temper_nilandAccording to an El Paso Times report posted online last night it appears that Cortney Niland has accepted responsibility for the musical chairs drama at city council and returned to her seat on the dais. The article by Diana Washington quotes Cortney Niland as stating that she wants to save the taxpayers the expense of moving Ann Morgan Lilly’s equipment to the other side of the dais.

Washington quotes Niland as stating “I want to be proactive about protecting the taxpayers, and I am going to step up and do the right thing”. Clearly Cortney Niland agrees that the whole dais drama was centered on her failure to sit where her space on the dais had been traditionally reserved. In addition, Niland is quoted by the local daily as stating that the issue “is not the taxpayers’ fault”.

I wholeheartedly agree with her; it is not the taxpayers’ fault.

I have been accused of singling Cortney Niland out in this fiasco. Many of you have let me know that you are angry in what some of you perceive as me attacking Niland on this issue. The fact is that every single one of my articles on this issue have pointed out that Cortney Niland was the one that was not sitting where she should have been sitting and thus the fiasco ensued.

There have been rumors and much innuendo as to what the cause of Niland’s refusal to sit at her seat is. However, there is no documentation or facts to show what the actual cause is. Thus the only fact we all had to work with was the fact that it was Niland who was out of place and thus she was the cause of the whole disaster. This is the only fact we have to work with.

Guess what? She also agrees with me.

She is quoted as both agreeing that she will move back to her seat and that it was not the taxpayers’ fault. Clearly I was right the whole time when I pointed out that the issue was Niland insistence on not sitting where she should be. By returning to her seat she has validated my argument.

Additionally the issue of whether the dais is modular and capable of simply been modified has also been proven to be wrong as well. Had the dais been modular, as alleged by Ann Morgan Lilly in a recent news report, then there would have been no need to spend close to $7,000 to setup a working station for Ann Morgan Lilly. You see a modular station would have simply required unplugging Niland’s original set of equipment and moving it to one of the so-called empty stations. Clearly this did not happen and thus the argument that the dais is modular has been proven false as well.

At the time of my writing this blog no other news media outlet had reported Niland’s sudden change of heart however I have no reason to doubt Diana Washington’s reporting on this issue. Hopefully the musical chairs debacle is now over and we can focus on other more pressing needs for the city.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

15 replies on “Cortney Niland Relents and Returns to Her Seat”

  1. You crack me up.

    Were you arguing with yourself about whether or not Cortney and then Ann Lilly moved away from Limon? I don’t believe, I, or anyone else suggested that they didn’t move from the seat next to Limon. In fact, there was no argument at all. There were facts – two people couldn’t stand sitting next to Limon because she has a behavior problem. If Niland had a behavior problem, why would she move? A recent as last week you could hear Limon’s cursing and carrying on over her open mic while other members of council had the floor. It is suggested that she may be suffering from an mild form of tourettes syndrome.

    Also, the article about Ann Lilly’s item did in fact say that the dais is modular and has space for 10 representatives. Nobody at the city or in the public has ever denied this other than you. The reason they couldn’t just move Niland’s computer is that the chambers are used for a ten to twelve other governing and advisory bodies such as the Civil Service Commission. The price tag was/is outrageous, but it has nothing to do with the dais not being built to hold more than eight reps. I won’t count this as an “argument” since exactly zero people on earth other than you believe this to be true.

    Your only argument was that members of council are required to sit in a certain order and you are dead wrong about that. Not only is there no such rule codified in the city charter, the body in practice shifts at least one member around when the Mayor is absent. You were wrong when it came to the only “argument” you had.

    Everything else you posted on the topic was simply and observation and nobody at all disagreed with.

  2. Just and FYI from the article

    “For Niland and Lilly to occupy the first two seating places on the City Council, the city staff had to buy a new computer for Lilly and pay for other equipment and for the wiring reconfiguration.”

    Did you not read that part? Because the words you typed above are in exact contradiction to what the newspaper reported. Do you have some info they do not?

      1. It is too much fun knocking down the easy targets like Martin. However, thank you for reading my blog too!

      2. I think you spend so much time here because you feel intimidated by this blog. You wouldn’t feel the need for “knocking down” Martin’s blog if he didn’t intimidate you as much as he does.

      3. Very intimidated. Very, very, very intimidated. Or, I just like bullying the bully. Unlike Niland, I will stand up to those who are wrong.

  3. So basically you hangout on his blog and respond to every comment that makes you feel inferior. Sounds to me like you are intimidated by Martin’s excellent work. I read you blog David and you contradict yourself practically in every sentence. According to you the mayor tells Lemon to behave behind closed doors but tells Niland to behave in public. Why would he do that? Could it be that you made up the whole behind closed doors thing? Tell me it ain’t so, you making up stuff. Does the mayor hate Niland so much that he tells her to behave in public but likes Lemon so much that she tells her privately. Wow, impressive that you are the only one to figure that out. Let’s see how long it takes you to come back to defend yourself this time.

  4. Observer –
    I explained quite clearly that the mayor was protecting his staff member, the city attorney, when he went after Niland. The actions of Limon toward Niland have nothing to do with the Mayor or his staff – so why would he say anything in public to either of them? And let’s not forget – Limon and Leeser are aligned politically. He wouldn’t do anything publicly to hurt his alliance. Leeser is against Niland politically and makes every effort to score points when he can – which is fair play.

    Reading comprehension is the key to everything with blogs. I’m glad you read my blog, but I wish you’d read it much more closely so that you get what’s going on.

    And if it is truly full of contradictions, then why are you reading it? Says something about you and your use of the truth as a motive when writing.

  5. Looks like the Lionstar blog and the Juice blog got it right on this one Martin. They are running circles around your rag.

    (Edited by Martin on 22oct14 at 14:46E to remove hyperlink)

  6. Martin, thanks for writing about this action by Niland, but it was Lilly also that complied to help Niland out by sitting in her eat. My big question for the money-conscious fraudsters/hypocrits is how much tax money and grant/government money have they wasted with their intention to give Limon a bad name. I say it that way, cause they did not give a statement by oath what was going on, and why was it necessary to move. What is it that BOTH Niland and Lilly have discussed about Limon. Is that she doesn’t vote they way they do? Is it that she isn’t a wasteful fraud like the old sleeping bat Lilly and Comrade Niland? Is is that Limon speaks her mind regardless of the offensive nature that some may take it? Most of the freaks in City CONcil I can’t stand, mainly because they are complete liars, thieves, and a threat to liberty. City CONcil does not follow the Texas nor the US Constitution, nor do they adhere to their supposed oath of office. City CONcil is a scam from the get go, not to mention the biggest scam called the County of El Paso. But, we continue to listen to the judges and lawyers who pretty much make up the unlawful ordinances and declare they get raises regardless of the decisions of the County.
    I going off on a tangent. Sorry.
    This musical chair thing is a perfect example of the wasteful character that is City CONcil. I’m just waiting for the total cost wasted by Niland and Lilly for moving to different seats, and why it costs anything other than moving the computers? Fraud.

  7. Limon is out of control..it’s clear. Watch the tapes. They are available…Limon is a racist ckearly!?

  8. Oh my. The criminal blogger is back. What ever came of his child porn charge ( or something like that). Can he go to Arizona yet. That guy is a mess. I went to his blog and it’s deader than downtown on a Tuesday night.

  9. Limon is a complete dipshit! However, in reading this blog she apparently has plenty of company. The fat ass should at least lose some weight because ugly & stupid are a deadly combination!

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