Through many posts now I have showed you how bloggers like David Karlsruher are tasked with manufacturing public perception in order to secure the political futures of certain politicians. Masking the facts through innuendo or outright lies is what useful idiots like DavidK are tasked with. Nothing is more dangerous to politicians then inconvenient facts. That is why bloggers like David are dispatched to mask the public discourse because to politicians like Cortney Niland, who is contemplating a political future, the truth is inconvenient. Unfortunately for them, the facts always have the audacity to emerge from the fog. Case in point is David Karlsruher’s assertion that the city hall dais was modularly designed to add additional spaces for new city representatives. Unfortunately for him, a picture is worth a thousand words.

On August 13, 2014 I wrote “Juveniles at City Council” to comment about how Cortney Niland was wedged in between Ann Morgan Lilly and Larry Romero because Niland had abandoned her assigned seat because of some type of ongoing feud with Lily Limon. No sooner had I published my post then Karlsruher came to Niland’s defense and posted on my blog that he’d have a full explanation on his blog later that day.

You see, David K could not allow the truth to remain unchallenged so he had to manufacture a new reality. Later that day he published a whole diatribe based on nothing more than rumormongering intermixed with sensational made up conversations. Directly addressing my blog post David K wrote that I was too stupid to realize that “when the new council chambers were built they allowed for expansion”. Karlsruher added that Ann Morgan Lilly demanded of the mayor to have an additional station “wired up and ready to go” unless the mayor wanted to have the next meeting using voice votes. David concludes with a description of the computer, buttons for voting and microphones creating the illusion that the dais was expanded to properly seat Cortney Niland instead of wedging her in.

I can write a full explanation of how David’s characterization is nothing more than lies he himself manufactured. Of course, that would turn into a debate of who said what and who is telling the truth. Rather than bore you with the details, I will let you just look at the following picture and let you decide who knows the facts.


This image is a screen capture of the live streaming from last Tuesday’s city council meeting. Notice the name plaque for Ann M. Lilly and Cortney Niland as well as the computer monitor cover in front of Niland? Clearly, there has been no expansion of the dais to accommodate Niland instead Ann Morgan Lilly has been pushed to the end to allow Cortney Niland to be wedged in between.

Whatever has happened between Niland and other city representatives is irrelevant because Cortney Niland is the only city representative not sitting where she belongs.

The reason why this is important is because it demonstrates how David Karlsruher is working on behalf of a political faction to discredit other politicians in order to further the public policy agenda that continues to plunder the taxpayers of the community. Because facts are inconvenient, useful idiots rely on manufacturing outright lies in order to protect their benefactors. In the case of David Karlsruher his latest benefactor is Cortney Niland.

Keep this in mind as you read things like “one group” has “$500,000” to recall all the city council representatives. Unfortunately, for DavidK the truth always has an annoying way of exposing him for the liar that he is.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

6 replies on “David Karlsruher Lies to Protect Niland”

  1. Martin, Martin, Martin….

    Niland switched spots with Ann Lilly months ago. She was not “wedged” between Lilly and Romero – she’s been there for months and you’d know that if you ever watched a city council meeting. You might also use some clues in the picture to see that Niland’s name placard is affixed nicely to the dais and Lilly’s is not. You don’t have to be an aggie to figure who’s new on the block.

    And because you aren’t plugged into El Paso politics, you don’t know that the dais was built for 10 representatives because there will be expansion in the future. The city’s census committee took this up a couple years back when the boundaries were redrawn and of course the city hall was built to accommodate that reality.

    There’s an extra spot at each end. Before Lilly requested to be moved to that spot, they weren’t “plugged in.” And it’s important that the spot Lilly was sitting was “plugged in” because they’d have to otherwise take a voice vote on all matters. You do know that it’s not telepathy being used when Richarda calls for the vote and few seconds later it appears on the screen for everyone to see, right?

    I ask you – how did they get away with not doing a voice vote the entire meeting if, as you say, cortney or Ann was sitting in a spot not designed for someone to sit there? You can’t. Just because they haven’t received that nifty little monitor topper for Lilly or brought her computer over, doesn’t mean that she’s not sitting at legitimate spot on the dais.

    You can apologize anytime you would like. You don’t even have the timeline correct, much less a basic knowledge of how council votes. Why would you even pick this fight with no knowledge?

    And if you are counting – Lilly is the second person who has found Limon’s behavior so abhorrent that they had to move. You might figure out that Limon is the problem.

  2. Martin, if all this happened a month ago, why are you blogging about this now? And, why haven’t you addressed the underlying issue, which appears to be Limon’s untoward conduct?

  3. Something fishy is absolutely right….it’s that smell wafting below the Dias that made them move.

  4. Limon is disgusting. Niland is a thug. Lilly is the resident mummy and Old Money vote. Romero…who? Robinison…what did you say? Emma…where’s the toilet? Ordaz…hot tamale. Noe…spread wide and cough.

  5. You are incorrect. It was widely reported during construction that the dais was designed with two extra seats in order for expansion. I remember reporters talking to someone about how the doors were designed by a city employee and then discussing the dais.

  6. Mr. Paredes,

    I don’t know who’s right or wrong on this. All I can say, is that by addressing “David K”, you give this backbencher too much credibility.

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