conspiracy_blogThere is something in the air.” A conspiracy was created in 2000 to drive El Paso into bankruptcy. It is the public policy agenda that is driving El Paso into bankruptcy. As promised earlier this year I am going to start making more use of other multimedia materials. As such, today I bring you the first video in what I hope will become a regular feature of the El Paso News Blog.

Although the conspiracy is well entrenched you still have an opportunity to reject it. There is an election on May 9, 2015 that will give you an opportunity to take back control of your city. In the meant time, take three minutes to view the video to get an understanding of how the conspiracy was created.

I look forward to your comment about the video and the content. Let me know what you think about using videos on my blog.

Direct link to the video: Click Here

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

3 replies on “The It’s All Good El Paso Conspiracy”

  1. Martin, not enough examples of the conspiracy. I did like what saw.

    The conspiracy was designed to to transform the city into a NYC twin. Without any real thought or regard that El Paso has, what’s left, a rich and unique city. The local historical society had enough sense to have the buildings studied and perhaps be saved. However, it would have been better to hire a local company. I’m sure there’s qualified firms in the city unless their is a concern about how far the greedy tentacles have reached.

    All the titles like the best in world, the most recovering economic city, safest city. What is amazing how people still can’t get the title correct. It is NOT the safest in the US. Although it has been repeated enough that people believe that. The sad thing is all these titles were bought and paid for as part of the conspiracy to convince the residents that El Paso is a city that is so advanced it earned all these titles. Research for yourself and the PR firm is on record. The one that killed me is “I am full of El Paso pride”. The idiots that sold the slogan and the ones that paid for it were full of something else.

    Even worse, the people don’t care, don’t vote, have no idea there are ongoing elections, wait for families and friends to tell them how to vote and finally those that line up to vote as the prominent party coaches the voters. Sadly enough, the other party has been and is stuck in sand and going no where. Their problem is the refusal to change, to join the 21st century. I am surprised that they made it past the Women’s Suffage issue. You would think after several years of failure there would be a change in policy, leaders and strategy.

    This conspiracy will end when residents come to the realization that the city will have to cut (cough) services or raises taxes(fool you by saying fees). But like many people until the city hits rock bottom the warning signs will be ignored.

    The other amazement is how a member of the county stated in an international magazine that El Paso loves govmint cheese. An insult to the residents and portrayed the city in a very bad light. But the voters carry them like some returning genius that will save the city ! Can’t get more stupid than that. As far as I am concerned we got spit on and the people just flashed a cheese eating grin and stated tank you boss am.

  2. Martin,

    You may have run afoul of campaign law with this video. It’s a political ad piece without a disclosure.

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