Some of you may have missed the big commotion involving a US flag on a school building that was deemed inappropriate for the neighborhood. KTSM reported the news on Tuesday, January 27, 2015. According to the news report, the elementary school’s red, white and blue design “does not match the aesthetics” of the neighborhood. As far as I know, KTSM was the only news outlet in El Paso that reported the flag controversy. I believe there is a reason for that.

The original report by KTSM reported that the Canutillo Independent School District would have to paint over the flag design on the Silvestre and Carolina Elementary School still under construction. The report went on to state that the Cimarron Home Owner’s Association (HOA) refused to accept the red-white-blue motif arguing that it clashed with the neighborhood.

Of course and as expected there was an immediate outcry on the Internet with various individuals voicing their displeasure that somehow the US flag would clash with the community. The school district was set to repaint the flag with the original burnt orange color approved by the HOA.

I expected the outcry, after all El Paso is a military town.

What surprised me is that the outcry turned to silence almost immediately. There weren’t any demonstrations and the blogosphere was mostly silent, except for Jaime Abeytia who posted a call to arms on the news and then went silent. It was eerily quiet.

The reason became apparent the following day when KTSM followed up on their original piece.

It wasn’t the Cimarron Homeowner’s Association that decried the color scheme; it was the developer that had master planned the area. Guess who the developer is.

That would be the godfather of El Paso’s current renaissance, better known to my readers as the leader of the horde – Hunt Communities, led by Woody Hunt.

As many of you know I like to point out hypocrisy and this issue is so deep in hypocrisy that it oozes out of every nook and crevice. Hunt has made substantial money from government work. That would by US government work on military basis. Yet from the reaction to the US flag on a school on a Hunt development it is not the red, white and blue that drives Hunt Development, but rather green, the green from the pocket books of the taxpayers they use to build their utopian dream.

This is why the blogosphere is so quiet, because the useful idiots know who sauces their gravy train and once the truth became evident, they went silent hoping no one would notice. Yes, I’m calling out the useful idiots who would be outraged today if it were a homeowner’s association or any other developer that didn’t want the red, white and blue in the neighborhood!

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

16 replies on “The Canutillo School Flag Flap”

  1. So, if it were a Tropicana development it would have been different? Good thing it wasn’t a Mexican flag or the La Razas would be up in arms.

  2. Martin,

    I don’t care about local home owner association spats and choose not fill my blog with that content. If that’s your niche – awesome. I’m sure you’ll have a never ending source of rich white people complaining about how many cars are parked in the front yard and landscaping violations.

    I’m going to stick to people running for office who have a fishy system of fundraising – Something you have been dead silent on since he’s the candidAte your employer is supporting.

    So let’s talk about hypocrisy if you get a second.

    1. David, as usual, you like to distract from the truth. Unlike you, I do not throw “things out there to see what kind of a response I get when it comes to candidates.” I research the subject matter and provide factual information on what I comment about. You insinuate that I have no problem with the Eloise campaign contribution to Peter Svarzbein on your blog because I have not made an issue of it. The fact is that I see nothing wrong with the campaign contribution because as far as I have been able to ascertain, Eloise is owned by James Ward as an individual. There seems to be a link with Demolitions Expert LLC but I have not being able to ascertain the exact corporate structure of the company and if there exists a direct link to Eloise. But do not despair, I am still researching and if it turns out that the contribution violated campaign rules/laws, you can be sure I will write a post about it.

      I conclusively documented Steve Ortega’s violation and because of that, I have not been forced to publicly apologize for libel or defamation, unlike you have had to do. Oh, you might want to take the time to read for comprehension, it is not the homeowner association it is the developer – Hunt that has the problem with the color scheme. The fact that you are trying to distract from the facts shows how much of a “useful idiot” you truly are. Did you and your cohort get marching orders as soon as I posted my piece this morning?

      Thanks for your coming to my blog,

      1. My bad……haven’t commented in a long time. My comment is in reply to DK claiming he doesn’t care about HOA spats and he doesn’t fill his blog with that content.

  3. Actually, Martin, I not only blogged about it on my station’s website, it has been posted on our Facebook page and I have directed listeners to the Hunt Corporation to give them a chance to voice their displeasure. You should research more thoroughly before you fling poo out of your cage.

  4. Martin,

    You were successfully sued by a felon… Larry Medina. Your record is not something anyone would refer to as clean.

    I hear there’s a parking issue coming up at the next Willows HOA meeting – don’t miss it!

    Thanks for reading my blog

  5. If this blog is so insignificant, as some might want us to believe, then why do so many people keep coming back to comment? !

  6. Martin,

    Did you catch the El Paso Times article on this subject? Looks like you didn’t have all the facts (again).

    Your antagonist ends up being the hero once the facts come out. I expect you’ll post a retraction shortly.

  7. David KKK’s efforts at obscuring the truth and detracting from it are as lame as his effots to “go down” (to borrow his phrase) on any one that will toss him and his white trash, social-climbing wannabees family a few loose coins from their ashtrays. The Woodster could not care less about a flag or about colors on buildings. It’s all about $$$$ and his useful idiots. Frankly, I’m surprised he didn’t find a way to object to the name of the school and name it the Beto and Amy O’Rourke school for the priveldged who can now go to Franklin HS and not mix with the rif raf across I-10.

    Hey Patricia, you still look Mexican, not quite like Escobar, but still, you look native. Sorry.

  8. Anon – brilliant observation, seeing as I am of Mexican extraction. I’m not sure what you’re sorry about, however. I can only guess that it’s because you are a gutless wonder who hides behind a fake screen name.

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