia
useful-id1Abeytia, a criminal currently under the court’s supervision, must find a way to become relevant once again. He has been the primary useful idiot for the public agenda driving El Paso to ruin. However, his criminal escapades have made it difficult to fund him and as such, he is looking to latch on to the gravy train once again. As the candidate pool has not been clearly identified he is trying to become relevant by attempting to show Cortney Niland that he is a player. At this point, it is unclear if his ploy with Niland has resonated on her. Abeytia also seems to be trying to curry favor with Veronica Escobar. We should know more once the candidate slate becomes clear.

David Karlsruher aka David K
davidk-logoDavid has clearly staked his support on Rick Bonart. After all, Bonart’s campaign treasurer is David’s mom and we all know who his master is. Karlsruher has clearly shown everyone that his primary task is to go after anyone that challenges Rick Bonart. Remember, political operatives write for those that pay their bills. Of course, those that pay the bills do so because they benefit from it.

Max Powers
maxipads-logoMaxi Pads, as Jaime Abeytia has labelled this useful idiot, is still desperately trying to convince everyone that they are not associated with the Forma Group. The useful idiot went so far as to try to distract you by posting that they were not supporting Dan Longoria, apparently a Forma client. However and conveniently it wasn’t even a day after this useful idiot posted that Dan Longoria withdrew from the race.

This is how I imagine all this panned out. Longoria had decided he no longer wanted to run for office because of the coverage by the newspaper. He notified Forma and knowing they were losing that gravy train, Forma saw the opportunity to try to argue they do not have a blog to create innuendo and undercurrent gossip to support their paying clients.

Longoria wasn’t going to be paying them so he became a tool in their arsenal and thus Maxi Pads used that tool.

I expect Maxi Pads to be squarely supporting Forma clients this political season.

Bob Moore through the El Paso Times
slimesBob Moore is on a sinking ship and he knows it. He needs to keep the ship afloat as long as possible. The Internet has become his worst nightmare and advertising dollars are drying up all around him. The only thing that can save his sinking ship and his job is the advertising dollars from the numerous government entities throwing money for glorified press releases. Of course, there is always the scraps Hunt gives out to those that help with his public agenda. I expect Bob Moore to support those candidates that wholeheartedly support the public agenda that further indebts the taxpayers and continues to build the utopian fantasy that disfranchises a significant portion of the true El Paso spirit.

Once the candidates have been clearly defined, I will post updates via an infographic showing you clearly who each of the useful idiots has been tasked to help into office by their respective masters.

In the meantime, enjoy the video and feel free to use the logos, which includes the useful idiots. It is not every day you get a free logo designed for your blogs. Oh, and do not forget my free offer to blog about the candidates on Newsies.

Enjoy the Video:


Download the MaxiPad logo here.

Download the Jaime Abeytia logo here.

Download the DavidK logo here.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

11 replies on “The Political Season is Upon Us and the Useful Idiots are Posturing”

  1. Martin,

    What color is the sky on your planet?

    I’d use your logo, but it is in clear violation of trademark laws… which I figure you’d know since you’re an ace logo builder.

  2. Martin,

    You are aware that Niland is a Forma client.

    Which means Jaime works for me!!!

    How’s that for a conspiracy?

  3. I suggest you take this down immediately as it might just save you from the lawsuits that will be filed! Just some friendly advice.

  4. Ha Ha, and the empty lawsuit threats come flying again. I love how David’s immediate instinct, when punched in the face, is to scream “lawsuit” instead of punching back. Why don’t you grow a pair Karls-Ruse-r?

  5. I’m not suing anyone – I’m just wary of using that awesome logo given that doing so would violate the ruleS. I’m bummed!

  6. I doubt you know anything about the rules, since you threaten so many lawsuits that never materialize into anything. The use of this material is certainly acceptable under the Fair Use clauses of the Copyright Act of 1976. What else do you have in your bag of tricks, Karls-Ruse-r?

  7. That thug Abeytia doesn’t work for Niland– except maybe as valet for her fancy parties or dog walker and general errand boy paid with tips she would never allow “that” around her children. In the mind of a self-loathing, low-life, societal reject like Abeytia, the ultimate gratification and measure of self-esteem is in the form of attention from a white woman. She could be a crack addict, trailer trash societal reject herself but as long as she’s white is all that matters. So imagine when a rich and prominent white lady like Niland or a popular one like Susie Byrd pays attention to him and makes him feel like he matter. It means his eternal gratitude– enough to whip himself or tie himself in chains for life… Anything to please them.

  8. Oh novelty. Another legal threat by David KKK and his alternate reality mind. The legal profession would be hot again if this guy ever followed through and succeeded with all his threatened lawsuits. No more hungry, underemployed lawyers because David KKK is suing and breaking the internet. Kim Kardashian’s ass is no match for KKK.

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